Today at Oma's..

Today at Oma's, the silverbeet grows...

It won't be long until her potatoes are in flower..

..and perhaps she can harvest a few for some warming soups..

It's cold while we wait. It's also very windy and a little rainy. We're unsettled..

Inside her delicious soup simmers on the stove...

..more soul food and childhood dinnertable memories..
(chicken soup with butter dumplings)

The cookbook was a gift from Oma's mother-in-law back when she was a newly married. MIL had marked an 'x' next to all of those dishes that her only son found pleasing, hence the 'x' on this page.

(I'm wondering what I would think of such a gift..or  you?)

Inside, the fire is warming. The ambulance drives away. He is home from hospital.

Tucked up in bed and warm, where he should be. Welcome back, Dad. xx


  1. Our very best wishes to you all, Chris. I hope your dad is comfortable - I'm sure he'll be very happy to be home!

  2. So pleased your dad could come home, great to see life at Omas. Great cook book to have, I think I would have smiled at such a gift. Easy to forgive the nannas their old fashioned ways. I wonder what dishes would have been pointed out to me.

  3. Oh, that soup is making my mouth water! Homemade soup enjoyed at home...what could be better? Your Mum must be happy to have your Dad back at home - and he must be happy to be there. All the best to both!

    I would have been touched by such a gift from my former MIL. She was a fantastic cook, and I would have felt that she was trying to share her skills with a beginner. I never could have matched her cooking, but it would have be nice to think that she believed I could!

  4. dear christine,
    best wishes to you all.i hope your dad is okay.
    lovely german cookbook. i love semmelklößchchensuppe.
    have a wonderful week,
    love regina

  5. Good that your dad is back home.

    Strange to see Omas silverbeet - ours looks exactly the same, although we have been eating it for a while now. Not what I would have expected given that we are in opposite seasons.

  6. you must be feeling so much happier now that your dad is tucked up at home with your mother to lovingly tend for him..

    my mother in law was the most wonderful woman whom i adored..she didn't cook from books but if she had given me one i would have loved and treasured it..i spent a lot of time watching her cook and i was always asking her for her recipes..

  7. So glad your dad is home , I have been thinking of you and your family this week. I can certainly see where you get your homemaking skills from , Christine....walking via cyberspace through the special places at Oma's is like a warm hug. I so love that pony.

  8. The nice me says...oh isn't that sweet getting the recipe book with the X's, the stroppy DIL in me says...say what!!

    Glad your dad is back home Christine.

  9. So glad that your Dad is home :) I loved the photos of Oma's... beautiful gardens and lovely animals. Those dumplings look absolutely perfect. Dumplings are a skill that I need to master - mine never turn out right - they are always gooey...

  10. Our Oma (my mum) has a garden with loads of veggies too! And a nice German cookbook although hers isn't marked with crosses by her MIL !!!
    Oh and the semmelknodel look so delicious...... I'm homesick now!

  11. Thankyou all, so very thoughtful of you to stop by with your kind words. It means so very much to me. xx


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