Lately we've been watching the pumpkins ripening..

.. and the the appearance of fungi as they emerge from dark, damp earth after heavy rain showers.

Lately, I've been letting our chooks out on fine days and taken great pleasure in watching them scratch and dig as they hunt for bugs..

Lately, the dam is full. Yes, to the brim!

Lately, homegrown potatoes that were a bit on the small side are being placed in a pile to be used as seed potatoes..

Lately, I've been feeding the goats hay again as their paddock has been munched right down. They are most appreciative - which is nice although it does mean that every time they make a positive human sighting, we are subjected to their 'needy bleats' of substantial volume!

Lately, we've been eating tomatoes in anything that comes along...this night it was a tomato and bacon risotto - a great cherry tomato bowl emptier! Hubby said.." Since when do you have bacon and tomato in risotto?" Since now, that's when! :)

Lately our solitary sunflower has burst open giving me much joy. Next year I will make an effort to plant a whole row! They are so cheerful and do wonders for a sagging spirit..

A stray..from the chook grain?

What have you been up to lately?


  1. Great photos. Your pumpkings look so delicious. The goat is very cute as well.

  2. Oh yes Christine! I have been thinking of planting sunflowers, and I also want to try sunflower sprouts/microgreens, your cheery photo reminded me. Also the fact that the sun is shining at last - I am hoping this is truly the end of the wet season. I want to grow pumpkins as well but we have so little space - I am thinking of growing them up a trellis...

  3. So beautiful! I'm having a seed-starting marathon as of late :)

    1. Thanks, Wire and White - she's a cheeky thing, known to leap over fences like they were tiny twigs!

      Mmm, sunflower micro greens, good thinking, Africanaussie!

      Yes, I'm a little behind the eight-ball with winter seeds, Jaime. Happy gardening :)

  4. love it! yes, i plant a row of sunflowers between my house and my neighbors but of course it always makes us laugh because the sunflowers end up facing their house - so they get the view! :)

  5. Lovely - me - well I am up to sorting out the house - I just pick a drawer or a shelf and clear it of. Been keeping me busy for a few weeks now. Cheers, Wendy.

  6. Wonderful Christine. Such bounty. I've been spending as much time as I am allowed with my new grandson. But today especially I have taken advantage of the cooler weather and moist soil to do such much needed work in the house yard.

    1. Oh, that is just the way, EcoGrrl! How funny! :)

      Oh, dear, I fear this kind of behavior could keep us going for quite a bit longer than a few weeks, Wendy! decluttering? :)

      So precious, Kate. Enjoy every moment of that fresh smelling little bundle!! xx

  7. The Picture of your dam looks so tranquil - what a lovely place for a chair, blanket to wrap up in, hot drink and a good book.

  8. This change of season is great, isn't it? As for rissoto, you can tell hubby that this family's favourite is a tomato rissoto - red wine, garlic, basil, parmesan. Yum, I'm hungry just thinking about it. I think I know what to cook for dinner now!!!

  9. Love the harvest and the change in seasons. Your chooks look so happy too!

  10. It's nice when the weather is actually warm, Kea! Which is has not been for what seems like aages, or if it is, it is when we are out, pfft!

    Excellent, Linda! I will tell him just that ;) Getting me hungry all over again, you are. :)

    Thankyou Mrs Bok - I sure hope they are happy..finally, finally a second girl just started laying, thank heavens! :)


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