This week..

1. Homemade chocolate donuts baked and decorated by the 10yo
2. Friday veggie group kindly 'yanked' my seeding greenhouse plants. Thank goodness too, because it
    cleared the space to put in some tomatoes!
3. The orange tree is in blossom and it smells D.I.V.I.N.E.
4. Ever generous calendulas still being picked and air dried
5. The latest crochet project..for someone very small
6. A power blackout evening
7. Poppies are here..
8. ..with the gorgeous double purple variety being my favourite!
9. Wrapped in Love, a very special quilt made by Oma for the 10yo. Thankyou Oma. xx


  1. The choccie donuts look good. What recipe do you use, and do you use some kind of special donut maker? x

  2. Wow! What a wonderful week! Thanks for the purple quilt under the purple poppies.

  3. Ravishing! Everything is just ravishing!!!!! :)

  4. mmmmm, donuts! Sorry I went a bit homer simpson for a moment there, but they look soooo good.
    Do you think your little one could do a guest post for you on making them....I have never tried making these.They just look so yummy!

  5. Love your photos. Looks like a lovely week. xxoo

  6. Oma that is a stunning quilt.

  7. What a lovely week you have had:0) I do like the purple poppy and that quilt is just gorgeous.

  8. Oh, I love your life! Your photos are awesome, Christine, it makes me happy when I read your blog posts like this... thank you!

  9. Just love the look of those donuts. And your images are lovely too.

  10. yum donuts!!!!! I love the quilt Christine and the flowers are so pretty. What a lovely week.

  11. What a lovely blog post, great photos!

  12. Absolutely lovely pics. Love the mauve theme and what a gorgeous quilt. Those chocolate donuts look absolutely delicious. I've never made donuts and we actually don't have a donut shop in town - can you believe it? Quite envious of that enormous greenhouse. Hope you've had a great weekend xo

  13. Hi Zara, it's a very simple 'muffin' type recipe and the donuts are cooked in something similar to a waffle iron..although 'holey' shaped!

    Ah, thanks Hazel. The poppies and quilt do go well together.

    Thanks Orkneyflowers and Sherri!

    Hmmm, guest post you say? We'll see, Kim! ;)

    Thanks, Julie. :)

    Oma will really appreciate that, Rose. She has only just started quilting and patchwork this year! Amazing, isn't it!

    Thanks, Debbie, those purple poppies are unlike anything I've ever seen before.

    Thanks dixiebelle, there sure is a lot of other stuff going on at the moment but it's nice to take a moment to focus on the warm fuzzies. x

    Thanks hotly spiced, Sue and Busy Mum, those donuts didn't last long.. perhaps another batch is in order? I hope you're week was a good one, too.

    Not having a donut shop in town could actually be a very good thing, Tania!;) Although our local one also stocks fresh smoothies and ice-creams, so the bought donuts rarely get a look in anyway. The greenhouse is very handy although I wish it got a little bit more sun. Hopefully that birthday party of your boy's all went smoothly for you. :)

  14. Beautiful! What a great week you've had! xx

  15. That grasshopper looking bug is a cicada an no they don't eat bugs just every leaf they can find. We were infested with them 2 years ago. I'm told they are a 7 yr bug that lays its eggs in the ground and what comes from it is that awful bug that nothing kills !!! Good luck with them...


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