Claiming the space

Our house is in a state of disarray. This is not at all unusual however this week the state of it really does take the cake. A huge room re-shuffle, with more in the pipelines. My tiny little sewing room became a bedroom for the eldest who had been pining for her own space for months (years?) now. It's small but it's all hers. She loves it. This space has well and truly been claimed by her.

But what of the sewing room?

Tweens no longer needing a room designated to toys (did they ever?), were booted out of the playroom which in turn is now morphing into a craft room. With space for them and I to do our crafty thing. Fantasies of me sewing while they craft are filling my head, while in reality I fear snapping at them as they place their gluey creations (un)comfortably too close to my latest, treasured sewing projects.

We'll see.

I'll try and be good and keep some manners about me. It is a shared space after all. Plus it was all my idea. An excellent one in theory, hopefully it will prove to be so in practice too!

The piano needed to be heaved into another position too, with the plan to sell it.

However, we've kind of become accustomed to it in it's new spot and even though it has a few keys that never seem to hold their tune, I'm quite attached to the oversized beast. Can I put up with skirting around it on my way to the kitchen in the long run?

We'll see.

The garage will not go unsorted this time either with this mammoth spring clean. Imagine our delight when we found a forgotten home beer brew kit in the depths of the clutter! It's hubby's favourite (and makes the best steak and  'Guinness' pies)..Munton's Export Stout, made up to 18 litres with a milk stout booster for the yeasties to feed on. It has a handsome kräusen, too! Hubby thinks I like to brew beer so I can go about spouting funny German words such as kräusen!!  I believe it translates to 'frizzy hair' and refers to the foam that collects on top of the brew as it ferments. He may be right.

We love hearing the air lock bubble vigorously! Does anyone know how hard it is to capture the exact moment in a photo as it releases a bubble? Too funny!

Back to the craft room. It's beginning to take shape. My extensive op-shopped sewing books and gifted and thrifted knitting/crochet patterns are filling the shelves. Soap making equipment, herbs drying, soap curing, sewing machines (yes, I confess to having more than one *gulp*),  plugged in and ready for use..I'm Claiming the Space.

{pin cushion made by the 10yo last year for my b'day}
Kids' shelves are happening too, with sorted out supplies..

A designated paper shelf too! This would've been an absolute delight for me as a kid, I hope they love it as much as I anticipate they will.

In the meantime, amidst the chaos and clutter removal, I find precious moments to begin that treasured new sewing project.. so far sans gluey creations nearby..

I hope it will fit!


  1. Hi Christine, What a wonderful space that will be for you and yours. I love the colour of the material! Is it a dress or skirt?

  2. If you are anything like me, these rooms will be different things as the kids grow. We had a "playroom" when they were little , which became a formal 'art space' in an area of the garage etc. It is great to have special spaces for these thing.... I have my study which has my art things , and my writing my teaching stuff.... when it is really tidy, everyone seems to gravitate in there for some quiet time to read or draw etc.. Of course with art materials around, it is only really tidy about 3 times a year!

  3. *sigh*
    My house really needs a good "going over" too. Maybe in the school holidays...?

  4. I love the idea of having a space, a room to claim for sewing, crafting, reading, family tree'ing, and hanging herbs to dry etc...Oh wait! I have a room claimed for just that...If only I could get in there.....Hmmm time for a clean up I think.
    Thanks for making me think about this again. It really needs to be sorted out.

  5. I'm very jealous of your 'space' - though very happy for you at the same time! I dream of the day when I can claim a whole room just for me. I think I'll get one of those 'keep out' door hangers just to really make it all mine!!! My space currently consists of the kitchen table. So far no disasters from pushing it all to one end at meal times but I'm waiting for it....!

  6. The pin cushion is awesome!

    When our kids wanted to share a room, I got to have a 'sewing room' for a while. Oh, it is so much better to have the machines set up in a designated area, and do small amounts of sewing as I can fit it in... than to have things cluttering the dining table & me rushing to finish my sewing so I can tidy things up again! However, I think the room-sharing will be coming to an end soon & my sewing room will be no more... but that's OK, I will be outside gardening or practicing my (much more portable) crocheting anyways!

    Decluttering and tidying is good for the soul... I think you'll feel better after doing it!

  7. Oh I envy you that space! even if you have to share with the crafty kids. My sewing corner has to be set up every time I sew in the corner of the office/spare bedroom. We brew beer on a shelf next to the bath and the look on my 15 month old granddaughter as she heard the "plop" for the first time was a delight :)

  8. Currently it is just hubby and I and Scrapbooking on the dining table, card making in the office and on the couch, sewing in the spare room, gardening in the laundry and we are trying to have a baby.... Does this mean I am going to have to consolidate??? Oh dear, perhaps I should start now it will probally take more than 9 months to sort it all out.

  9. It must be that time of the year for clearing and sorting and de-cluttering Christine! I am up to my knees in it!
    Your craft room sounds fantastic and I hear you when it comes to sharing spaces!
    I love to hear a good/funny sounding German word! There is just something about it.....

  10. I'm glad I'm not the only one who's dream is to have my own 'space' for craft and sewing and whatever else I feel like doing. You are so lucky ! My 'stuff' lives in storage boxes in the bedroom that get dragged out to the kitchen table after the kiddies have gone to sleep, and carefully packed away before I go to bed...

  11. It all looks gorgeous. We are fast hitting the point where the kids desperately need more room. Alas there is no toy room or rumpus room to clear so I fear it will be my office which is in one of the back sheds. And I know, I won't be at all gracious when it comes to sharing...

  12. OOOOOHHHHH! How exciting, Christine :) We have swapped and shuffled out rooms more time that I can possibly count! With 5 kids, someone is always evolving to need a different space for something or another... It's a huge job, but hopefully it will bring you efficient and functional space - the ultimate reward! :)

  13. It does look like you've done a good job! It will be lovely to have a big room to craft in, just think, you could spread an entire quilt over the floor to piece it! Your house does sound like ours though - you could lose a beer kit in our mess too.. ;-)

  14. Hi Linda! It's a.. a..dress! I finished it this week..hope the weather is warm enough to wear it soon. :)

    Ha, Kim, yes, tidy rooms are a rarity! Why is it kids always gravitate towards the tidy places when they leave such a mess behind them?!

    Yes, in the holidays, Frogdancer! You CAN do it!

    Ahh, Narelle, these spaces are great but the constant tidying is definitely something I could do without. ;) Good luck.

    Nothing wrong at all with the kitchen table, Shelley. The best ideas are often created here ;)

    Tidying IS good for the soul, dixiebelle but it's a challenge when the kids invade OUR space and suddenly take over my favourite spot on the couch :(. Where to from here? And by the way, I LOVE your crochet..your Christmas stars are SO cool!

    I can just imagine that look of delight, africanaussie. :)

    Whoop! How exciting, Fiona! Wishing you all the best and fingers crossed for you. :)

    It must be in the air, Sharon ;) I can't wait until it's all finished..hopefully just another week or two.

    Yep, Carole, I've been there with the late night boxes. Happy crafting ;)

    Are any of us gracious when it comes to sharing our precious spaces, Alison? ;)

    Uhhh, I hope we see the ultimate reward soon, Sherri. 5 kids! Sheesh, I don't even want to begin thinking about all of their 'spaces'! I take my hat of to you. :)

    Haha, yes Celia, quite easily. It's amazing what 'treasures' get unearthed during such a marathon clean. Lots of new 'un-partables'!

  15. If you want to do something with an old piano - especially one that doesn't hold a tune anymore, I know of people who convert them to desks. It makes sense really, take the guts of it out and it's the perfect height for a desk - especially if it's already got a stool with it. When old Nellie (our piano) is past her use by date, that's what she'll turn into.

  16. can't wait to come craft in the room with you. Have been crafting on the kitchen table today and remembering how much I love it. Now to turn that downstairs room into a creative space....

  17. That's such a unique idea, Lilian, I'll have to remember that as an option. I think the old girl still has a bit of life in her yet, it's just a certain couple of keys that annoyingly don't hold their tune.

    Kirsty, Yes, that downstairs room is PERFECT for a craft's so much nicer to have a place where everything can stay set up. :)

  18. We have just completed a room reshuffle too. Swapped my sons room and the office around and swapped the dining room and lounge room around (so we could fit a 12 seater dining table in). I love moving rooms because it forces me to have a good declutter in the process. :)


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