Breathing the moment

Breathing it in. 

Breathing through it. 

Breathing to get past it.

The daughter who is growing up way too fast, before our very eyes.

Choked up. 

Farewells to people who have made a positive impact, both to myself and my daughters.

Teared up.

Rapidly approaching our first Christmas without my dad. 

A blubbering mess.


Soon it will be here, soon it will be over.

Just breathe.

Not the cheeriest of holiday posts I know but it's how I'm feeling, right now.

I hope you have a happy and safe holiday and manage to breathe your way through those moments that seem to test us, whatever they happen to be.

Hugs to you, dear friends and thankyou for all your support this year. I look forward to writing a super happy post with glimpses of our festive happenings next time, it's a promise. xxx


  1. A first Christmas without your father is hard...I have done it..and every year after there seems to be something missing...wishing you the peace you need to get through with your family...those that have gone are never far away, because they are so imbedded in your heart.x

  2. All the best for this holiday season Christine. I hope the moments of joy outweigh the sadness for you.

  3. dear christine,
    i am so sad for your lost.a first christmas without your father,grandpa is hard.
    i wish you a peacefull christmas with your family,
    love and many hugs,

  4. Christine, many thanks for your honesty. Wishing you all the best this season. And, despite your father's passing, may you continue to feel his love all around you.

  5. Hi Christine, A big hug from me. I will be thinking of you this Christmas. Thanks for some perspective - I've been feeling sorry for myself because of the Christmas stress! When I lost my sister, Christmas was really tough and there is still a huge gap eight years on. But the upside is being together with those that we love at a time when we need comfort. Wishing you all that is good! x x x

  6. Cherish what snippets of joy that you can, and hold onto them for dear life. May the New Year begin on a better note.

    Love from Cheryl

  7. Happy Holidays! Many NEW fond memories to create and so many lovely old ones to share with your children. Life is beautiful like that.

  8. Merry Christmas Chris. In your breathing you may feel your Dad with you, I know do mine.

  9. Sending a huge hug to you gorgeous lady. Keep breathing...
    There is no hurry with that super happy post, it comes when it's meant to.
    Brydie xxxx

    "Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence..."

  10. A big year of change Christine, you must really be missing that dad right now, you do as many sad posts as you like. Breathe is such a perfect response.


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