Sunday, cloudy and warm

Hello! Have you had a good Sunday?

It was cloudy and warm here today..just right for being outside and not getting sunburnt to smithereens!

I've been on a bit of a sewing binge lately and thought I'd share a few pictures..

First up were a few new pattern purchases that I just couldn't resist. Talking with a friend last week about spending 'leaks'..those little outlets in one's life where unnecessary items creep in and money goes out. Hers happen to be cooking magazines. Mine lately have definitely been sewing patterns. I have another frocky one in the stack but will wait until I've finished it before sharing.

I think spending leaks, within reason, are actually ok. We all need a treat now and then! Life would be very miserable indeed if we denied ourselves those certain things that gave us pleasure all for the sake of being ultra-frugal!!

Gauchos made in drill with Kwik Sew 3433:

Are these not the comfiest pants ever to be worn? I can't wait to put them through their paces in the garden!

And a flowery, springy frock in Japanese lawn from New Look 6022:

It was a little on the 'sacky' side and a few minor alterations had to be done (and re-done..etc!). The sack-factor is still being pondered over..but to be honest, I'm over it!! It is how it is. I do happen to really like the elastic at the's makes it extremely comfortable!

The 10yo has been reading a papercraft book she received for her birthday recently. One of the projects that caught her eye was potato stamping, which she tackled on her own - including the cutting of the spud!

"Watch your fingers!!"  I screeched as I quickly hurried past, so that she could be left to attempt it with her full concentration.

A trip to the market yielded a jar of honey with a portion of the comb inside. A great novelty for the kids - the youngest LOVES it!

My reason for buying loads of honey recently is not that it tastes delicious and that I'm supporting local apiarists, but that it's fantastic for preventing hay fever allergies! Yes?

The eucalyptus infused oil from a few posts ago was turned into a batch of soap...

I'm thinking of it as 'Gardener's  Hand Soap'. 

It's pretty strong on the scent as in addition to the aromatic infused oil, a hefty amount of eucalyptus essential oil was also added. The brown dots are poppy seeds which I've heard make a good exfoliating ingredient...we'll have to see! 

Sunday, cloudy and warm, was a good day to meet with fellow vegie groupies up the top of our local mountain (after some had hiked up, hiked I say!), for a picnic/bbq.

With a little flower chain action too, of course!


  1. oh I recognise those fabrics on your picnic blanket Christine, it looks suprisingly like mine!!!! Love your clothes, I've been thinking a lot about making myself some summer clothes also.

  2. Wow those shorts look great what a bust bee you have been.

  3. Love the gauchos! I lived in a pair all summer and they are just right for the garden. Good coverage, but cooler than pants and so easy to bend and contort oneself while weeding, picking, seeding and digging... cute dress, too - not sackish - it's stylish!!! :) So busy - love the soap, it looks like it smells heavenly... Well done, Christine!

  4. hello christine
    love the gauchos and the dress!!!!!!the dress is absolutley god you was very busy!!!!
    have a nice week,
    love regina

  5. Oh, I love the soap!!! Also think you are pretty clever with your sewing. I have got to get the time and courage to get my machine out and have a go.

  6. I love both items you sewed Christine. The dress is so cute! That's interesting information about the honey. I didn't know it helped with hayfever but it's no surprise. Honey is magic stuff. This is my second year of beekeeping and I can't believe nature provides anything as wonderful as honey! I'm off to the hive today so, by this afternoon, my kitchen will be strongly honey-scented.

  7. There's no sack factor the dress looks great, as do the gauchos!
    I made a pair of gauchos for Little Monkey last weekend. He took one look at them and went running down the hall, "Noooooo!" Excellent.

  8. Hey, Christine! Love your pants---really cute! I made myself a few pairs last year and I love them, only now I need to lose a few or they won't fit next year!

    I love the idea of infusing oil with herbs for your soap. I need to try that, because it seems that every time I use essential oils in my soap, it never comes out smelling like the oil, so it goes to waste. I'd love to try with mint or basil perhaps, since i'll have a lot of that. Great job, it's beautiful!

  9. have been busy..the dress is gorgeous and you look great in it..

  10. The pants look very comfy and the dress is not sack like at all. I really liked how it turned out. You are most clever to be making that soap too. Sounds lovely with the addition of poppy seeds. Lovely post!

  11. Chris I'm no sewer but your dress looks very nice to me, not sacky at all. Love the pants -- gauchos, what an interesting word.

  12. Haha, Sue, yes, similar blankets we have! Thanks again for that motivation..we use it all the time!

    Thanks, Fiona - Spring does seem to be the season for busy bees. :)

    Exactly, Little Home!! You summed it up perfectly, a woman who knows the gaucho appeal!!

    Thanks, Regina, sometimes a little sewing is just what is needed. Have a great week too. :)

    Having somewhere that the machine can stay out really helps, Kim. Although we are in the process of moving the sewing/craft room and re-shuffling bedrooms so not sure if any more action will happen for a while! Pull it out...go on!!

    Ahh! How did I not know you kept bees, Linda? This is fantastic, I'll be pestering you with all of my bee-ey questions from now on! How wonderful to be able to harvest your very own honey!!

    haha, poor little monkeys, Brydie. I hope they won't be scarred by the event. What is it with gauchos.. you either love'em or hate'em!

    They're so comfy, aren't they, lethismindbewinyou! I know what you mean about the scent in the soap.. mine often fades too quickly. I think we may need to investigate into using a 'fixative' of some sort..?

    Aw, thanks Jane, you are very kind. :)

    Tania, thankyou. The soap is not all that hard to make, just a little concentration and a kid-free zone for a couple of hours. I'm sure you would have loads of fun with it. Rhonda has a great tutorial that really helped me out when I first gave it a go. :)

    Yes, Gauchos, Rose! A very strange word..South American I think..after the cowboys baggy pants? I think different people pronounce it differently too, which adds to the appeal. :)

  13. I love the dress, not sacky, spunky! Look forward to seeing you rocking that one. The pants look great - remind me of fisherman pants - speaking of which they would be super easy to make. Especially love the soap with home made essential oil! That blanket is ace - there was a lot of blanket love going on on Sunday. Thanks for coming on the walk tonight.

  14. Christine, what lovely clothes you've made! I agree with the other readers -- the dress isn't sacky at all, it's vintage-y and sweet. You could even throw it over skinny jeans for another look. Too cute.

  15. Gorgeous, Chris. I love the gauchos, and I think the dress is just perfect as it is. Thanks for the tip about honey - I'm going to put Pete onto it, as he's suffering badly at the moment from hayfever!

  16. Kirsty, we are seriously going to have to sit you down one day soon and get you making a batch of soap! You would love it, I'm sure. I had a lovely time on the walk..perfect weather and time of day (and guide!). Kids had a ball, thankyou! :)

    Aw, EK, now you're too kind! Skinny jeans could definitely be the go. A multi-season dress, who knew?! :)

    Thanks, Celia, I hope the honey works for Pete. It may be a certain amount of mind over matter, but I do notice a definite improvement! Remember it needs to be local to your area to have the right (pollen? anti-histamine?) effect. Good luck! :)

  17. Oh does it? Bugger, we don't really have any local honey in the inner city. I might try the organic honey from Tassie anyway - Pete's allergic to some fairly generic plants. Thanks Chris!


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