Season's Greetings

Handmade elves made by the tweens. Local pine clippings and holly from the garden (very prickly - ouch!).
Hubby's offering to the lunch table..prawn cocktails.
Salmon hors d'oeuvres put together by my brother..
The Table.  Brother, uncle, cousin, nieces, daughter, sister-in-laws and Oma. 
Home brewed beer also brought to the table by the same clever brother. This batch he dedicated to someone special, our dad.
Jamaican Jerk Chicken on the bbq..
A December tradition in our house - the gingerbread house!
Homemade love!
LOVING these white hydrangeas  at the moment. Absolutely loving them!
A storm thrown in too!
Season's Greetings to you all!


  1. you have a holly tree? wow! i've always wanted one, but thought they were not in season now? hmmm, how are they in season here and also in the northern hemisphere? or do they grow year round? yep, i know little of holly trees, aside from the fat that they are
    hope your day was lovely.

  2. Merry Christmas Christine, hope you had a good one!

  3. Thank you for sharing this breath of fresh (and warm) air! Just seeing someone in shorts brings a smile to my face right now...I need to bundle into a down coat and gloves just to dash out for morning chores! :)

    Looks like you had a wonderful day, all around. Well done, "clever brother" - how lovely to provide a custom-brew with which to raise a glass to your Dad.

  4. What a beautiful day! Many blessings to you and yours and a toast to your lovely Dad, as he sounded like a really wonderful man - I bet you all miss him terribly :( ((((((((Christine)))))))

  5. You made it, Chris! I hope the day was joyous and peaceful for you all! Lots of love. xx

  6. What a spectacular looking Christmas, such variety in food. Sounds like you have a very clever brother too. Merry Christmas.

  7. Looks like a beautiful day. We had prawn cocktails too!I love the beer - super clever. What a serious storm! We got the hailstorm at my brothers. So strange while it was so hot. Merry Xmas!

  8. Thanks all, it means a lot to me to have you stop by here during this time. Merry Christmas. xx


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