Senses plus three

Touching: soft merino 4 ply, the youngest's hair, cherry leaves to check for aphids, emerging seedlings, damp earth and leaky hoses, goat bellies for barrel hugs.

Smelling: eucalyptus soap as it cures, beeswax from a thoughtful friend, a hearty stew pie base, lavender oil.

Tasting: sweet local honey to keep hayfever at bay (hubby is a convert now too!),  Jamie's steak and Guinness pie that took 3 hours to cook, soy milk, juicy mangoes, local strawberries, garlic 'scapes', warm date scones, sweet apricots.

Seeing: lemon and white yarn together  (it reminds me of a gelati!), rain fall, grass growing, ducks dabbling in puddles, spring growth, a goat trimmed willow tree, an empty chook pen, first raspberries ripening.

Hearing: pobblebonk frogs as they call for mates, frequent gunshots which are unnerving, talkative goats, chainsaws, swamp hens calling, kids arguing - sometimes laughing, thunder, ducks being...well ducks.

Feeling: slightly nervous and jittery for no apparent reason, like I could (should) be a better mother, completely satisfied with the clean piles of clothes this week, revitalised (and a touch exhausted), as I make an effort to start jogging, concerned when I think of the eldest going to secondary school next year,  sad and reflective as I think of my dad and feel his absence, encouraged when I look at the garden and see it's growth - comforted as I surround myself in it.

Yearning: to have chooks here again, to have the bedrooms re-organised and de-cluttered,  to make that dress that's been on hold for weeks,to have a tidy car, to have 10 more weeks before Christmas, to keep our kids young for just a little bit longer, to be a better mother.

Loving: watching the middle one sit at the table crafting felt puppets, hanging out the washing, stroking our ancient cat, seeing the goats stay in their paddock after a day of tethering (success!), creating something special for someone else, having a clean fridge, watching the tweens when they are all happy, helping someone I've never met before.


  1. A beautiful list - thank you :)

  2. Ancient cats are my favourite.

  3. Goosebumps! Beautiful post and so heart felt... Hugs,


  4. Darling, beautiful post, but you are the only person I know who loves hanging out the washing! :)

    For what it's worth, you're a wonderful mother, secondary school will be a fantastic experience for all your girls, and oh, how I wish you could have chooks again too! xxx

  5. Beautiful post, very heart warming.
    But is there "something in the air" at the moment? I've spent the last week questioning my abilities as a mother too, feeling guilty for not doing more with the children. Philosophically I know I'm a good mum, but deep down I sense there's more I can do/give. I'm questioning whether striving to live this simple life is interfering with time I would otherwise have with the children???

  6. Oh what a lovely post. And to think the people at the school gate who shake their head at what we do , couldn't imagine the sensory delights of being self sufficient and in touch with family life!
    Don't worry about highschool. I went through this too, but they just get to the age where they are ready , though it is hard to imagine it. My daughter started this year and she is ever so happy and is thriving on all the subject choices.
    We all go through 'the mum thing' ...but I think the thing to remember is that if we are worrying about 'being a good mum' ..then we are already because it is always in our consciousness.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. Beautiful thoughts.
    Perhaps you're being a little hard on yourself, I'm guessing you're still in a very emotional state after your Dad's passing.

  8. Aww, Christine, I want to hug you & make you a cuppa... have you tried Rescue Remedy before? Maybe something to help you through this hard & overwhelming time. You are a beautiful person, a wonderful mother, and are doing exactly all the right things... it's natural to question things, to want to improve and that's all good, but please know you are enough for your kids. The life you show us on this blog proves that! It's bittersweet to see them grow up, isn't it, saying goodbye to their girlhood means you can say hello to their young adulthood and all the wonderful things they'll experience and become along the way. But you know all this... sometimes you just get so caught up in everything, and you are grieving also, it seems too much. But in amongst all that, what a wonderful post about the good stuff too... thank you for sharing!

  9. I love hanging out the washing too!
    (It's the bringing it in and the folding that I'm not so enthused about...)

  10. What a beautiful post! I enjoyed every word. I agree with Kim - only good mums worry about being good mums. And even when we do a terrible job (which we all do sometimes)we are still good mums! Good luck with the school transition. Just keep open communication and she'll be fine! I used to take my daughter for regular drives by herself when she was going through anything tough. It's weird but there is something about being alone with you in the car that makes them open up! And yes, I love being at the clothes line. It's meditative.

  11. What a lovely list! I have to say Amen re hanging out the washing.

  12. So beautiful, thank you for the reminder to take time to smell the roses.

    PS there is a PM for you at the DTE Forums if you get a chance to go over there. Thank you,


  13. Holy adorable soap!

    Yet another post that fills one with delight and joy! Thank you, Christine, for this loveliness.

  14. Did you know?... I think you are the bees knees?
    Yep it's true.

  15. Thanks, Shelley.

    Aren't they just, Rose? :)

    It wasn't meant to be so, floweringmama, but I'm pleased you found it so.

    Thanks, Sherri. xx

    Aw, Celia, you are so kind, the washing is purely a selfish satisfaction, admiring the work of the homemade liquid! Chooks...tempted to soon, really tempted but that nasty fox still lurks :(

    So glad you understand where I'm coming from, Busy mum of 3.

    Thanks, Kim, your words are such a comfort. I didn't know you had already embarked upon the secondary school path. It's good to hear your experiences. I know she'll be fine and independent and so on, that's just exactly what saddens me at times. xx

    Perhaps, Lisa. It takes a while, doesn't it?

    You're the second person to mention rescue remedy to me lately, dixiebelle. I must investigate it further. Thankyou so much for your beautiful thoughts.

    Exactly, frogdancer! The putting away is a big event for me! A true achievement!! ;)

    Your words are a true comfort, Linda. I hadn't thought of it that way, thankyou. I remember feeling more comfortable about talking in the car, too. A good tip that I'll remember now.

    Yup, Lisa, as mentioned, it's the bringing in, folding and putting it away that seems to be a common struggle! :)

    Ah, thanks Sue. Tried to respond yesterday but connection was playing up. Happy to help, please use image. :)

    Holy adorable soap? Now that's one I haven't heard before, Finicky Farmer! I'm pleased my ramblings brought you joy. :)

    Aw, YOU are the bees knees, Brydie! Seriously! Thankyou. xx

  16. Those senses sound in overdrive Christine. Such a beautiful post!

  17. Yuh! Best to jot them down and then be able to get back on with things. xx


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