Sunday @ home..

{kite flying attempts}
..and success! It's up! Just.
a brief siesta in between slug gathering shifts
{water fun}
mobile brushcutters and Spring growth = a winning combination
..although the tastiest treats always come from the oak tree
Sundays at home are my favourite kind of Sundays!


  1. Looks like my kind of Sunday! Beautiful photos.

  2. what lovely photos's great to see so much water in your dam..sunday's at home are my favourite too..

  3. Oh, yes!!

    I am so happy to have a Sunday at home today...even though my "to do" list is as long as my arm :)

  4. What gorgeous photos! And I'm a tad jealous of how warm it looks there...

  5. Oh I loved going for a walk around your property this morning in cyber space. I have always wondered what it looked like as a whole. Our goats do the standing up thing under the mulberry tree , it looks so funny.

  6. Lovely Sunday happenings Christine. Everything looks so wonderful and healthy. What is it about kids and water that can equal hours and hours of squealy fun?
    Hope your week is just as good.

  7. Hi all, thanks for popping by. Hoping your weekend was a good one too! :)

  8. Love your owl Kite, how beautiful was today?! looks like the landcare session carried over to Sunday. I'm so excited about having raspberries again. yum!

  9. These are amazing pictures.All ideas behind these pics are appreciable.Even all pictures are good but some are so much cute like that kids playing with water.Enjoyable collection of pictures.


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