Arctic blast..

Brrr! I don't know what happened to the beautiful Autumn's completely gone! Replaced with heavy rain showers, chilly temperatures and a noisy hail storm. Although I think my title should really read Antarctic blast..considering we are all the way down in the southern hemisphere!

The knitting is out, as is the spinning and the fire is going. It's good to feel cosy again, that is when one isn't taking escaped goats back into their paddock for the third time that morning! Hmmph!

A few kitchen pics from the week to add fuel to the cosyness...
{'nacho' pizza - made with leftover chilli con carne, cheese, homegrown capsicums, corn, tomatoes and garlic. Oh and a good sprinkling of chilli!}

Tomatoes are still coming inside every few days to finish ripening before the birds get to them..

Cheese and chive scones, recipe here.

I couldn't wait any longer to preserve those apples. A shocking discovery was made though..I need to stock up on more bottling jars - all of our Fowlers jars are now full!

And it's pretty hard not to feel cosy when a lemon meringue pie is baking in the oven. It's been absolutely ages since we've had one and using fresh, homegrown eggs, it makes the experience all the more sweeter...

Hoping you're enjoying the day, Antarctic blast or not. 

Lemon Meringue Pie
This is a good pie recipe that holds it firmness when cut and refrigerates well. 

1 pre-cooked pastry shell (I use a basic shortcrust - flour, butter and water mix)

1/2 cup cornflour
3/4 cup sugar
1 cup water
1/2 cup lemon juice
80g butter, chopped
1 tablespoon grated lemon zest
3 egg yolks (save egg whites for meringue)

Meringue topping:
3 egg whites (separated from the yolks used in the filling)
1/2 cup granulated white sugar, caster if it's around ;)
1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Preheat oven to 170c. 
Filling: Place the water and lemon juice into a medium saucepan and add the cornflour, sugar and lemon zest, stirring to combine. Add the chopped butter and place over medium heat, bringing slowly to a boil, stirring occasionally. Once thick, remove from heat and stir in egg yolks, set aside. 

To make the meringue, beat egg whites until soft peaks form. Slowly add sugar and continue beating until mixture is thick and glossy. Add the vanilla, mixing well. 

Assemble the pie by spooning the warm filling mixture into the pie shell and then spread the meringue gently over the top, spreading all the way to the edges. Bake in a 170c oven for 10-20 minutes or until meringue is golden on top and set. (If more time is available, a lower oven temperature and longer baking time will reduce the amount of 'weeping' associated with these types of pies as the meringue has a chance to dry out. Although if your eating it warm from the oven, this usually isn't a problem! ;)

Serve warm with cream. 


  1. I would love a piece of that pie! The pizza looks great too, love using up leftovers.

    Oh no, not enough Fowlers Vacola jars, that is a problem! Hmm, maybe the preserving goddesses will shine on you, with a great op shop or garage sale find, or someone gifting a box of them to you?? Fingers crossed.

  2. Oh wow, you make the nicest food! YUM

  3. All that food is making me hungry Christine:) Enjoy keeping nice and cosy, I love sitting in front of a fire it's not just not quite that cold here yet....

    1. Using up leftover is so satisfying, isn't it dixiebelle! I know, I know, the fowldrs jars...must start scanning freecycle and ebay again..

      Why thankyou, Busy mum, you are too kind! :)

      Ooh, it was a real blast of winter today, Catherine! Maybe you got some of it up your way? Stay warm. :)

  4. I need all of that apple skin, please! I am making some strawberries preserve and could use some apple skin infusion... Great pie and scones look delicious!

  5. Oh wow! :) Yum Yum! I must try your lemon meringue pie recipe! THanks for sharing! :) Photos look great... it is getting colder but it's nice to cozy up by the fire of an evening. :)

  6. Mmmmm Lemon Merigue Pie is dessert for tomorrow night now I have been inspired, thanks.

    1. Aggh! You just reminded me that I should've saved the peeling, Marina!! I'm absolutely kicking myself now, homemade pectin stock is the best. Enjoy your strawberry preserve..don't forget to lick the spoon. ;)

      So nice to cozy up to the fire of an evening, I type doing just that. ;)

      Good Deb, glad it inspired! We love it warm from the oven with bountiful amounts of cream..mmmm. :)

  7. That arctic blast got to us early this afternoon Chris, the temperature dropped six degrees in half an hour.

  8. Oh my goodness. That looks delicious. One of my favourites and you know I've never made one. I will have to rectify that, Thanks for the recipe!

  9. Oh my, what a lovely post! The links, the recipes and all the wonderful photos! We are also experiencing really cold weather here and rain, we aren't even supposed to have rain this time of year. I am also knitting and I think a fire is a wonderful idea.
    Warm regards

    1. Woah..that is fast, Rose!! Brr!

      Oh dear, you will have to rectify this, Kate. Gotta have a lemon meringue pie under your belt...(literally?) ;)

      How strange the weather is, Linda! So nice to hear you are knitting too..I forgot to mention I really like your tea leaves cardi, tempted to add it to my 'queue'! :)

  10. It is very chilly isn't it. The Lemon Meringue looks delicious...will think of you tonight when I cook it Christine :)..thanks for the inspiration.

  11. Yum! I want pizza and lemon meringue pie please! And I love your shocking discovery - what a great lot of homemade goodies you must have. I have yet to source a second hand fowlers vacola.

  12. We just had waffles for brekkie from your recipe - big one making us some good cold weather comfort food. That meringue pie looks amazing. I found one of your Fowlers jars lurking at the back of our cupboard, apples still good a whole year later, will have to return the jar along with Rhonda's book!

    1. Ooh, Jodi, I hope you like it as much as we do! :)

      And what's more shocking Linda..we're out of jar lids too! Aggh. If you were closer I'd loan you mine for a spell. Hopefully one will pop up on your op shop ramblings soon..

      Your big one is an absolute star, Kirsty. Does she take bookings? Hope you enjoyed Rhonda's book..lots of useful tips in amongst those pages..

  13. Brrr feeling chilly here too, heater on, Anzac biscuits ... Lovely to see your delicious food and am tempted to try a gluten free dairy free lemon meringue pie ...

  14. That chill has made it's way to Sydney for Anzac Day. But I don't mind cause I'm kinda fond of the cooler weather.
    Christine, you're so productive in the kitchen and craftwise and gardenwise - thanks for sharing all your wonderful homemade treats.

    1. Oh, good you made Anzac bikkies, Fiona. They were on our to do list today, but it turned out being a pyjama day for everyone and knitting by the fire..the oven didn't get a look in. Eat one for me! :)

      Aww, thankyou serendipity, you are very kind. Hoping you're staying cosy up there. x

  15. Lemon Meringue pie and nachos on a pizza? Ohhhh!! I think I just died and went to heaven.
    May the Arctic blasts happen more often I say :-)

  16. Hi Christine! Your week looks beautiful and productive and your food looks delicious.

  17. Lots of delicious cooking going on at your place! Love how yellow your lemon meringue pie looks! Nothing like fresh eggs.

  18. Oh my goodness, there is so much wonderful kitchen happenings in this post. Great idea with the pizza. I'm so trying those scones when I have the chance, the apples looks gorgeous and lemon meringue pie simply too good to resist. You know in the early days of my parents marriage they decided to take a class in something the other partner usually did. My Mum took a wood working class and Dad took a cooking class - the only thing he mastered was lemon meringue pie, we were forever grateful!

  19. Ha, Brydie, you're too funny!

    Thanks Rhonda! Lovely to have you stop by.

    Mmm, those yellow yolks get me every time, Kim. I keep pumping greens into those chooks in the hope to see just how yellow they can be.

    Ahh, this is such a beautiful idea, Barbara - more couples should do this I think!! I believe you had quite a benefit from the arrangement too..the only thing better than a warm from the oven lemon meringue pie is when a loved one makes it for you. :)

  20. My mouth is watering!! Everything looks scrumptious : ) Thanks for teh pie recipe, I remember the first time I tried on I couldn't work out why it was floating afterwards.


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