Glimpses of the week..

Lemons from Oma's backyard.. 
Lemon butter or a cake or two...I can't decide!

A salad which included some homegrown mung bean sprouts and some mozzarella from the cheesemaking workshop.
Along with avocado, beans, tomatoes and fresh herbs it was a complete lunch, drizzled with an olive oil/white balsamic dressing. 

Fresh mozzarella calls for pizzas...and so they were made..
...the melt looks good...
..and the cheese appears stringier several days after it has been made...
I'm tempted to purchase a cheesemaking kit to try making some mozzarella at home.

The never ending jobs to do around the property. Splitting wood on this particular day..

I'm finding my mind drawn here. It appears I've been subconsciously buying up second hand books on the topic for several months now...

The time is feeling right to sit down and start reading them..
I hope you're enjoying the day!


  1. Oh The Fragrant Pharmacy is a great read and reference :-) My mother gave me her copy and I love it.... By the way your pizzas look delicious


  2. I own (and love) three of those books! Cheese looks great!

  3. I bought the fragrant pharmacy a couple of months ago at a second hand book shop and am loving it! )It's very warm in Melbourne today and that salad looks very appealing! I love salad on a warm day

  4. Pen will be coveting that mozzarella stretch, salad looks yum!

  5. I LOVE THE BIRD! Seeing outdoors is a real treat - here they are only found in cages and that breaks my heart. HAPPY READING!

  6. Hi Christine,
    I was inspired by one of your previous posts about growing your own sprouts and gave it a go myself - delish! How happy was I when I found some mung bean seeds on the supermarket shelf the other day and now your post today! I'm in sprout heaven.
    Thanks for your great posts :)

  7. Gorgeous, Christine! And to add to your lovely collection of herbal/aromatherapy books, may I suggest Kathi Keville? She's a trusted source in aromatherapy and a fabulous teacher.

  8. it must have felt so good being able to make the delicious looking salad and pizza with your own mozzarella..:)

  9. it must have felt so good being able to make the delicious looking salad and pizza with your own mozzarella..:)

  10. What a lovely week you've had! The pizzas look fantastic! And whose birthday was it? :)

  11. Look at that lovely mozzarella! Yum.
    Looks like you need an ayurvedic book to add to the collection of reading.

  12. What gorgeous mozerella! I take great pleasure in saying , 'I made this , this and this....' when I serve a meal ....but to make cheese as well , that is just awesome.
    I love the books, I have some similiar in my shelf. If you go on the 'Organic Feast ' website, there is a herbal book by Pat Collins ( a local herbalist in the valley) ...but read all the ones you have got first!

  13. I love the Fragrant Pharmacy which I found a number of years ago in an op shop. It is often flicked through and used here. Your mozzarella looks delicious.

  14. I love the Fragrant Pharmacy! Used it regularly until about 15 years ago and have dipped into it ever since. Now I'm thinking of going back to it on a much deeper basis.
    Greenie x

  15. It's great to see so many happy owners of The Fragrant's definitely my favourite from the bunch. Thanks for your recommendation, Finicky Farmer..I am going to jot that one down. Thanks Kim, too, for your recommendation! ;)

    The mozzarella was delicious although all gone now :(

    Shelley, I'm really pleased you tried's so satisfying!

    Celia, it was the youngest's birthday. :)

  16. Brydie....I had to go and look up ayurveda..very interesting!

  17. This is my first visit to your blog. Your photos are lovely. The one of the wood splitter caught my eye. We have been splitting a lot of wood on our homestead, too.

  18. What happy joyous photos! It must be early summer for you. How wonderful and that bird is such a stunner! x Joanna


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