This day..

This day:
- "Dad's home!" Kind of, sort of, well really he is, but not this one!
- 'Lucy'. Lucy used to live with my mum and dad. She used to gleefully prick her claws into my dad's feet while he slept in his chair. She has come to live with us as her home now belongs to someone else.
-BBQ-ing and bike riding
-eating bottled peaches and ice-cream
-the eldest breaking in her new school shoes while wearing her pyjamis all's enviable fashion around here!
- slowly navigating my way through a new phone that was given to me on my birthday (wayyy back in December!)
-oiling outdoor furniture which also used to live at my parents place
- sorting out the 'bushfire cupboard' and all of the individual backpacks in there
-listening to Barnesy and Neil Diamond (up loud..very, very loud!)

We don't make a big deal of Australia Day, preferring instead to reflect on and take pleasure in where we are and WHO we are. I do hope your day was a good one.


  1. Last year we got to see 2 big name concerts...Neil Diamond and Cold Chisel, and they were both awesome. I fairly welled with tears at the Neil Diamond concert as he pumped out classic hit after hit, and he sounded just the same despite his age, and Cold Chisel, we were standing 4 rows from the front, I never thought I'd ever get to see Chisel live, (I was too young to go to their concerts when they were in their prime)...You have good taste in music I see :)

    1. Wow, how lucky are you, Busy mum of 3! I would be totally in awe if I ever happened to see Neil Diamond live! :)

  2. Loved this post Christine. Lots of things happening for you...
    The new black panther addition looks like she'll be right at home...and who's feet is she going to give a good going over?
    I cranked up some music yesterday afternoon as well. Choosing to ignore the fact that I live in a high density living area and not the 5 acres I momentarily thought I did. What can I say? A mama with a big tummy needs to dance :-)

    1. Hah, I hadn't thought of her as a panther - how fitting! I suspect it will be my feet she will give the good going over on..considering I keep shoving them in her belly..!

      Big belly dancing with loud music, now THIS sounds like fun!! :)

  3. Twas such a perfect day to be home enjoying where we live, beautiful!


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