Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Festive Wishing Tree

The youngest tween was home with a cough and sniffle yesterday. It's hard to know if it was hayfever, a cold, or an evil combination of both. My hayfever was out of this world yesterday, even the local honey we've been swearing by made little impact. The poor thing if she felt anything like I did. To cheer her up a little we spent the morning checking the hens, watering the fruit trees and making scones. While the scones were cooling, we took a walk outside and gathered some twigs to fulfill an idea that had been floating around in my head for a few days...

A Festive Wishing Tree:

A festive twig tree is not a new idea. However, I believe ours is one with a twist for which I can't take any of the credit for.

Last week at our school fete, my good friend Kirsty was inspired to create a 'Wishing Tree' in the veggie patch of the school. The idea being that kids can come along, write their wish on a strip of fabric and tie it to the tree. It looks fabulous with all it's fabric strips blowing in the wind and reading the wishes is so much fun!

Of course there are the usual materialistic type yearnings, but some of the wishes surprised me..emotional type wishes from small kids are just so touching. I decided we just had to have something similar at home, preferably something that could sit on the table and be a festive decoration!

Ornaments will be added to the tree over the next week or so, as they are found or made by small people. What I'm most interested in seeing though are their wishes. A unique insight into their little brains..when was the last time you asked a small person in your life what they really wanted? What would make them the happiest kid in town? (Superficial consumerism type wishes aside).

I was so pleased when the small, coughing one wrote up her first wish with no prompting from me, without a toy or gadget request in sight!

The first wish:
{I wish I don't have my cold on Christmas.}

Aww, how sweet. I bet they aren't all like this. But I'm hoping at least some of the wishes from the  tweens will be insightful into what's ticking through their little minds...

For more festive twiggy tree inspiration, take a look at dixiebelle's and ivynest's lovely creations.

(Add a link to your blog in the comments section if you've gone 'twiggy' this year and I'll include it here).

Here's Brydie's at cityhippyfarmgirl
..and Kirsty's at Bowerbird Blue
and veggiegobbler's who appears to have been onto this idea all along! Clever cookie.


  1. This is a really cute idea ;) :) It's always interesting to read what the littles are thinking, too :) :) Have a great day :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  2. What a lovely idea. Hay fever is a horrible thing. I've been featuring people's Christmas trees made from fallen branches every friday in December. I'd love you to include your wishing tree.

  3. great idea..... I have also been inspired to be creatrive and festive in my vege patch and am always so thrilled to be out there...... you have been an inspiration to me for some time now.... keep up the good wokr

  4. Thanks Christine.... i think you have just given me my 'story-writing ' idea for Christmas at the little school I am teaching at on Monday. Here i was trying to think of a magical christmas writing activity and there you were thinking of it for me. Such a lovely idea.

  5. What a lovely idea, Christine! I think I just may steal it... :)

  6. That is a lovely idea and I hope your girl doesn't have a cold for Christmas either. Poor both of you!
    I've got festive twiggy action this year and am loving it. (Post not up yet though.)

  7. Tell me about it, Heather! Hope your weekend was a good one. :)

    Of course, veggiegobbler - I'd be honoured! Thankyou. :)

    Thanks, Amanda, you are so very kind.

    Oh, great, Kim! I love it when something falls into place like that. Have fun tomorrow. :)

    Be my guest, Sherri. ;)

    Thanks, floweringmama. x

    Aww, Brydie, you're too sweet! Excellent news on the twiggy front, I'll be keeping an eye out for it!

  8. We just made our twiggy tree tonight - they're so pretty!!! I like the idea of adding wishes and ornaments - very sweet. OOOh I'll have to have a good sticky beak at those school wishes - hope they last the summer.

  9. It will be lovely to see what the kids really want.

  10. Dear Christine,
    I know you posted about making cream cheese a long time back ut I came across that article last friday while going through your lovely blog. And I made cream cheese this weekend! I made yoghurt, again your recipe, from 1L of (powdered) milkand next day I started the straining process. and today we had lovely, thick cream cheese on crackers with a tomato slice, for breakfast! It was so amazing!200g of Philadelphia cheese is about USD 7.5 in my country (Sri Lanka) and I just cannot make myself buy some from my hard earned cash. So Thank you so much Christine for a lovely and affordable cream cheese recipe.1L of yoghurt yielded 300g of cream cheese. I'm off to make a cheese cake!

  11. dear christine,
    what a lovely idea.!!!!!
    have a nice week,
    love regina


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