I wanted to share a picture with you today, taken by our middle one (10yrs) a couple of weeks ago. She was up early (as is usually the case) and had reported to me that the sky had looked like it was on fire that particular morning. I'm so glad she managed to take a photo of it because I can see what she meant. I really wished I could've seen it instead of being blissfully unaware as I slumbered!

I found the picture while I was hunting through my old folders for photos of all things red to link up with Evi, and this was the only one that really kept calling to me.

 Jump on over to Sister Sun and take a peak or post a link if you have some redness to share!


  1. Wow. That's amazing. And great to have offspring who get up early and take the photos (much better than having to get up yourself I think).

  2. Wow, it looks like it's all going up in flames! Thats pretty spectacular! Thanks for joining in, Christine.

  3. Beautiful. We Get Sunsets that color but never saw the sun rise that brilliant.

  4. I saw that one too (a rare early rising event). It was truly stunning,, I was a little slower to get my camera out. You could say it was Black Saturday and no one would disagree. I was expecting some more of your lady bird pics, a pot of red paint never faraway at your house.


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