Hello! I hope you're enjoying your Saturday. I thought I'd do a quick update of some of the craftings  that have been happening here this week..

Sunshine Soap! Made with homegrown calendula petals. Every time I look at them, I think of sunshine - yes it's corny but so true.

I also noticed that our comfrey had shot into a burst of spring growth. After harvesting a good bunch from various plants, I made a batch of comfrey ointment (recipe here), that is so good to rub on aching bones and joints.
Comfrey ointment
Some oily infusions also took place. The one pictured below has eucalyptus leaves from our property infusing into oil in the vintage crock pot.

Another soapy experiment to update on soon..

'butterflies' by folding paper in half over wet paint
..and a touch of beading by the 8yo. One of the lovely birthday gifts she received...

Black paint was also pulled out and brushes gathered. Egg cartons and pipecleaners too!

Spooky craftings were then able to take place..


What craftings have been happening at your place lately?


  1. So nice to see so much crafting going on. I love the look of your soap and ointment.

  2. Pleased those beads found a happy home! Has she tried out the hand tattoos yet? Awesome spiders.

  3. wow I love the look of your soap Christine. I really need to make some Christmas gift soap this week or I will run out of time.
    I realy want to try your ointment, I've had it listed in my favourites for ages to make. I just need to find some beeswax.

  4. Your tribe are all so creative! I'm sure you've made a great head start on Christmas pressies - we haven't even thought about them yet... :)

  5. Snap, this week we had butterflies on folded paper too, but our egg carton critter was a caterpillar not scary spiders!!!!
    Your soap does indeed look like sunshine....!!

  6. That is a lot of wonderful crafting. I've been sewing a bit this weekend and will post about it this afternoon after I get a bit more completed. I LOVE the spiders!

  7. Those soaps look wonderful!

    I am crocheting my second dishcloth! I am sewing a Christmas dress for Miss M. Thinking about sewing the Summer tunic-beach style tops for myself too... only bought the fabric two years ago!

  8. Your calendula soap looks like the first goats milk soap I made, sprinkling calendula petals over the top.

    I've just started growing comfrey this year. My mother suffers terribly from arthritis so this might be something I can make for her next year as my plants get bigger. Thanks!

  9. i love love love your sunshine soap..:)

  10. Can my kids come crafting at your place?...actually can I come too? That soap looks wonderful Christine!
    Made a cushion today for a little girls present, a pair of pants, should go and start on some lemon cordial and dinner should get in a look in at some time... oh bugger dinner I think I'll crochet instead.

  11. I love the eucalyptus oil - I so have to make some! What a great idea. And your soap is beautiful. I've just made my first batch, also made some lotion bars, some laundry liquid and I'm having a go at sewing a steiner type doll for my daughter for christmas...very busy over my way. I am really enjoying your blog - thankyou for your inspiration.

  12. My, you have been busy.. I picked some comfrey yesterday just before our snow hit us today.. I, too make salve with it..
    I have just felted some sweaters and made a bag but was not exactly pleased with it.. smile..
    Hope the next one will turn out better..

  13. I'm really looking forward to trying out the soap, thanks Joyful.

    Ahh, that's where the beads came from, Kirsty! Things all got jumbled up on the day...she loves them, thankyou!

    I bought a kilo of beeswax months ago from our local market, Sue (from the honey stall) and it has lasted aaages. The ointment is really simple to prepare and very good, in my opinion.

    I remember your chrissy posts from last year, Celia. I think I'd be needing a spreadsheet for all the work you put in!

    Thanks, Suzanne! Egg crafting is such a staple kitchen table activity, isn't it!

    It sounds like you had a great day, Becky. Sewing days are one of my favourite kinds of days :)

    Busy, busy, dixiebelle! And better late than never, eh?! :)

    Frogdancer, if you've got enough comfrey when the time comes, you can split the bunch in two and do a double infusion for a stronger ointment. Hope all goes well!

    Thanks, Jane! I can't wait to try it out....*taps foot impatiently*

    Ha, I wonder how the dinner turned out, Brydie with all that crocheting? You've been busy :)

    The eucalyptus oil turned out more fragrant than I expected, Carole. After the oil heated in the slow cooker and warmed the leaves, the scent of gum trees started wafting through the house! Your doll sounds just gorgeous!!

    All experiments, Faye, that's what I think when something doesn't turn out to plan. Snow sounds surreal to me, right now! Happy salve making. :)


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