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At our place we've been eating eggs! The first hen has started egg like clockwork each morning. It felt like an enormous wait with hubby even thinking we'd bought some strange hybrid variety of sterile, non-egg laying chooks! Phew, I'm so glad this wasn't the case! We will patiently wait for the others to follow her lead..

Sometimes one falls off the sourdough wagon. Or the whole bread wagon for that matter...

..only to hop back on again at another time that feels right. It's feels good to be baking again.

Kibbled 7 grain sourdough
I made my first ever batch of homemade muesli this week. This would be of the toasted and glazed with honey type...the book didn't say it was so more-ish! I was really happy to use some new grains I had just bought at ethic. Rolled rice! Have you tried this? It's ahh....very crunchy!

After a preliminary harvest of excitement well before ripeness...I've been letting our first ever  (token) crop of apricots ripen on the tree and discovered that by doing so they form the most seductive blush..

Plus, they're the most delicious apricot I've ever tasted. Not that I'm biased or anything, having planted the tree and then spending time watering it, defending it from goats, mulching it, netting it...yaddayadda..

The tree is a Moorpark. And even my gardening book says they're delicious! See, I would not lie..

A crumble also made an appearance this week. All for experimental purposes. I needed to perform some quality control in the form of taste testing that bottled pear/plum concoction from last week..

..and it got the thumbs up! I will definitely be making this combination again...the whole cinnamon stick really adds that extra bit of yum without overpowering the flavour of the fruits. The plums were also slightly tart and went nicely with the sweet crumble topping..

And it's blackberry season here! I've been 'Picking our home'!  It's such a comfort to know that they haven't been sprayed or been visited on by a stray dog..(yes, this would worry me if picking from a roadside!). Just 100% good, clean berries here for the taking, if I can beat the birds that is.

I'm feeling a blackberry and apple jam making session coming on...

What's being eaten at your place?


  1. Today I made a Vege Bake (for dinner), Banana Muffins (for school & afternoon tea), a Blackberry & Raspberry Pie (have some double cream to eat up, so of course, made a pie!), and now am roasting some tomatoes, to try making a Roast Tomato Spicy Relish!

  2. Such a smorgasboard of mouth watering food! I have fallen off the bread wagon myself, and have been itching to get back on. Soon I think. Such wonderful fruits from your labour, enjoy them! Stacey

  3. Ooh, looks all very yummy and relatively healthy! It must be good to have fresh eggs again... Enjoy, Your apricots dooo look delicious!

  4. we accelerated our new girls laying by putting in a fake wooden egg in each box and bingo, as if they needed the prompt. And fabulous produce by the way

  5. Eggs, glorious eggs! Joy unbounded! Hooray! :)

    And you're growing apricots - that gives us a little hope. We planted a tree out the front last year, but I'm not convinced we can actually grow them here in Sydney. Muesli looks dangerously good, and oh how I wish I could go blackberry picking with you!! :)

  6. Wonderful eggy goodness. Come on girls, you can do it!
    All your foody happenings look wonderful Christine...especially your crumble. If I had to choose just one dessert to eat for the rest of my life, it would probably be the humble crumble.
    Nothing crazy happening here. My mixer just died...OHH!!!! and freezer is getting filled with 'maintenance meals'.

  7. Yummmmm, dixiebelle! Can I come and hang out at your place?? ;)

    Bread baking I think is one of those things that the timing needs to be right, Stacey. If your heart's not in it, no one wins and a whole lot of good ingredients gets thrown away.. Plus, it's perfectly fine to hop on and off the wagon as one pleases! :)

    Ha, relatively healthy! Yes, I am trying to lean towards more savoury dishes Karen, but for some strange reason just keep being pulled in the other direction. If you were here, I'd share a big bowlful of apricots with you, the bowl perched just so on your belly, of course!. :)

    Oh, good idea, Energiser. I don't know where I could hunt down some wooden eggs from..maybe a golf ball? It think we have one somewhere..

    Yay!! So glad you get the egg-citement, Celia!! The apricot tree surprised me, I hope yours surprises you, too! I love the fact they are self-fertile, a joy to have in the garden.

    Yeah, yeah, 'egg' them on Brydie!! Ha! Yep, crumble here many fruity options for the fillings, life would never get boring. Oh, No - your poor mixer!! Did you use this to mix bread dough? Maybe time for an upgrade...? Bugger! Maintenance meals are not the most exciting activity but they'll be worth their weight in gold in a few weeks time!!! xxx

  8. looks delicious! all of it! you guys are surely eating well!

  9. Oh those yummy eats look SO fantastic!!!! :) You are truly a skilled bread maker - well done!

  10. Haven't commented before but I visit your site regularly, Christine. I find it very encouraging that a young mum like you is so into homemaking. I wish my daughters were like you.

    Yes, you can't beat a Moorpark apricot tree. We have had fruit off ours the last two years - 2 bucketsful this year. I made jam, we ate lots and I stewed one batch which is in the freezer for a future apricot crumble. I have three trees planted now.

    Your enthusiasm with your Vacola outfit puts me to shame. I haven't used mine for years - maybe next year if the apricot trees produce abundantly. And sometime I would like to try sourdough bread.

    Enjoy your life.

    Lyn in northern New South Wales.

    1. Thanks, Virginia and Sherri, you're very kind. :)

      Hmmm, I'm not sure what to say, Lyn..except that I wasn't always so interested in the topics I post about. I used to buy pretty much everything pre-packaged, we had a house cleaner and I had no clue how to go about sowing a seed! People do change and can often surprise you. It's great to hear about your Moorpark - I will quietly yearn for the day when our tree provides bucketloads! Enjoy the weekend, Christine :)

  11. It all looks lovely, i would like to try that muesli myself! That sourdough looks amazing, ive never had luck with getting mine to rise that well. A tutorial would be awesome!

  12. we're eating lots of fresh eggs from our lovely chooks at the moment too. Went blackberry picking yesterday evening and have another bag full to be frozen for using in crumbles in the winter. I'm pleased to see how tasty your apricots look - we planted a Moorpark this year so I'm hoping that next season we might get some tasty fruit.

  13. Gosh i wish we could get fruit like yours...i am fighting a battle with the birds and critters who keep getting there first!
    Your baking looks so yummy, you've inspired me to make some time for baking this weekend! We have an abundance of eggs from our 3 chooks, they are doing exceptionally well but i am running out of egg ideas lol!
    I've never tried making sourdough bread...perhaps time to give it a try!

  14. It all looks so delicious. My mouth is watering. Yum.

    1. Racheal, the muesli was surprisingly quick to prepare..about 30 mins all up and tastes sooo good! Perhaps one day I'll post an in-depth tutorial on sourdough but for now these links might help:

      Slow Living Essentials Date and Nut Sourdough

      Slow Living Essentials Potato Sourdough

      Plus, cityhippygfarmgirl has a post about making a sourdough starter here:

      cityhippyfarmgirl how to make sourdough starter

      Ohh, Clare, I'll be interested to hear about your Moorpark as it grows! Aren't the blackberries this year SO abundant? Yum ;)

      Hmmm, excess of eggs Jode - maybe some pasta? You could freeze it for easy dinners..
      Sourdough would have to be such a fulfilling bread to make - so much reward for such little effort. Enjoy your weekend :)

      Aww, thanks, Bruise Mouse. So nice of you to stop by! :)

  15. I too am thinking about blackberry and apple jam today. Having been given a few buckets of sour apples and a container of blackberries.
    Your apricots look so delicious. I planted a Moorpark earlier in the year but I'm expecting a few more years of watering, weeding and waiting before any fruit. I love the look of the sourdough bread. I tired sourdough once, unsuccessfully, and would love to try again one day.

  16. Hi Tania, great minds! Lucky you receiving such generous bounty. Our Moorpark surprised us, this is only the third year it has been in the ground and has survived quite a goaty pruning in that time. You might not have to wait for what seems like forever!

    If you're interested in travelling down the sourdough path again, I can highly recommend the book, The Handmade Loaf by Dan Lepard. It's what answered so many questions for me and is an inspiring read full of gorgeous pics (taken by him!) and recipes! :)

  17. It all looks devine. I have just transplanted my blackberries (thornless Waldo) so hopefully next year I will get a bumper crop.

  18. It's winter here but I can't wait to pick my blackberries this summer!

  19. I looked at your first few photos and it looked like my life. Our new hens just started laying too. We were really excited about it. I am also enjoying my sourdough starter. After five failed attempts, I've got a nice one started. I've made bread and pancakes, and even had enough to share with a friend. I even found a great new way of making oatmeal this weekend - with a banana and some peanut butter.
    Your harvest looks great and has me looking forward to warmer days ahead. Thanks for all of the great information.

  20. I haven't tried the waldo, Fiona, have often heard of them though. I'll be interested to hear how yours go - definitely a bonus being thornless!

    It'll be here before you know it, Grace. Keep warm! :)

    Oh, yum, your oatmeal sounds delicous, Holly! Kind of Elvis Presley-ish, with the banana and peanut butter...yes? Thanks for stopping by. :)


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