Hand rolled beeswax candles

Several months ago during a morning of op-shopping, I came across an interesting looking kit for candlemaking. Thinking it would be a fun present for one of the tweens, I put it aside and thought no more about it. With birthdays creeping up recently, I remembered this interesting kit and with a bug themed party for the youngest on the cards, thought a spot of candle making with actual beeswax would be just the activity for the smallish people to fit into the tight two hour window.

Making candles this way is surprisingly quick and easy - easy enough for kids to do, with a little help for their first try. I confess, I got so carried away 'testing' out this little craft, further supplies had to be ordered. Beeswax sheets are readily available online from soap/candle suppliers and come in large sheets, sized 42cm x 20.5cm. I found that two tall candles were easily made from one sheet of wax and so commenced slicing my newly purchased beeswax sheets in half!

Beeswax sheets 21cm x 10.2cm

Some extra wick, sold by the metre was also ordered. For this, I chose a medium thickness.

The total time needed to make one candle is only about a minute or two..perfect for a kids party where chaos reigns!

To start off, the beeswax sheets need to be warmed slightly over a heat source until they are bendy and flexible to prevent them from snapping or crumbling when rolling. The heat source could be a sunny windowsill, a hairdryer or a heater/fireplace. During the party I chose to use the hairdryer for speed, but if on my own, prefer to use the heater/fireplace which is just so nice so sit by!

Hold the sheets about 20cm away from the heat source and move it gently in front of it. It should only take about 20-30 seconds for the sheet to become flexible enough to roll (longer if sitting them on a sunny windowsill).

Place the now soft beeswax sheet onto the work surface and place a piece of wick along one side, just up from the edge (about 0.5cm). The wick needs to overhang at one end by a couple of centimeters. Press the wick lightly into the wax to fix it into place.

Fold the edge of the wax over the wick, pressing gently again, to firm the wax onto the wick.

Once this step is completed, the wax can be rolled up smoothly and swiftly, creating the candle.

Press the outer edge of the beeswax sheet slightly to secure it to the body of the candle. Trim the wick to about 1cm and set aside until ready to light.

Beeswax  candles are so lovely to burn, they have a slight honey fragrance and seem to glow from within.

The smallish people really enjoyed this craft and with the 11yo supervising, we got through helping them roll the candles in record time. A really fun party activity and interesting addition to the take home 'goody bag'.


  1. Such a great party activity, middle one was very proud of his creation. I love the feel of bees wax - awesome stuff. Our kids love it when we light candles at dinner time.

  2. Christine, we LOVE beeswax candles... I purchased some large stout pillars last fall and they lasted all the way through winter - even with near daily burning for suppers. They gave us MANY hours of honey golden glow and the warmth of a beeswax candle is second to none. I purchased some bricks of beeswax (sold by the gram) to melt myself and dip natural wicks.. a long procedure to produce a few tapers, but very meditative and soothing... What a great op shop find you discovered... The party looked really fun :)

  3. Thanks for this Christine. What a great op. shop find. I have just bought two kits for Christmas. One for my niece and well, I HAD to get one for myself as well. I bought mine from www.candlemaking.com.au. Where did you buy your's from Christine? Haven't tried mine yet but the delivery was nice and quick. Hope you have a lovely weekend. xxoo

  4. We love doing this - when Small Man was in preschool, he made candles for all his teachers, and in year 3 we taught his whole class to make them for Christmas presents!

    The two tips I got from the beeswax man at the markets was to roll really tightly and to store the candles in the freezer, and then they'll burn for twice as long! :)

    For Chrissie, you can buy coloured beeswax sheets - we cut shapes from these and "appliqued" them to the candles (squashed them on.. :)).

  5. very cool party activity christine! i love beeswax candles too..they evoke such a special feeling being made from the work of the lovely bee and they smell so good too when burning.. x

  6. That's an excellent present idea. I love the smell of the bees wax candles.

  7. That is such a good idea! I have a 7 yo with a birthday coming up and this looks like a great activity. Thanks

  8. I absolutely love love love the smell of beeswax candles...lovely photos too....thanks for reminding me to go sniff my beeswax...lol

  9. I just discovered your blog and was tickled to locate this "how to." I adore beeswax candles and hope to make some of my own soon. Many thanks for this inadvertent reminder!

  10. Thanks all for your comments and feedback. There is something so special about burning beeswax candles, it's hard to explain but I can see you understand. Great tip about putting them in the freezer, Celia!

    MamaMaloney, I bought the candlemaking supplies from Heirloom Body Care, online..along with a host of other goodies I probably shouldn't have ordered..eek! A little retail therapy is sometimes just what is needed.. ;)

  11. Thank heaps Christine. I have checked out the Heirloom Body Care site and I can see what you mean, very dangerous. Oh well, Christmas isn't far away. Now how many presents can I say are for me??? xxoo

  12. It looks amazing.
    I will try this out.
    It looks fabulous.
    Thanks for sharing.


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