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Taking a walk around the garden recently offered so much more than weed spotting and bug sightings. I find that when needed, it offers a comfort that soothes and calms, especially so when taking just such a walk after some rain. Rain brings a garden alive and it is often a thrill to see what new discovery I'll find after a rainshower or two..

Blueberries flowering

Cabbages, looking promising for the neglect that they suffered recently

Raspberries, running rampant. I'm beginning to understand why gardening books say to never plant raspberries near your neighbour's fence line! Luckily we have a little bit of a buffer..

Our apricot tree has small fruit! The first ever for this tree.  Actually it's the first fruit ever from a tree that we've planted. Tree is a Moorpark. 

Cherry blossom -  I find it so pretty! This blossom is from a Sunburst, a self-pollinating variety. I hope it does better than our last cherry tree (Stella), which succumbed to aphid attack last year.

And lavender. Sweet, reliable lavender. Calming and soothing, too.  I look forward to the day when I'll have enough flower heads to harvest and dry for use in potions and lotions!

How is your garden growing?

Thankyou for all of your support on the passing of my Dad. Your words mean so much to me and are a great comfort during this sad time. He used to read my blog regularly and among many other things, I'll miss his curiosity and enthusiasm I encountered whenever I found myself posting about one of my latest hair brained schemes...


  1. Hi Christine
    Your blossoms look gorgeous! Our apricot tree is tiny and has been bashed about some by the wind... :(

    Our blueberrie bushes died in the transplant, oh dear.

    But our veggies are growing strong and we are pulling out the last broad beans to make place for the summer veg.

  2. (((((((((Christine))))))))) May you find many hours of comfort in your garden and may you also feel your dear Dad's presence as you work on your "hair brained schemes" :) Hugs to you,


  3. Your raspberry bushes look amazing. I really hope my berry patch looks like that one day. Great to have you back blogging.

  4. A sanctuary in tough times... gorgeous photos too.


  5. your garden is growing well and looks like you will have heaps of fruit soon:0)

  6. Your garden is looking good Chris. I've never seen blueberry flowers before -- thank you.

  7. Things are looking great Christine. Any tips for blueberries? I have just planted two new bushes. I haven't had much success before. xxoo

  8. Beautiful pictures! My garden is done and the birds are enjoy the dried sunflower seeds.

  9. it was lovely to have a virtual stroll through your lovely's a gentle sanctuary for you in these difficult times christine..x jane

  10. dear christine
    your garden looks well.i can't wait of the blossom
    from my is it cold but's fall.
    have a wonderful week,
    love regina

  11. Look at those apricots, the first fruit tree harvest, how exciting!Will you net them?

  12. So pretty! We've just planted an apricot tree too, although I'm dubious about its chances here in Sydney. Your garlic looks wonderful, ours is looking a little wilted at the moment..

  13. Your garden looks so alive right now. You must have warmer weather than us as your raspberry and cherry are leaps ahead of ours! We just returned from a week away and I can't believe how green it is and how much our (somewhat neglected) vegie garden has grown. By the way, congratulations (!!) on the mention in the Weekly that I happened to read while I was away.

  14. Your garden is looking splendid! Just planted 2 blueberry bushes with high hopes... although because I'm in Sydney I'm not sure the weather is cold enough for it to do well... I'm going on the berry route now in the garden - thornless blackberry, strawberries, blueberries and soon to be planted mulberry tree... I haven't had much success with leafy greens, hopefully I'll have better luck with berries.

  15. If I know you, Wendy, I'm sure you've got loads of vegetable happenings at your place :)

    Thanks, Sherri x

    Look away for a moment and they just might, Kim!

    Very much a sanctuary, dixiebelle.

    Fingers crossed, Debbie! My ultimate gardening dream is to have enough fruit to bottle someday..

    The blueberry flowers are really sweet, Rose. Glad you liked them.

    Um..blueberries, MamaMaloney. Ours are planted in a semi-shaded position and I'm always concious of keeping the soil moist over summer for them. Good luck :)

    Enjoy those birds, floweringmama.

    It's a really calming place to be, Jane. So lucky to have it. :)

    Regina, thanks. I know you've been busy yourself bottling apples..what fun!

    I think it'll need netting, Kirsty. I was hoping to try the old plastic bottle on a stake trick to stop the net from tangling in the branches..we'll see.

    I'm quietly excited about the garlic, Celia. This is the sunniest spot we've ever planted any and we've had such a lot of rain this winter, I'm really hoping for some (any!) decent sized bulbs.

    It's amazing how gardens can sometimes thrive on neglect, isn't it Tania. Thanks for the Weekly kind was fun.

    Berries are so rewarding, Lilian. Your choices sound wonderful. :)

  16. thanks for the walk through your garden - I was particularly interested in the blueberries - I have bought my first little bush and have no idea what they are supposed to look like - hope they look as good as yours! any advice on where to plant it? do they just keep going year after year?

  17. How lovely to have summer on its way - I am looking at seed catalogues and having the 'Can we plant garlic again this year?" conversation. I found a row of little carrots that were ready to pull today and picked the last of the beans. Just mouthfuls really, but still hugely satisfying to eat your own home grown food from a city garden in autumn. Good luck with all your growing projects, they are a joy and a delight x Joanna

  18. Yes to garlic, Joanna! Carrots are something we haven't grown in aaages, I just sowed a bed of them the other day with high hopes. You are an inspiration for all city gardeners with your homegrown produce. :)


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