A Mozzarella Cheese Making Workshop

Yesterday, 6 ladies from Friday Vegie Group and myself, were lucky enough to attend a cheesemaking session run by Gavin, of The Greening of Gavin blog. Amongst many other sustainable activities, Gavin makes his own cheeses at home and keeps a record of them at his cheesemaking blog, The Little Green Cheese.

It turns out Gavin is just a stone's throw away from us (in the scheme of the blogging world at least!) and was happy to come over and show us how to go about making a 30-minute mozzarella.

The session started with a run down on cheesemaking equipment and supplies that would be needed if we were to make cheese at home and where to find them. He also chatted about rennet, it's history and the alternatives (we had opted to use vegetarian rennet and lipase). While he was introducing us to the cheesemaking ways, our cooking pots were sterilised and then we started getting our hands busy...

(I won't go into technical descriptions..it's all still sinking in. For more specific information you can visit his blog!)

The milk which was organic, homogenised and pastuerised was heated gently over a low heat after the addition of some citric acid and lipase...

...and brought up to 33c.

The rennet was then added...

..and below, testing for a curd set..

Below, the curds and how they looked after being re-heated..

Gavin, draining the curds through cheesecloth:

After the curds had been drained, they required kneading to remove as much whey as possible...

..this was done in between short bursts in the microwave. The cheese became smoother and stretchier between each burst of heat...

Such a good bunch of women! Thanks for washing my bowl, ladies :)

The Cheese Maker himself, immersed in cheesy literature.

Below, one of the finished cheeses:

 Smooth, shiny, fresh mozzarella goodness. Apparently the addition of lipase improves the flavour greatly the next day. Guess what I'll be playing with later on today? (!).

Thanks again Gav for an amazing workshop, it was lovely to meet you, Kim and Ben, be introduced to the cheesy world and take home some beautiful mozzarella. It was loads of fun! And thanks Friday Vegie Group for being such great company, as always!

To take a look at Kirsty's cheese, click here
...and here is Gavin's account of the day.

*Books Gavin recommends:
Making Artisan Cheese - Tim Smith (Australian publication)
Home Cheesemaking - Ricki Carroll (US publication)


  1. I have made Mozzarella a few times at home, isn't it FUN!! It's amazing just how simple it is to make. I must have a go again myself...Have fun playing today! :)

  2. Such a great morning and it was nice to get home to enjoy the sunshine. Just had baguette with mozzarella, tomato and pesto for lunch, pizzas for dinner! Thanks again for organising the day, could easily do another one. Thought I'd put a couple of pics on the vegie group blog for a mozzarella trifecta.

  3. How lucky! It looks fabulous. I would love to learn to make cheese. Where do you get the rennet etc?

  4. I'm so green with envy...we have someone who is considering teaching us to make Feta...can't wait, but your moz looks fab! What are you going to do with it, Christine?

  5. Thanks Christine. We all had a great time, thanks for inviting us along to teach the class. I hope the flavour was even better today? I would love to know how you used it.

    Gav x

  6. Lovely! What a fantastic way to spend a weekend. Nothing like learning new skills!

  7. I just love the flavour of home-made Mozzarella....shop stuff just doesn't come close....What a great way for your garden girls to all learn a new skill together.

  8. what fun to cook with like minded people, learn a new skill and take home the fruits of your labour..now i'm looking forward to hearing what you make with it..

  9. Lucky bugger :-) I would love to do a cheese making session with Gavin.
    What a fun day to have.

  10. How good is that!!! Looks like you had a great time!!!

  11. Wow that looked like a lot of fun. I am yet to try cheese making. So many things I want to try.

  12. Hi all, thanks for popping by. The day was so much fun and a really big thankyou to Gavin, who was so relaxed and friendly..even when we appeared to be locked out of the hired kitchen!

    We have been eating the cheese fresh, on pizzas and I even put some in my scrambled eggs last night :). It's delicious.

    Linn, you can find rennet and cheesemaking kits/supplies from Green Living Australia (online). They are based in QLD.

    Kirsty, a mozz trifecta sounds great! I'll add mine after you.

  13. The cheese looks wonderful. I made many attempts before I was able to make mozzarella that didn't resemble an eraser! I use goat milk and cow milk mixed together, so I don't add lipase powder to mine. :)

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