Holiday @ home

Projects, projects. Everywhere!
{waffles -  recipe here}

It's so nice to have eggs from our girls eat and to play with. Or both!
a family gathering
crafts with Oma
tulip creation by the 10yo in-house origami-ist

{Dye inspection}

Hoping you're enjoying the Easter break!


  1. yes they definitely slow things down with all their business. love your egg candles and tulip, how clever is that 10 year old! looks like a lot of fun at your house. Aren't the Autumn trees looking amazing at the moment!

  2. It looks like you've been having a lovely time! I love the egg display and, WOW - your trees are really looking like Autumn! Ours are just hinting at it.

  3. Love the egg candles - such a gorgeous idea!! And the nosey kitty - we have two of those here :-)

  4. The photos are fantastic, Christine!

  5. Thankyou all! I hope your long weekend was an enjoyable one. :)


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