More bottled fruit - Pear & plum dessert filling

Last week I came across some red skinned pears for a price I couldn't refuse. Never having tried red-skinned pears before I bought some, mainly out of curiosity - I really wanted to see what the flesh looked like! Crazy, huh? For some bizarre reason, I thought it would be red, or at the very least, tinged pink, hah! Really crazy, wouldn't you say?!!

Anyway, they came home, sat in the fruit bowl for a few days until I could leave them there no longer. They either had to be eaten up or made into something. Having plums in the fruit bowl too, I decided to bottle them up into a crumble/pie combo. Do you do this? Mix fruits together for easy desserts over winter? I have to say this is my first combo in the bottling/canning arena, having always stuck to single fruits in the past..

Of course they were cream coloured inside! What on earth was I thinking?

The pears (which were sweet, juicy and delicious!), were peeled, quartered and cored whilst the plums were halved and stoned. 

Packed firmly into preserving jars and covered in a light sugar syrup (1 cup sugar:3 cups water), they were then heat processed for sterilisation.

Oops.. I forgot to mention I also added a cinnamon stick to each jar for good measure along with 1/2 tsp citric acid (pears are naturally low in acid). Don't you just love the colour of the plums and the way they have coloured the syrup?

Yep, once again, visual preserving excitement. What IS it about that? Do you suffer from it? (Or rather, revel in it?).

Three #31(1 litre/1quart) Fowlers jars. Pies or crumbles..or maybe even a cake! It's so much fun to have options....

Do you have any favourite fruit combinations for canning/bottling?


  1. More joy from your kitchen, Christine, do you cook your fruit first, or do you pop it in raw, cover with your syrup and then they cook in the Folwers machine? They look so tasty and I do love red skinned pears.

  2. I love looking at the jars of jam and bottles of sauce all ready and done....its a sense of achievement...

  3. Both the pears and the jars of fruit look so pretty! Well done!

  4. beautiful! i haven't tried a combination yet, but i'm certainly keen to! i love the colour the plums have given! as an aside (on your pink pears comments!) we did pears a few weeks ago, an old preserving style pear (from these ancient pear trees on my parent's farm) and they are naturally pink when preserved! so very pretty! you can see them here
    they are green on the outside and white on the inside before preserving!

  5. Those red pears look like the wooden ones you sometimes see decorating someones dining table... although I would say a whole lot more juicer. I've never come across them before, it's only right you had to test them out!
    Pies...crumbles...fruity options are always a wonderful thing.

  6. those red sensation pears are the best - dried they are fantastic

  7. They look beautiful! I wonder if they are corella pears? We love using them in salads. Your Fowlers Vacola system intrigues me. I bought some jar lids from Green Living Australia and the nice man was talking to me about sterilising jams in water baths but I found it confusing. Is Fowlers system easy to use? How long will your pears last? They look delicious!

  8. Hi Wendy, I've been putting soft fruits like pears, plums, peaches and apricots in raw, covering them with warm syrup and then processing. They soften up to a lovely texture while heating in the unit. Apples I stew lightly first before packing as they are like a huge sponge and soak up all the liquid otherwise. Am I possibly the last person on earth to see a red-skinned pear? :)

    Suzanne, I'm sure you put my efforts to shame with your tomato sauce bottling! It is very satisfying, though ;)

    Thanks, Linda.

    Ahh, Virginia, I took a look at your pics - sooo pretty!! I wonder if those pears had a bit of quince in them?

    Ha, yes, you're right, Brydie! Wooden pears indeed. Glad I'm not the only one never to have seen them before!!

    Oooh, dried I would imagine they'd be stunning, Margo! Great tip!! Thanks :)

  9. Hi kimbamel, I honestly can't remember what variety they are..I don't even think they were labelled - just 'locally grown red skinned pears'!! I am familiar with the Green Living site, they had a great forum that has since shut down..a shame. The Fowlers system is super easy once you get the hang of it - just pack the fruit in, cover with liquid of choice, fit lids and process. The electric unit I have takes one hour to heat process the jars. It also has a tap at the bottom of the vessel to make removing the boiling water (and therefore jars) very easy. I would be comfortable keeping the pears for up to a year..although in saying that, we've eaten bottled apples in their second year and they were fine...
    Hope this helps!

  10. your pretty pink preserves look so vacola is sitting on my kitchen bench waiting for me to get my act together..

  11. Thanks, Jane. The day will come for your vacola to spout into action..and when it does there'll be no going back! :)


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