Weekend glimpses and 11 things

{after the rain - the collection from this morning}
{'special breakfast', a regular Sunday feature, cooked by hubby}

{at last!}
{knitting is calling and how satisfying it is to pull out a ball of homespun! The wheel is calling too...soon I hope to get there..soon}
{late afternoon foraging}


Wendy at Urban Homestead South Africa has 'tagged' me so I thought I'd share 11 things about myself...

I am 35 years old

I am a Capricorn

I am a shocking sweet tooth...but you already gathered that from my posts, right?!

I have three mischievous tween girls, aged 12, 10 and 8.

We live in a beautiful area on a peaceful property..although one day I'd love to build an 'eco home' - our house is really dark in winter and dismally inefficient at conserving energy..

My dad passed away last year from cancer..it was a really tough year for him and the family..

This week hubby and I are celebrating being married 15 years!

I would love to travel someday..at the moment I'm too much of a homebody! I would start with small trips within Australia then build myself up for the overseas' jaunts..Germany and the UK to meet family, the ancient cities... and threatened natural wonders. I DO want to see them! Someday!

I spent my teenage years on a dairy farm. What I wouldn't give for a bucket full of fresh, wholesome, full cream milk now! Of course I didn't appreciate it nearly enough at the time..

I'm a tea drinker..all the better if it's a chai. I have been known to order the odd coffee if out though..

I love the bloggy world, 'meeting' new people, writing posts to look back on and of course, communicating with YOU!

I hope the weekend treated you well! 


  1. It's always interesting to learn little tidbits about folks. Please don't put off the travel. I've known too many that have said "some day"....only some day never came.
    (not trying to be gloomy)

  2. It's lovely to find out a little bit more about you Christine, thank you for sharing with us:) I've noticed we've got a few things in common there, I have two girls 12 and 8 one a bit more mischievous than the other;) Love tea and would love to have an eco home one day. Not quite married the 15 years but it will be 14 for us this year. I hope you have a great week:)

  3. That's so nice to hear some homey things Christine. Thanks for taking up the idea.

  4. A pot of chai is on, spices are infusing, milk is warming and a selection of sweet biscuits for dunking on the side. Fancy coming over?
    ... loved reading a bit more about you :-)
    Happy Anniversary Mr and Mrs Slow Living Essentials!

    1. Thanks, Sue, I'll take your advice on board. I'll know when the time is right.. :)

      Hi Catherine! That's so funny we have so much in common!

      Thanks for the link up, Wendy. Have a nice week! :)

      Yes please, Brydie!! Thankyou ;)

  5. Lovely to hear more about you! I'm assuming you are referring to Friday's rain. We watched it coming...... and watched it pass south of us! We ordered water yesterday. The tank had run dry! Damn, now I have to stand the water overnight for the sourdough. I often forget to leave it out.

  6. Your home spun is very even. Mine is still very uneven but I will get there soon! I also have 3 daughters but they are adults now 25, 28 and 30. We could use you on our little farm to milk our cow!

  7. Lovely to hear more about you Christine..i love Chai tea too, my partner is Indian and it was always fascinating to watch his grandmother get out her spice bowl and make it from scratch!
    What a beautiful little harvest...

  8. What a satisfying looking weekend :) I had the opposite unfortunately. My puppy ripped out all my half grown corn. There is a photo on my blog. Will it regrow do you think or should I just pull it out ?

    1. Hmmm, Friday and Saturday's rain, Linda. The weather is just TOO weird at the moment. So sorry to hear it passed right by you, how annoying!

      Kate, I was wondering why some parts of the homespun were more even than others..it turns out that it was the end of a bobbin and some bits were navajo/chain plied. Have you tried this? I learned how to do it by watching youtube! Much fun. Oh, and I'm just the slightest shade of green with envy over your house cow! :)

      Mmm, sounds divine, Jode - homeground chai!

      Oh, no, Chez! Cheeky little puppy, I had a similar experience recently with the chooks.. I was optimistic but I fear the damage was too much for the corn to recover...

  9. Fun post!

    Chris did you see last night's Grand Design on the ABC, I'm guessing you and DH would love it as much as we did. It's here http://www.abc.net.au/iview/
    Episode 5 Herefordshire

  10. Love it all, esp. getting to know you more!

    We've been having a few Brinners lately... Breakfast for Dinner... Fried Eggs, Bacon, Beans, Mushrooms, Hash Browns, or Omlettes!

  11. Your photos always make me happy, Chris! And oh how I wish I could grow tomatoes like you can!

  12. I enjoy your site from the other side of the pond.

    I love your site so much I"m sharing a blogger award with you "Most Versatile Blogger". Stop by my blog to accept your award!


    1. Yes, Rose! I love, love love Grand Designs and of course Kevin McCloud! Wasn't that home awesome? The beautiful feature window with all of that precious sunshine streaming in...just gorgeous!!

      Ha, I do like that, dixiebelle - Brinners! May just take that one on board if you don't mind!! :)

      Thanks Celia, although the tomatoes in the greenhouse are SUCH a lot of work, I think it's too humid in there for them, I am constantly battling fungal/mildew issues! I think this will be the last year I attempt growing them in there...

      Thanks, Carolyn! :)

  13. Im soooo jealous of your harvest! Despite all this space and fertile soil at our place, Mother Nature finds other ways of thwarting my crops - usually blazing sun followed by floods (we live in Brisbane)or sometimes the other way round - just for a change! But, I still have my microgreens on the balcony... So I get fresh salad greens and the chookies give us eggs so its not all bad! - Kara

  14. Hi Christine, your tomatoes look divine! As does your homespun! How I wish I could spin like that! The wheel is also calling me, but I also have three girls who keep me very busy! Those blackberries - yum! As for your eggplants -totally gorgeous! I just love your blog!:-)

  15. GORGEOUS pics!!!! :) LOVE the basket of produce... we are currently eating out of pantry so FRESH picked produce is a distant memory.... enjoy!

  16. Hi Christine - I'm new to the bloggy blog world and was glad mum suggested I check out yours. I can tell it's divine reading and eye candy only. I'll be back!

    1. Nope, not all bad, Kara..! ;)

      Ugh, what is it about 'giving' yourself the time to spin, Faeryfay? I really struggle with this and at the end of the day when I do have time, I'm usually exhausted. Crazy!! Hope you see some wheel action soon :)

      Sherri, I can imagine your pantry offerings would be delightful!! :)

      Hi Annabel, nice of you to stop by! Do I know your mum? :)

  17. Congratulations on 15 years! Our green zebras aren't ripe yet, and no cucumbers, but they're slowly fattening up. What a lovely produce selection! Such a beautiful home to be a homebody in, look forward to hearing you're travel plans. How good are the blackberries this year?! yum.

  18. Hi Christine,
    i love reading your blog. I too am a simple home maker.
    It is always so peaceful here.
    Have a wonderful day.

    1. I thought they were zebras too, Kirsty, but after letting them ripen inside for a few days, I think we have a bush or two of Tigerllas on our hands..volunteers of course. Blackberries this year are SENSATIONAL!

      Hi Elizabeth, so nice of you to pop by! You're very kind. :)


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