Firewood & suitcases

It's all about wood here lately. How much we have left, how much we're burning, how quickly it's burning and how hot it is. Also, how dry it is and how close (far away?) to the house it is! A lot of it is waaaaay down in the goat paddock and because the property is literally a swamp at the moment, needs to be brought up to the house by the bucket. On the plus side,  it's old wood that's been drying out for several seasons, so once the surface moisture has had a chance to dry off, it throws out the heat like a bonfire at the end of summer!

Oh, how I long for a wood shed..I really do.

We did happen to have a team of tree men come by this week to fell a handful of trees that had grown out of the dam bank and had since died. Hubby was particularly worried that during a strong gust they would end up in the dam which would be no fun at all to try and remove.
Watching the men work was fascinating, they really have it down to a fine art, employing the use of ropes and pulleys, vehicles and strategic cuts to enable the trees to fall in a perfectly neat line, avoiding the larger, close growing, still living (!) gums.


So, another plus, we have a little more extra firewood that is well seasoned. It's been a couple of years since these trunks have seen any life..

And they burn hot! Deliciously hot! Oh, yes, they do.

Elsewhere, the ground is like a sponge that can't take anymore water..
It's been such a wet winter it's actually hard to imagine a time when the ground will (hopefully soon!) dry out. I would really like to start scheming up plantings and new strategies for the next growing season but this weather isn't very inspiring!

Cold, rainy, wintery days are however, conducive to taking oneself and a car load of crazily chattering daughters off  for a little outing..
After helping to check in her suitcase and seeing their Oma off, who is setting off on an epic trip of a lifetime, we headed down to the beautiful old theatre in Thornbury for the second suitcase event of the day - a suitcase rummage!

Such fun! A gorgeous old building that was choc full of people selling items straight out of their suitcases! 

I thought I had died and gone to vintage heaven! Gosh I love 'urban slow'!!

I also happened to come across my good friend Kirsty (who blogs at Bowerbird Blue), and managed to pick up an item or two from her stall. Much, much fun! I'm looking forward to hearing how her day went..

Hoping your weekend was cosy, relaxing and just maybe..a little bit productive! 

Thankyou so much for your encouraging words and feedback on the opening of my shop. They mean a great deal to me and are very motivating! ThankYOU! xx


  1. That suitcase event looks like a ton of fun! I've never seen anything like that here in the U.S.

  2. Wood wood everywhere! Glad you've got plenty to keep warm, Chris. The suitcase rummage looks like great fun!

  3. A suitcase rummage, now that sounds like fun! I've never heard of one of those before but I bet they will take off.

  4. It's funny isn't it how we say that some wood burns hot and some wood burns cold must sound silly to someone who has never had a fire. We have some beautifully aged fence posts that are doing the same job , they can heat up the house in no time.
    Looks like you had fun at the suitcase sale!

  5. Oh yes! I love good wood! We get fallen wood from our place so it's a case of beggars can't be choosers. Sometimes it's great but others, not so.

    I've never heard of a sale like that. It sounds fantastic!

  6. And once you find the wood in the paddock and it has dried out then you have to split it! I love the crack when you hit the sweet spot of the wood and I think of all the money I'm saving by splitting wood instead of going to the gym. Money I could then spend at a suitcase rummage. That looks awesome fun.

  7. Suitcase rummage!

    Wonderful idea!

  8. thanks for coming to visit Christine, I had a really great day. Just did the tally, and then Mr Bowerbird says "that should be enough to buy us another load of wood". Sigh, it's all about he wood around here too. Loved the market, people watching, building gazing, tasty food, amazing craft, I loved those upcycled books too, a really friendly crowd and great music! Lots left to sell so may be signing up for another.


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