Felted Eggs

The 'googs'
The tweens have been keeping me on my toes this week with school holidays. My list of jobs to get done is still sitting there..untouched and unchecked. It's not so bad though..it's actually kind of fun to thrust aside those dreary chores and dive into holiday activity with them.
It was during a back to back sleepover that the middle one caught me eyeing off my big bag of fibre..and as a result the four of us..the middle one, her friend, the youngest and myself made our very first ever felted eggs!                                          

The action all started here..in my dusty bag of alpaca fibre. The length was a little on the short side for my liking to try spinning with so I was glad to see a use present itself for the ample supply of fluff...

Basically, handfuls of fibre were grabbed out of the bag and immersed in warm water. Homemade soap and dish detergent (thankyou, ethic!) were then added (liberally, may I add?!)..

..and rubbed and rubbed ...
                                                                    ..and rubbed again! 

..until it formed an egg! Or thereabouts ;)

Layers of different coloured wool scraps were added..and the soapy, warm water rubbing continued..

..until at last they were felted to our liking.  Several changes of water took place to keep it warm (and to rinse the dust from the dusty, dusty alpaca fibre). The eggs were then rinsed and placed outside in the sun to dry (which is still happening, two days later! Very dense and moist the inside of these eggs are..very dense and moist!).

A good morning's fun for a houseful of pre-teen girls. Just remember to lay the towel down on the bench before starting - unlike us!

And while we're still on the topic of felting, have you seen Carole's felted eggs and her lovely felted mat?
Just beautiful!


  1. Fantastic! I love it! They look amazing!

  2. They are gorgeous, what a lovely project! Thanks for the inspiration, I have a bag of fleece and some alpaca and dyed wool that will be lovely for The Munchkin and I to play with tomorrow :)

    1. Thanks, Linda. :)

      Fantastic, Allana! What fun!

  3. When I visited with my sister on Tuesday she showed me the felted eggs that she had been making but hers fit over a plastic egg that opened to hide treats. She was going to add a way to close them before Easter. They were really pretty!

  4. I have never seen anything like that, they are so lovely.
    Thanks for sharing :)

    1. They sound really interesting, Becky! And useful too. :)

      You're welcome, Carolyn. :)

  5. What fun! Your eggs are gorgeous girls :D

  6. Oh, those are so pretty... what a great way to learn something new with your girls! I love spontaneous fun like that :)

  7. They're so cute! Happy Easter to you all!

    1. Gotta love spontaneous fun, Sherri..even when the house looks like a tip, the garden is a mess and the laundry is overflowing with washing. ;)

      Happy belated Easter to you too, Celia! I hope you're day was lovely. x

  8. we tried felting rocks last year, with some success. I was surprised how hard it was to get them to matt together. Your eggs are lovely, happy Easter.

  9. Ethic is great for bulk shopping hey. :) We must be relatively local to each other.
    Do you think this could be done by much smaller kids? My older 2 are nearly 5 and 3.5.


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