Australian Sheep & Wool Show

Ahh, what a day I've had! After cycling the two younger tweens halfway to school (so I was sure they made it across the busy road in one piece}, I returned home and quickly got ready to head out on a little excursion with my mum. We were making our way to the national Sheep and Wool Show. which is an easy drive for us being not too far away.

This was the first time we had been and my goodness, I can see why people take out three day passes! After soaking up shed after shed of fibrey goodness, animal wafts and spinning delights, I still hadn't got a chance to see the baby animals, soak up the the fashions, catch the cooking sessions and study the entries of the gorgeous handcrafted items that were on display! Cripes, that sounds like we didn't see anything at all, doesn't it? But I assure you, we much!

Anyhow, a few pics of our day out..

{Border Leicester}

{Judged merino fleeces}

{White Suffolk)

One of the things I particularly enjoyed was eyeing off the homemade outfits. Did you spot the crochet ensemble a few pics above? 

I seriously wanted to bring this adorable angora goat home with us! It was just the sweetest creature you ever did see and oh, the cuddles and fluffy scratches between the horns! More please!! Did I mention the soft velvety nuzzles? Ahh!

I saw many a friendly face from spinning group which was really nice. The stall above is courtesy of one such spinner.

It was such a huge day out with so much to see and take in, I confess to being completely exhausted. However we still managed to round off the day with a visit to Bendigo Woollen Mills on our way home - a first for my mum.  I'll pop back in over the weekend with a little goody bag show & tell...


  1. Gasp! Sheep filled goodness day!

  2. Oh what lovely Boarder Leicesters! I knew then before you labelled them. I love their bald heads! Glad you had a great day

  3. I could practically smell those sheep, and the wee angora took me straight back to my sister's angora stud of several years back. [I never took to them peeing on each other's heads though, as a sexual attractant!] The colours of all that beautiful wool is enough to make one drool and it's good to see Bendigo Woollen Mill still going strong. Glad you had such a good day

  4. I remember when that pattern for the Jenny Kee coat came out! Years and years ago! How nice to see one actually made up. It looks like a really wonderful day. Dare I ask what you bought? :)

  5. Love your photos of the show,I usually attend but am unable to this year, your photos have given taken me there, many thanks.

  6. Oh, to get lost in all that fiber goodness!! Wonderful!

  7. It looks liek a completely lovely day. :-)

  8. I went yesterday and like you was amazed at all the wooly goodness there was. This is my third year and I dragged my 19 year old daughter along - who was sure she would be bored. Bored??? Not likely!!! I had to drag her away from some of the stalls....vbg.

  9. It was a fantastic day out, thankyou for stopping by people.

    Calidore, your visit sounds wonderful!! :)

  10. I too went to the show with my mum, it was our first time we had ever been. We had a lovely day. I loved looking at what everyone was wearing, I've never seen so many people wearing hand knitted things per square metre! Lots of inspiration, that's for sure.
    melanie-jade from Ravelry :-)

  11. Gee Wizz! I was so close to going on Friday! I had it all planned. We were on our way home from holidays and in a nearby caravan park but we all just wanted to get home on Friday..... next year for sure.

    Thanks for the post and photos. They are some amazing outfits! I haven't been before and can't wait to see it in person next year.

  12. Great to hear of your visit, melanie-jade!

    Linda, I had wondered where you were hiding..and had even wondered if you were planning on going! Next year if you make it there, we'll have to meet up! x ;)


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