Gone Elvin'

El-vin/g: (verb) Not uncommon behaviour surfacing this time of year in which people spend a considerable amount of their time putting together parcels of homemade goodness for others. 

Happy elving out there! I'm looking forward to catching up on your blogs over the coming days..

**P.S. There were a few questions/comments in my last post about the homemade pectin stock I was using in homemade jam. The pectin stock was made the first time here following these directions from Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial. We wouldn't be without it. **


  1. They all look so good! I'd sworn off labels but I'm going to have to reconsider- yours look beautiful Christine. Lucky people all receiving your goodies this year.
    Happy Elvin'!

  2. loving my elf gifts, thankyou so much Christine, they all look so professional, you could open a shop!

  3. LOVE this...had never heard the expression "elving." soo gonna have to remember that! ;)

  4. I made my first jam a couple of days ago. I now call it Strawberry Syrup. That pectin thing is a good idea!

  5. They look beautiful Christine, lucky recipients!

  6. Wow! Gorgeous! Those presents look fantastic, what a great job!

  7. everything looks so beautiful christine..i'm envious of the lucky recipients..

  8. I;m sure the contents are superb, but the presentation is great. Makes all the difference...lucky receivers!

  9. So beautiful!!!!!! Gorgeous presentation - so professional and so thoughtful - what lucky people to receive those handmade lovelies :)

  10. Brydie, the labels were printed out of necessity - my handwriting is atrocious!

    Thanks dixiebelle and Kirsty!

    It's a funny one, isn't it Dmarie!

    Yep, Frogdancer, syrup is a place I have been at several times! It's ok to tip it all back in the pot and add some pectin to re-boil it. Quite ok!

    Thankyou, Sonya, Linda and Jane, you're very kind.

    Wrapping is always my favourite part, Alison. I don't know why!

    Aww, you are too sweet, Sherri, thankyou. xx

  11. Ooooooh, it all looks gorgeous. Love the soaps and the marmalade!:-)

  12. What wonderful presentation. I love the name of the 'sunshine' soap.Do you have a special soap mould for those soaps ?
    Thanks for all your blogging this year, I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts and all your inspiring ideas.
    Merry Christmas, Kimxxx

  13. Happy Elving, and thanks for the linky, Christine! Everything looks wonderful! Have a wonderful Christmas! xx

  14. Thanks, Faeryfay, you are too kind :)

    No, no soap mould, Kim. Just an old plastic container that I line with plastic wrap. It sets the soap in a big brick, which is then cut up after it has set. Merry Christmas to you too, you know how much I've enjoyed reading your blog. ;) xx

    Likewise, Celia. I hope you have a wonderful day with good food, good company and laughter. xx


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