Summering around here..

In the greenhouse - volunteer tomatoes
corn - a late planting!
apricots - moorpark
pumpkin - golden nugget
the curtain of garlic!
Notes to oneself

bottling apricots in sugar syrup
older sisters doing younger sister's hair..
I can't stop admiring this mutato potato! Are they eyes or ears on the side? Either way, I'm smitten with the 'nose' in the center!!
You haven't tasted meringues until they've been cooked in a 'still warm the next day' woodfired oven. A seriously good crumbly explosion of white sugary, powdery sweetness..seriously!

Growing, eating, baking and jam-making. Visiting relatives, garage clean-ups and kids' playdates. This is what is filling our summer days. If only the weather could stay constant or at least a tiny bit predictable.. then we'd really feel complete!


  1. Looks amazing! We're moving to a larger property soon and I can't wait to start lots more vegies etc. However, it's quite a cold climate so will require some research on my part as to what grows and when! Not as simple as our coastal growing habits!

  2. Happy New Year Christine!
    Your summer garden seems to be producing an abundance for you! Your garlic is amazing, mine was really small this season which was very disappointing. I am growing golden nuggets for the first time this year, when do you remove yours from the plant?
    I am looking forward to another year of your inspiring posts!

  3. Geez - wish my garlic looked like that!
    Mine are all skanky and dirty!

  4. everything looks so good..and what a great way to cook meringue..and utilising the residual heat of the oven is so economical too..

  5. I'm so happy to see this post, Chris! We've planted golden nuggets for the first time, and I had no idea what they were going to look like, so thank you for the photo! :) Your garlic looks beeyootiful!

  6. Lovely pictures! And even more enjoyable because I am looking at bare branches and a winter sky. It's a treat to see all that green :)

  7. Sounds like the perfect summer. You are right about the weather was snowing on the mountains yesterday....very strange.

  8. Looks like you and your garden are being very productive...I'm so envious, Way to hot here to do anything, plus doesn't help that I am feeling like a beached whale these days....My gardens are all dying with the heat and lack of care...However You have just reminded me that I have garlic hiding somewhere amongst it all to pull out! :)

  9. What a lovely post! Your garden looks amazing! How wonderfully productive.

  10. Hi Christine I saw your lovely preserves and am seeking help. Check out my post and you will see what I mean. I would be extreemly grateful for any tip on using the Fowlers method.

  11. rebekah, we live in quite a cool climate and it was a huge change from where we had been previously! The plus is that berries, cherries and apples seem to thrive!

    Thanks Sharon, Happy New Year to you too!

    freefalling, I'll let you in on a little secret, mine were skanky and dirty too before they came inside! ;)

    Absolutely, Jane, I love to use up leftover heat..if only I could curl up in there myself for an hour or so!

    I'm excited to try the golden nuggets, Celia as the small ones detest it and I figure these would be just the right size for one or two servings for hubby and I..

    Ahh, quinn, I get shivers when you keep talking about winter!

    Aww, your sweet, dixiebelle. :)

    Totally bizarre, Hazel! Pleeeaassse come back Summer! We MISS you!

    I hope you are lounging on a sofa taking it easy, Karen. This is exactly where you SHOULD be!! Very exciting times for you..xx

    Thanks, Linda, if only the tomatoes would ripen up..they are taking aaaages!

    Fiona I hope I was able to help, it is so confusing at times!

  12. loving your mutato, hairdo (wow I can't do that), and meringues. no pumpkins hear yet but we do have a few tomatoes, these next few warm days will help. What a cold turn - makes me panic there will be no summer produce when it gets so cold.


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