Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Slow Living 2012 - Month 2

Welcome to Month 2  of the 2012 Slow Living diary - a record to help me keep track of my personal  achievements over the past month. For a detailed description of each category, click here. 



This month saw me cutting an old bird cage in half and mounting it to my bike to serve as a shopping basket! works!  My favourite old jeans that were more patches than denim were cut off into shorts. Tweens' school uniforms were given the once over with repairs for another year of use. I've also been looking at empty packaging containers in a whole new light - saving the handiest ones for my 'ethic' box.

{Prepare} Tween lunchbox snacks were frozen for longer storage life along with several bags of blackberries. I also cooked a big batch of kidney beans and chickpeas and then portioned them into meal size servings to freeze. Tomatoes were also bottled whole and passata style using the Fowlers Vacola.

Healthy, homemade tween lunchbox snacks included corn, bacon and cheese muffins, hummus, oat and apple muffins, banana & oat muffins, crudites with tzatziki, (with homemade yoghurt, homegrown cucs and garlic, yay!).

February saw some exciting, new organic cleaning products purchased from 'ethic'. I've been baking double batches of kiddie snacks while dinner is in the oven thus reducing electricity usage (and my time spent in the kitchen!). My index finger also had a nasty run in with a slamming door so called a comfrey poultice to it's aid...after a couple of hours of intense throbbing it was well and truly on the mend!

Community activities this month included another shopping trip to ethic (and me 'fessing up about the blog post I had stealthily written), biking with the girls on weekends, walking to school some days (half way as it is too far to walk all the way!) and the return of Friday Veggie Group and the local Spinning Group. As I have reason to be at our local library daily, I've been immersing myself back into it's readings on offer..

Currently we are harvesting basil, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, nugget pumpkins, zucchini, eggplant, squash and strawberries.  Foraging on offer this month is primarily blackberries, oh, and of course the neighbour's quince tree.


I finished sewing a wrap around summer dress and a vintage 'pinny' style apron. I'm also knitting up my homespun Bluefaced Leicester wool into a chunky vest/cardi creation. A little present was also finished off but I can't say too much because it's a secret...shhhh!

I've been enjoying reading Organic Gardener and Yarn magazines from the library, Peppermint and I finally have in my hot little hands a copy of Rhonda's book. I also discovered a mind blowingly different way of knitting...the continental method! It's like learning to knit all over again but I can see with practice it will be SO much faster. Why have I not stumbled across this way before?

{Lisbon lemon}

I don't know why I struggle with this one but I do! One easy one this month was meeting Rhonda of Down to Earth at a book signing today. I'm really looking forward to curling up with her book over a big, steaming cup of tea! Oh, and how could I forget...hubby and I celebrated 15 years of marriage this month. We had a weekend fest with dinner out one night and then a trip to Gold Class cinema another. Ahh, and let's not forget the annual flea market which is always loads of fun.. and as it happens every year, I came home with way too many books but that's ok..right?

How has your month been? 


Feel like joining in with your own post in this format? Just leave a link to your Slow Living- Month 2 blog post in the comments section below anytime during this month and I'll include you here! 


  1. Hi Christine,

    I'd love to join in too :-)

  2. Wonderful! Have added your link, Mrs B ;)

  3. Hi Christine :) Here's my journal for the month.

    I just love that image of the blue flowers at the bottom of your post... what are they? we don't get them up here in the tropics (and if we do... well i'm buying seeds tomorrow... i LOVE blue flowers!)

    Kea :)

  4. Christine, here is my blog for the month. Looking forward to be able to write more in March.

  5. Hi Christine, here is my diary for the month:

  6. Wow! Congratulations on 15 years. :-)

    I enjoyed your post about Ethic. You reminded me that we have a similar store (I think) in a nearby town that I've been meaning to check out.

    I am joining in too...

    1. Looking forward to reading your posts, ladies! :)

  7. I'm feeling a bit like a "slacker"-- I've just been busying myself with sugaring (see my recent posts), knitting, a bit of sewing, and reading about raw milk. I also work part time and chase after 3 busy young kids. Did I mention the mountain of laundry I'm attempting to conquer? I love reading about your harvest and I can't wait to check out Rhonda's book on knitting, continental style. I'm currently reading Elizabeth Zimmermann's "Knitting Without Tears" and working on loosening up a bit, in the stitch department. Happy Leap Day!

  8. Slacker would definitely not be the word I'd use to describe your happenings, going by what you've said, Calico Hen! I haven't checked out Elizabeth Zimmerman's books yet but I do hope to. I keep hearing very good things about them - unfortunately I don't think our library stocks them..aghh!

    Rhonda's book is actually more of a guide to simple living and is based on her blog: Down To Earth. The continental knitting technique I picked up while flicking through my nana's old Reader's Digest book of handcrafts although I'm sure youtube would oblige on that front, too! Happy Leap Day to you as well!! :)

  9. Love the photo of the lemon! Our borage has gone nuts, despite my efforts at pulling it out of one of the wicking worm beds, before it took over, it has come up several other places. The bees love it, though.

    Thank you for starting this, enjoy your tea and book!

  10. Well it's been my first month on our new 1 acre property just out or Perth. Loving all the inspiration from your blog! I'm going to need all the help I can get :-) First off is getting a veggie patch established, and then a chookpen!

    1. Ahh, sounds like fun, Anneke! Homegrown vegies and eggs are the who doesn't like watching chooks and their funny behavior? :)

  11. Hi Christine,

    I missed January but would love to join in your Slow Living Month diary. Here's my blog:


  12. Joining in again this month!

    Congrats on 15 years!!

  13. Ethic looks wonderful!! We had a store like that in the last town we lived in. Really missing it in this city which is 10x the size!! Here is my post for the month: It was all about ENJOY this month!!

  14. Hi Christine, I'm joining in this month for the Slow Living Month Diary. Check it out at
    I'm going to have to find out about this continental knitting! Sounds cool! I love the picture of your borage!

  15. Wonderful people, I've added your links! :)

  16. Linking up again this month but having trouble with phots so it is a bit colourless at this stage.

  17. Joining you again this month Christine, so many beautiful moments this month to share.
    I love your borage photo, is it your own? Would i be able to have a copy? I have a soft spot for beautiful herb photos.

  18. Well I've been busy with life over the last month and am only now catching up on some blogs. I love this monthly review idea. Even more I'm totally envious of your new shop, I'm trying to convince Mr Good that a trip to Woodend sounds like a good idea.

  19. Love to join you again this month christine. Here's my link

  20. Great to have you along again, Fiona, Racheal and Carole. :)

    The shop is a good reason to visit the town, thenewgoodlife. If you're after something specific though it might pay to ring first as they've been enormously busy and are waiting on more stock to arrive..

  21. Running late as usual but I've finally managed to join in with your Slow Living Month diary. I'm a day or two late so the post will show up tomorrow.

  22. Hi Christine!
    Once again - Thank you. A good chance to reflect and pat myself on the back for doing the things I set out to do. If it wasnt for this reflection time, I may have kept on rushing onto the next project and not noticed that I have managed to acheive quite a few goals this early in the year! You are influencing me to slow down already!!!!

    Cheers - Kara

  23. Oops forgot to add my link.

  24. Can I link up too? :-)

  25. Absolutely! Great to have you along :)

  26. Well, late again but a day earlier than last month ;o) Thanks for the inspiration Christine - it's great to read what others have been up to and also to look back on my own endeavours for the previous month.

  27. Count me in again - I'm off to catch up on everyone elses slow living stories :-)

  28. Better late than never I always say. Thanks for sharing all you do, and everybody else as well. You are all such inspirations.

  29. Hi Christine, I love your basket idea, it's genius! So wonderful that you met Rhonda! I can't wait to borrow a copy from my libarary. I have just posted my month over here:
    Thanks again for such a wonderful idea, it's nice to take stock of what I do each month and have a record of it.
    Take care, Stacey

  30. Thanks, ladies, you're up! ;)


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