Raspberry Jam & Raspberry Clafoutis

Our raspberry canes are being extremely generous at the moment..would you believe that we are picking 2-3 punnets a day? A day! Added up over a week this is a LOT of berries, for us at least! One day over the weekend I picked close to 500g..I nearly knocked over the whole bowl in surprise once it hit the scales!!

We've been eating them fresh from the garden, picking off the odd grub..I'd much rather a grub on my berries and know they're organic than buying overpriced berries from the shop and fearing what they might have been sprayed with. The excess are getting frozen in snap lock bags, which are starting to form quite a collection in the bottom of the freezer!

And so, you know, the time had to come. Sooner or later... it had to be a jam making day. All the more exciting as this is the first batch of jam I've made using our own homegrown fruit! Almost a cause for celebration, wouldn't you say?

The ingredients I used were:

Raspberry Jam:
700g raspberries, a mixture of frozen and fresh
650g sugar
the juice of 1 lemon
200ml homemade pectin stock

The berries were put into my largest, heaviest based pot and allowed to heat over a low flame until the juices were running. While this was happening, the sugar was being warmed in the oven in a stainless steel bowl.

Once the berries were mushy and juicy, the warmed sugar and lemon juice was added to the pot and stirred gently while the sugar dissolved. The pectin stock was then added and the heat increased to bring the mixture to a rolling boil.

After 10 minutes of rapid boiling, the set test was done on a saucer that had been placed in the freezer previously. Not quite there yet..set the timer for 3 minutes and check again. As it turned out, two more 3 minute 'sessions' were needed before a set was reached.

And a set it was! It was the first time I've used homemade pectin and I was just as excited with it as my homegrown berries! It gelled beautifully on the plate and wrinkled when my finger swiped through it. I'll definitely be planning to use up the remainder I have in the pantry!

The 'set' with homemade pectin. Oh my!
The quantities produced two smallish jars for giving, plus a larger jar for home, us, scooping, myself ahem.

Others did get a look in, but I hesitate to confess, I had so many scoops out of that glistening jar they may not have got their fair entitlement!

It's ok..there are loads more berries in the freezer for another batch. 

Raspberry Clafoutis
And while we're still talking raspberries, here's a nice, quick, easy one to whip together if you've got friends coming over for a morning of crafting and you realise during the school rush that you haven't baked anything. Ten minutes maximum preparation and into the oven while you scoot through the shower, you'll be convincing yourself you had it planned this way all along ;)

Raspberry Clafoutis
serves 6-8

500g raspberries, fresh or frozen (no need to thaw)
1/2 cup plain flour
1/3 cup sugar
4 eggs, lightly beaten
1 cup milk
25ml light vegetable oil (or 25g butter, melted..although I refuse to melt this minuscule amount of butter!)

Preheat oven to 180c and grease a 23cm shallow pie dish. Place the raspberries into the dish, spreading them out evenly.

Place the flour and sugar into a bowl and mix to combine. Make a well in the centre and add the eggs, milk and vegetable oil. Whisk well to ensure there are no lumps. Pour the batter over the berries and bake for 30-35 minutes, until puffy and golden.

Serve warm or cool, dusted with icing sugar and a serve of cream if you have it. If not, don't worry, it's fine on it's own.

*Did you know that Clafoutis comes from the French verb Clafir, meaning 'to fill'? Usually made with cherries, it works just as well with other berries such as blackberries, blueberries and here, raspberries.*

What's being baked, or created in your kitchen at the moment? 


  1. Oh get out of town! I made my first clafoutis today :-) A peach and almond one though.... actually I'm due for a big wedge of it right now.
    Enjoy those raspberries Christine.

  2. O I wish I wish... we would love raspberries but I don't think we live in an area cold enough to get them to grow well... sigh...

  3. now that is a coup having not only your own raspberries but enough for that amazing looking jam and the equally sublime clafoutis..congratulations..

  4. Hi Christine, I have only recently found your blog and I really enjoy reading about what's happening at your place. I think it has been a really good year for raspberries, I have a patch here and have been weighing as we pick and so far have harvested 5.5 kgs!!! And the canes for next year look huge! I have made one batch of jam too, delicious, but I have a couple of raspberry gluttons in our family so the rest have been eaten fresh, very luxurious.
    Have a great week... Julie:)

  5. Looks so fantastic! I'm drooling at the thought of fresh-off-the-cane raspberries, and then those pictures too... Yum! I'm going have to figure out where I can squeeze some in my backyard.

  6. Chris, those jars are glowing! How wonderful to make it with homegrown raspberries - we've been making berry jam too, but it's with frozen berries. Isn't the homemade pectin stock just the best thing? Ours is setting magnificently this year, I think we had a good batch made in March! :)

  7. cupcakes, and cupcakes and more cupcakes....school picnics , play group shared lunch, kindergym break up...Im all cupcaked out.
    I'd love some of those raspberries...!

  8. I'm curious: what factors do you think have contributed to your astonishing, envy-producing bumper crop of raspberries?

    As for me, I've been busily baking bread. Rosemary focaccia is my usual standby.

  9. Well, I've had the oven going with cookie sheets of acorns, pinecones, and seed pods. I've mailed these off to my sister to use in her craft projects. Didn't want to introduce some odd species that might accidently germinate or any little wormie munchers, so they got baked.

    Yours looks better. I can almost smell it.

    brenda from arkansas

  10. Raspberries are my all time favourite! Well done! How many canes did you start with to produce this wonderful bounty? Love your blog.

  11. I just ran across your blog this evening and your Raspberry Clafoutis looks great! This is a for sure recipe for this weekend, thanks a lot!

  12. Oh my, that looks amazing! We are just starting to get ripe raspberries now...

  13. Oh Yum! That Clafoutis sounds so easy! Last year I did really well with raspberries but this year the rosellas keep eating them. IF I can pick enough before the birds I want to try and make it. Love your jam and please post about your homemade pectin.

  14. Homerown rapsberries, of course something to be cheery about. Raspberry jam is excellent, but i am thrilled by your Raspberry Clafoutis. Its often made with cherries, that are expensive or hard to grow in the U.k, so i am so liking the raspberry repacement, duh why had I not thought of this before. Lovely, could do with a slice right now, it would be a good change from all the choc baking I've been doing.

  15. I am green green green with raspberry envy right now. How lovely for you and your family.

  16. Oh YUMMY! I am appreciating the summer raspberries in my freezer in the dead of winter!!! Looks lovely :)

  17. I did do a quick search on your blog but didn't find it. How did you make your homemade pectin stock? The jam & clafoutis look delicious.

  18. Just picked a stack more raspberries, they're so hard to keep up with!!! Thanks again for a lovely morning and teaching me how to be a hooker : ) I'm definitely trying out that recipe, delicious

  19. Ohhhh yummmmmmmm. Talk about raspberry envy.....I found my first buds yesterday in my raspberries........but only one cluster so far.....bring on the sunshine.

  20. Peach and almond clafoutis sounds aboslutley delish, Brydie!

    Perhaps a sheltered, cooler spot in the garden, Lilian? They are sooo tasty straight from the garden.

    It was a huge achievement, Jane! A long wait, let me tell you. :)

    Fantastic, Julie. I can tell you know what I'm on about! Enjoy those berries of yours.

    Absolutely, Jen. They're a bit 'weedy', but so worth it. The tastiest kind of weed in my opinion!

    Loving the pectin stock, Celia. Another batch of jam today..apricot. It just sets so beautifully! Thanks again for your tutorial. :)

    Sounds hectic but fun, Suzanne! Cupcakes are always sure to please small people, aren't they!

    hmmm, let's see, Emily. First, I think it was the abundant rain we had this winter/spring that caused the canes to just shoot out with flowers. Second, they had a really good pruning in winter, removing all dead wood and limiting each bundle to a max of 6 canes and third....maybe because this is their third year in the ground..the first year with a generous harvest? Who knows, really, but it's fun to speculate! Focaccia..I could really go a piece right now! ;)

    Brenda, your house must smell divine with baking pine cones! I did that once for the youngest's cub activity, like a real live pine forest in your kitchen!

    Gosh, nannyjo, I think I started with eight canes, this was increased to another eight..then I started digging up the suckers, so probably another 16..so I'm guessing now, 32 bundles of around 6 canes each? Plenty, anyway!

    You're welcome, Kim. Enjoy :)

    What fun, dixiebelle!

    Ahhh, pesky birds, Linda! Pectin link is in latest post..it's a sure winner for jam making!

    Wonderful, Shaheen, it's great to use up other fruit that's abundant at the time. If we had cherries we'd use those, but we don't, so raspberries it is!

    They're good, Fiona. Really good, I feel so lucky to have them when I see them in the shops charging a fortune for a tiny punnet.

    Clever girl, Sherri! I hope we'll have some left to do the same in winter!

    The pectin stock was made herehttp://slowlivingessentials.blogspot.com/2010/06/apple-icious.html, anonymous.

    You're a natural hooker, Kirst!

    So exciting, Narelle! Hoping you get a handsome harvest..

  21. So when did you start growing raspberries? I've ordered 10 canes for my backyard. Trying to figure out how much of a crop I will get.


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