Upcycled Banana Bread & Butter Pudding

Banana bread was baked this week - two sizeable loaves. You know the kind which I talk of, that  which isn't really a bread at all, more rather... like a cake? Dense, packed full of (raw) sugar, and super moist, best eaten warm, a true comfort food, you do know the kind I refer to, don't you?

The four manky bananas sitting on the counter quite timely coincided with Brydie's post on banana cake and the picking up of my new mixing bowl which had been on back order since the previous one shattered on the slate floor (it had done amazingly well lasting 10+ years with three children learning how to bake with it!).

Hooray for new bowls!

And hooray for banana cakes!

I do love a warm, fresh out of the oven banana cake. I don't know what it is though, it never seems as appealing the next day. The girls pack it in their lunchboxes for school and I warm up a piece for a mid afternoon snack but inevitably, any further leftovers go to the chickens.

I was determined this time to put a halt to this outrageous practice! So, banana bread and butter pudding it had to be..

It couldn't be easier - just cube up any remaining banana cake, chop up some chocolate pieces to your liking (I used half a block of white chocolate tonight) and layer them alternately in a largish pie dish. Add fruit now if this is your thing.. I would've liked to have added some of our homegrown raspberries from the freezer but as the most passionate banana fan doesn't eat them, it was not to be.

In a separate bowl, mix up 3 eggs, 1/4 cup raw sugar, 1 tbs plain  flour, 500ml cream and a good teaspoon (or two!) of vanilla extract.

Pour this over the bread and chocolate. If you have a little time up your sleeve, the dish can be set aside for around 10-20 minutes to allow the custard to soak into the bread/cake.

I did not have such time up my sleeve and all was still well. Sprinkle with raw sugar and bake at 180c for 45-50 minutes or until top is browned and custard is set.

Probably one of the last of the thigh loving desserts for the season..perhaps I'll sneak in just one or two more before the winter is well and truly out.

The irony of this dessert hit me as I was washing up... the cake was made to use up the manky bananas..and then the pudding was made to use up the leftover cake... funny, huh!? I wonder how many times a dish can be re-vamped into another....

Have you got any upcycled indulgent treats that are a favourite at your place? 


  1. Brilliant! I know what you mean about banana loaf not being as spectacular the next day. It's texture changes from moist, light deliciousness to something not so yummy... We've got a cake on the counter that's past it moist delicious prime, so my solution (simple that it is), is to warm each slice in a bowl, then put a decent dollop of vanilla ice cream on top. The warm cake melts the ice cream just enough to give the cake some moisture - it's the perfect, fast solution :)

  2. Clever, but my chooks won't thank you for your tip ;) I must think outside the square with leftovers!

  3. that's a great use of left over banana bread..my favourite cooking is turning a wayward ingredient into something else..

  4. Another of your wonderful ideas Christine!

  5. Mmm, sounds great, but is it cheating to make it with fresh banana bread? I had to make two loaves on account of having so many manky old bananas. Possible use for left over banana bread and butter pudding: mash up the crusty bits to make a base for a cheesecake? A step too far?

    1. Love it, Lizalita..I'm right there with you on this one! :)


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