'Pick Your Own'

We used to live in a fertile growing valley not all that far from where we are now. Although we used to visit the market stands along the roadside regularly, taking advantage of buying direct from the farmers, it took moving away and then a trip to collect the eldest's school uniform for us to actually call in and enjoy the fun of 'picking our own'! It was always on our list of things to do and I'm so glad that now we've done it. I think I could easily go again... and soon, too!

Avenue of Honour, Bacchus Marsh, Victoria.

The strawberries (1.5kg),  are being munched on and the peaches (4.5kg), still slightly firm are ripening on the kitchen table. Ahh, to feed the preserving addiction is such fun!

Besides bottling/canning, how do you like to preserve peaches? Chutney? Jam? etc.. 


  1. I have been so wanting to go berry picking this season so I can 'put up' heaps more fruit! I am hoping to do some gleaning (not illegal or unsafe, of course) but will also happily pay for the experience and quality fruit from a PYO farm, if we can find one in our area that isn't a big road trip!

  2. I think strawberry picking will be on the agenda this weekend...

  3. Everytime i read your blog i want to go and pick and preserve something....now just need to find a pick your own and the time to preserve!!Lovely pics too!

  4. I used to live in the next town to Bacchus Marsh, eons ago when I was married. Nice to see that the Avenue is still alive and well!

  5. Love making a relish or a chilli sauce if i get the chance. But after your last couple of posts, I really feel like preserving some fruit!

  6. I have been to that pick your own many times - my favourite are the cherries but the rest is great too. Time I went again.

  7. Ah, I love a good roadside forage, dixiebelle..have fun!

    Wonderful, Suzanne, so much fun to pick them juicy and fresh ;)

    Aw, thanks, Jode, you're very sweet.

    Yep, the Avenue is still a hive of activity, Frogdancer. It's always nice to find an excuse to drive down it..

    Fruit is SO easy, Kim, just pack it, pour in the syrup and heat the jars. So addictive to look at all lined up on the bench, too.. ;)

    Oh, lucky you, Liz, I'd love to get there for cherry season..maybe next year. The peaches were really good!


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