Substantial raspberries?

I had a conversation with a friend a few weeks ago where we were commenting on the likelihood of a reasonable raspberry harvest this year. This particular friend I remember, came to a summer party a couple of years ago bearing a huge bowl of her homegrown raspberries with another bowl of softly whipped cream alongside her harvest offering. I'll never forget the simple delight I experienced that day by indulging in some of her delicious homegrown berries and cream and wished (andwishedandwished!) that some day, I might hopefully grow some juicy, sweet raspberries all of my own, just like hers.

While maybe not quite the volume she had that summer, I do feel comfortable in saying that we have raspberries! More than just pickings too, if I may I add. Would I even dare to say..substantial raspberries?

Why yes, I think I would!

The berry canes which are a mixture of thorny and thornless,  line a 'walk' alongside our chook pen. Note that lately the 'walk' has become more of a garden scramble as one attempts to make their way through the rampant growth without getting hooked, prickled or stung by a bee along the way. How I wish we had some girls in the pen now so I could watch them eye off a ripe, tasty morsel as they move in for a peck..

A punnet or two picked each day equals substantial raspberries in my opinion. Substantial, yes I do like the sound of this!

So, my question to you today is...What is your favourite way to eat fresh, ripe raspberries? 

I'm tempted to try some cordial this year but am open to all suggestions and am easily swayed!

I would love to hear what your favourite raspberry delights are...


  1. Homemade raspberry cordial, wouldnt that be just beautiful...your raspberries look gorgeous, I would be thrilled to bits if I was you!

  2. when you pop one in your mouth there worth all that taming - pure summer delight! I love raspberry jam and raspberry muffins. Looking forward to freezing some of the harvest too. Ours are so out of control this year - I like your growing method.

  3. How gorgeous are those photos?! Congrats on your raspberry crop!

    Like you, I'm partial to raspberries and cream, but I also enjoy raspberry vinegar.

    In any event, enjoy!

  4. Looks wonderful! My boys favorite way to eat raspberries to pretend they are little cups and pour a few drops of cream into them. Then pop them into their mouths. So delightful! (And so very cute to see a 12 year old being so careful)

  5. If my Pete could have fresh raspberries growing in our yard, he would be the happiest man in the world. He adores them! Your harvest is indeed substantial, a punnet or two a day is amazing - they retail for up to $9/punnet here! Will you be freezing your excess? Or just scoffing them as quickly as you can? :)

  6. on top of a white chocolate cheesecake(i'm going to make it for xmas this year)yummy..cordial does sound nice

  7. Oh yum, now there is a bit of inspiration for me, although I need to find out if we can grow raspberries in Northern NSW, I suspect not. I do have a blackberry bush, which I have not long planted, I picked a few berries off it yesterday, but I will have to wait until next summer for a decent crop. As for recipes, I have none, but berry fruit salad sounds good to me.

  8. I like to eat them straight off the bush and they are the closest fruit to tasting like lollies! Christine , do you cut back your canes every year or every couple of years. This will be our first season with them and they are so small, I was wondering should I leave them another year once they die back.

  9. raspberry vinegar - it's so easy to make, divine on salads and keeps really well

    @Kim we cut ours back to ground level every year - I know with late harvest ones you're not technically supposed to, but we have never been short of raspberries in the 4 years we've been growing them. We have early, mid and late ripening varieties

  10. I like them fresh but as raspberries can be frozen whole or made into a puree you can freeze there's always the thought of raspberry sauce over a steamed pudding in Winter.

  11. Eat them fresh until you can't eat anymore LOL.
    No, honestly pick over any not being eaten that same day, don't wash them and freeze for later.OR Famous Berry Icecream. 600g berries.300ml thickened cream.1cup greek yogurt.1tsp vanilla.1/2cup castor sugar.Method-whip cream,vanilla & sugar. Add yogurt. Seperately blend berries and put thru a sieve(get rid of pips).Add everything together &freeze.3-4hrs later remove from freezer and beat for smooth effect. You'll never eat anything else :)Beware of husbands to close to freezer with a spoon. LOL. Enjoy, Jude

  12. What a thrill Chris! I totally recommend eating them fresh with a smidgen of tart yoghurt on the side.

  13. Our raspberries haven't ripened yet, but we're hoeing into our first boysenberries. Mmmmm...

  14. With chocolate deserts mmmm raspberry coulis. You should be very proud that is a great looking harvest.

  15. I'm also wondering if I should cut back the canes, or leave them for another year...but either way, when I do cut them back, I will be potting up the cuttings to make more plants.....I love my tiny berry patch...and if this is what I am working towards, then I am a happy gal. Thanks for showing us your patch. Now I'm drooling, and waiting for my berries to ripen..I missed the last ones, the birds got them instead...I just knew I should have picked them that afternoon instead of leaving them another day.

  16. Like Celia said, $9 a punnet in these parts. That's 150g! So what you are getting is gold, pure gold. I love them, but very rarely justify buying them at that price, but if I did.... raspberry cordial yes indeedy, raspberry and chocolate brownie- I'm still playing with that one. Raspeberry sorbet? Raspberry vodka? Raspberry jam with obligatory scones... Raspeberry and white chocolate cheesecake has been on my to-do list too!
    Go forth and raspberry :-)

  17. Mmmm raspberries.....white chocolate and raspberry friands in my house!

  18. My son's favourite way to eat them is straight off the bush. Literally! You pull the cane to your mouth and eat the raspberry off it!!!

    I also make wholemeal muffins with raspberries and white chocolate at this time of year.

    And yes, a punnet a day IS substantial. Well done!

  19. I rarely get to taste them! The little Miss (about to turn 2) stalks the canes daily and gobbles up any that are even remotely ripe! Hopefully in the next couple of years we will get enough to share.

  20. I wish, I wish, and I wish for some home-grown berries of any variety! I am planning to find a spot in the garden to plant some for next year!
    My favourite way to eat fresh, ripe berries would be any and every way especially if you have a substantial daily amount to pick and eat, or preserve, or cook, or freeze.....yum-o

  21. Wow, you have so many already! We are *fingers crossed* going to have way more than last year, judging by the amount of baby berries growing and the rain we've had... so excited.

    Of course I love them straight off the bush, but I love being able to throw a handful into chocolate cake... it's a nice surprise to find in your cake!!

  22. Thrilled is exactly what I am, Suzanne, thanks!

    Kirsty, the chicken wire helps keep them vertical, the side where the fence is only waist height they are all toppling over..maybe a trellis is in order here.

    I've never made raspberry vinegar, Finicky Farmer..,must get out the preserving book for a little further investigation ;)

    Ha, I LOVE this image, becomingwendy! That is just so, so sweet!!

    $9 a punnet, Celia?? Sheesh! I thought ours were expensive at $6 a punnet. There is no comparison with picking them from your own backyard though..even with the odd grub in there. I've started freezing the excess today..

    Oh YES, joyfulhomemaker - white chocolate cheesecake sounds DIVINE!! I think I might have to add this to the Christmas lunch menu too! ;)

    Hmmm, I'm not sure if it would get cold enough in northern NSW, busy mum of 3. I hope you do get good berries anyhow..try a coolish spot in the garden protected from the hot afternoon sun and wind?

    Yep, it's hard to beat them straight of the canes, Kim. This is about the third or fourth year they have been in and I have been cutting the old canes out each winter, leaving the new canes to fruit the following summer. It all sounds so confusing to start with but once you've done it a few times there's nothing to it. :)

    Raspberry vinegar..again. I think I'll have to give it a go, thanks Margo!

    Mmm, it all sounds delicious, Robyn. I've just started freezing them today...

    Wow, that sounds amazing and so easy to prepare, Jude! THanks!!

    Yep, gotta have the homemade yoghurt on standby at such times, Rose. ;)

    Ahh, bosyenberries, wonderful!

    My favourite way, too Becky! Nothing like it.

    Thanks Fiona, raspberry coulis is a favourite of mine. :)

    Narelle, they are so generous they keep sending up suckers so potting up any extra plants shouldn't be a problem for you. I even had to run the lawnmower over a patch the other week because they just keep careful! Pesky birds!!

    Ahhhh, I'm slobering all over the place after reading your ideas, Bryds. Delicious, ALL of them!! Vodka? I'm game.. ;)

    YES! I made some friands yesterday, Trey! Fabulous but it was very hard to stop eating them. :)

    Ha, that is so cute, Linda. Your boy is very sweet.

    Agh! I can't get over how small people eat them when they aren't ripe, anonymous! Their palates have no fear. Fingers crossed for sizeable raspberry offerings for you in the future. :)

    Sharon, do you live near any wild blackberries? That's how I used to get my fix before our canes were up and running...just be careful that they haven't been sprayed before you pick.

    The rain does is dixiebelle. Your crop sounds very exciting - waiting is the hardest part! Hidden surprises in chocolate cakes? I do like the sound of this! :)

  23. We LOVE fresh raspberries slathered on top of a thick slab of angel food cake that is generously iced in lightly sweetened real whipped cream :) I also make a sauce to go with it (essentially raspberries and sugar cooked down a bit). Hands down a favourite around here!

  24. Hands down sounds deee-licious, Sherri!

  25. I will sacrifice my crop of raspberries to my chickens, as I have planted my canes in their enclosure to provide shelter and fruit treats for them in the summer...which seems an awfully long way off here in the UK! I have high hopes for them though, despite them being dirty sticks at the moment.

    Your blog is great; I really enjoy reading it. Thank you :-)

  26. I like mine the vegetarian way, that is, fresh fromthe bush, picked on the sunny side and no juicy wurms please;-).

  27. Thanks for stopping by, Jennifer. You are one amazing chook owner to give up your crop of rasberries for them!

    Ha, Anonymous, that made me laugh! Thanks :)


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