Hello! I hope you've had a good Thursday?

I thought I'd share a little of mine...

A few weeks ago during a productive op shop crawl, I came across a package of crocheted pentagons in all sorts of colours. This crocheted shape was quite unlike anything I'd seen before and I quickly found myself adding them to my purchases..

They sat in the bookcase for weeks as their fate was pondered over. What to do with them?

This week I decided to keep on working them around the edges as the previous ownder had started to.. adding some bright borders and black edging to hopefully make a small lap blanky. What do you think?

Will it work? I'm putting all my faith in those little black borders in the hope that they will bring all the clashing colours together into a splash of rainbowey goodness.

I've been wondering what the previous owner had in mind for them..were they going to be joined together like I'm doing..or perhaps backed to make pot holders or heat mats? I wish they could speak to me!

Bunting has also been happening. Did you know that it grows SO fast when you have a mini 'production line' going on?
It does! So, so fast.

Honey joys have been happening too.

Nothing fancy here, just a quick simple treat for the youngest to take to her netball break-up party this afternoon.

Which went down a treat. Tell me, what child doesn't like a honey joy?

I was also really pleased to get a chance today to start plying the first bobbins of my Bluefaced Leicester purchase. I tell you, this is plying together fast!

Very, very fast!

I'm estimating it to be about a 10/12ply chunky wool although I'm still yet to do a wpi (wraps per inch) test. There is still plenty of fibre to go, though, which I'm really happy about as I'm very much enjoying the feel of spinning  'top'.

Happy Thursday out there!

Honey Joys - a childhood favourite
90g butter
1/3 cup sugar
1 1/2 tbs good, local honey
4 cups cornflakes

Preheat oven to 150c. Line a baking tray with 24 small patty pan cases or 16 large and place the cornflakes into a medium mixing bowl. In a small saucepan melt the butter, sugar and honey together over low-med heat until frothy. Add to the cornflakes and mix to combine. Spoon into patty pan cases and bake in                                                                         preheated oven for 10 mins. Allow to cool.


  1. Just got all my bunting out and ironed it in preparation for my little girls 3rd birthday on Saturday, mine are all in shades of pink, and I just used pinking shears to cut my triangles out to be sewn on vintage bias binding, keep an eye out for that at the op shops , it is great and comes in all sorts of colours.

  2. Love the look of the crochet and what it's becoming. It will look wonderful in all its rainboweyness :-) I've has some time off the crochet and I need to practise again as I've forgotten bits. Still waiting for creativity to strike though....waiting.

  3. i love seeing all the creative things you are doing..i remember making honey joys with my children for parties and school..and i also remember that a few didn't quite make it to their destination :)

  4. Those crocheted pieces are beautifully done and the blanket will be gorgeous when it's finished, Christina. I love op-shopping!


  5. What a gorgeous op shop find. Those granny squares are amazing. Now I'm searching for a pattern...vbg. Can't wait to see it all put together. Has anyone seen a pattern like that?

  6. I think black borders fix everything!

  7. Hi Suzanne, it's great to hear about your bunting. I wanted to use my nana's old pinking shears to cut the triangles but they were blunt..very disappointing as I had just paid to have them sharpened..obviously not well enough! Would LOVE to find some vintage bias binding in the oppy's, will be keeping my eyes peeled! Happy B'day to your 3yo for tomorrow :)

    Yup, you can't push that creativity bug, Brydie. It will spring upon you when you least expect it..

    Yes, Hazel, you are spot on..I confess several were consumed along the way. :)

    Thanks, Sue, I hope so! It's a funny thing to pick up another person's stitches..very strange.

    Yeah, Rose, great huh! I couldn't believe they were just sitting there..all abandoned.

    Looking at them closely, Calidore, I think the pentagons are actually knitted and then whoever had them had started to edge them in crochet - starting with the salmon pink round. They are really intriguing and had my curiosity roused. Let me know if you find a pattern, I'd love to add it to my folder :)

    Phew! So glad you think so, Hazel. That is indeed the plan ;)

  8. Christine there is far too much yummy stuff in this post! I love those pentagons you discovered and it is great to see you working them into a completed project!

  9. I love those pentagons, Chris! I don't think the colours clash at all - I love wildly coloured granny rugs! :)


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