Moments captured..

The seven year old is now an eight year old whilst the nine year old is just shy of being a ten year old.
Time keeps on moving on..


  1. They grow so quickly don't they:) Happy birthday to your girls. Your garden is looking lovely, the pink flowers are very pretty:)

  2. Happy birthday to both of you girls!

  3. happy birthday to your lasses christine..x

  4. Happy Birthday 8 year old and Happy nearly Birthday 9-10 year old!
    Looks like it was lots of fun Christine.

  5. Middle one had the BEST time, I just love it that he can be friends with a girl without all the social stigma. Your little one is one pretty coool chic.

  6. So kind of you, Catherine, the pink flowers are so cheerful.

    Thanks, Rose and Jane!

    It was hectic but fun, Bryds. Two parties in the same afternoon...eek!

    Aww, thanks Kirsty. Your little guy is pretty coool himself!


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