Sunday @ home:

A touch of mind bending origami. I am very appreciative for the great selection of library books the 9yo has been borrowing from school lately..

Although, I don't exactly agree with the title: Easy Origami. My little brain was ticking over..a LOT!
(It also pays to check instructions on the previous page..ahem)

A stint of insect craft.. the hands of the 7yo. Birthday celebrations will soon be in the air. For the cutest little homemade ladybird invitation, click here. And they were actually very easy to do..

Soul food bound up with childhood dinner table memories in the form of...


My goodness it's satisfying to bash one's frustrations away with a meat mallet on a chopping board!

It brings the hausfrau to the table in a particularly calm state of mind, where the meal can be enjoyed to it's fullest potential..

Amazingly, Rhonda posted recently about making rouladen. See her post for full instructions.

Potato pancakes were not to be absent either, once all of my bottled up tension was released on the meat  ahh, 'tenderising'.

They come up just as crispy in the waffle maker as I had suspected. Painfully slow to cook though, so only a few batches were made, the majority being done in the quarter of the time frying pan..

Delicious served alongside snow peas fresh from the garden, lightly steamed..

Soul food indeed. My soul food.

To be enjoyed in the presence of fresh garden pickings thanks to the 7yo (I love the detail she goes to when selecting her pickings. No specimen is too small, or too weedy. There IS oxalis lurking in there somewhere!).

*Try to make some time in your week for a little soul food. 
And crafting. As frivolous as it may appear, it really is good for the soul, no matter what it's end purpose.*


  1. dear christine
    your rouladen looks soooooooooooo yummie. it's a favourite meal for colder days in our family,also
    karoffelpuffer. We eat potato pancakes with apple sauce. the flowers from your garden are sooooooo
    have a wonderful week,
    love regina

  2. We found our first Spring peas today, and one broad bean, had to water it's so dry! Love those invitations!

  3. I would love to eat potato pancakes too and be surrounded by garden flowers like yours! Lovely photos - we are off to walk the dogs and look for hedgerow fruits now xx

  4. Beautifully peaceful post, such a gentle, present day for you. Everything you did sounds enjoyable, especially the paper crafts - I find origami a little brainbending as well! :)

  5. love the look of your meal..the rouladen look similar to 'beef olives' which used to be popular but i haven't heard of for decades..gotta love slow cooked's always so flavoursome and, as you said, cook friendly.. :)

  6. I am all chilled out, just reading your post and enjoying your pictures...though the meat is looking a bit distressed and distressing from the point of view of an 'almost' vegetarian.

  7. Little Monkey did some wood work around the flat with a meat tenderiser recently...eek!
    Lovely post. Soul food indeed planned for this week. Now I just have to decide what to make.

  8. Hello, how funny that you posted about Rouladen! I was halfway through creating a post about it myself after seeing it on DTE. I also posted about your ten year old's biscuits. Then I popped over here to see you had made Rouladen and it was not related to Rhonda's post!!!

  9. Sounds like a lovely Sunday.
    I hope you were holding your tougue just right while you were doing the origami. I find mine is always half hanging out when that sort of concentration is needed.

  10. Hi Regina, it's always so great to hear from you! Have a great week :)

    Spring peas are so deliciously sweet, aren't they, Kirsty! Enjoy those tasty morsels now :)

    Hedgerow fruits sound very enticing, Jo. Hope your stroll was bountiful.

    I'm finding the odd little bit of origami a wonderful brain exercise, Celia. It's even better when the end item has a special use.

    Slow cooked food is the best, Jane. I've heard of beef olives but haven't ever gone there, not being a fan of the olive and all...

    Yes, distressed is a good word for it, Hazel. So sorry to cause you a little distress with it's picture in all of it's raw state! It is a great stress buster though...

    OH, no, woodworking with meat mallets sounds dangerous, Brydie! Lovely little indentations in the oddest of places I'm guessing? Soul food is where it's at, at the moment... :)

    Ah! This is very funny, Linda. How lovely you tried the biscuits, they are such easy ones to make..

    Yup, lots of tongue holding and eye squinting along with a good bout of head scratching, Bruise Mouse. I find it especially amusing when the smaller people of the house hold their tongues 'just so'!

  11. Stepping back in to say to Jane, my mum brought it to my attention the other day that beef olives don't actually contain any olives, lol! Apparently their finished shape resembles an olive and I do believe I'd like to try them someday!! :)


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