*Boil the kettle, it's a long one*

Blogs are a funny thing. We get to choose how much or how little of our lives we want to share. Often, the nature of the blogger is to opt to share just the best and leave the rest. Is this right? Should we share more? What about the bloggers out there that share everything? Is it too much?

I am finding it a little hard to know just how much is enough lately.

op shopped treasures. Why so sad little girl?
I want to keep this blog as a record for myself primarily to look back on and to refer to when needed. I also feel it is beneficial for my mental well-being to sit and assess my thoughts and collate them in one place.

Lately though, I've been feeling like I've been sharing less and less of my true self. It's hard not to be a little self concious when there are people out there reading along as you type your thoughts. It's so easy to shield them and post only for show, which I think is kind of fraudulent, in the nicest possible way...

I hope to share more of my true self on this humble blog of mine, after all it IS my record, a journal of sorts. I want it to be authentic, otherwise what is the point?
I'll start with something easy by sharing what I got up to this morning..

A beekeeper came to the primary school for the younger grades to see, ask and hear all about honey bees. It was extremely interesting. As you can see by the picture, I had to take myself off to be a 'student' for the morning so I could absorb some of this fascinating information. The youngest was very pleased to see me there as well which added to my day...

Don't you just love that straight, eager hand being held up, waiting to ask a question?

There is so much happening around me lately that I want to share.

My good friend Kirsty who I know in real life through our weekly veggie group has started up her own inspiring blog here. She also gave me some of her homemade cumquat marmalade recently to try..and I have to say not being much of a marmalade was delicious! I think I will be keeping my eyes open for some cumquats on my travels..

Kirsty has also been recording the goings on at our weekly Junior Landcare sessions - which will be great to look back on to reference!  If you have a spare moment, do hop on over and say hi to her. She is a wealth of information when it comes to all things nature!

After the beekeeping session was over, I found myself at the library where in addition to a bee book, I managed to find the volume two book of Backyard Ovens. I didn't know there was a volume two until Gavin  mentioned it recently, while posting about his new cob oven.

The book so far is a great read with lots of interesting cooking ideas as well as building advice for those keen to have a go at making their own oven.

(Yes, even the table top got a brush of the red paint)
I'm hoping for some much needed cooking inspiration with these borrowings..

Another place I've discovered recently is Pinterest. Oh, my! What a feast of inspiration awaits  over there anyone who has the inclination to look! It's basically a place where you can set up 'pinboards' to keep track of things you've come across on the web and want to remember. You can follow other peoples pinboards if you wish, or just keep adding to your own. 'Repinning' is also great fun too. This is a handy place to organise all of those ideas that are floating around, causing your (my) head to spin at night while trying to get to sleep!

I've also been thinking about birthday parties lately. We have two in October to address (years in the waiting!) and I've been pondering over having them both on the same day..which I would never have attempted in the past but I think the idea has merit. Just one preparation and one clean up. One morning to prepare food. It will hopefully work out. Have you done this? Was it successful?

I'd also like to share my favourite way of using up the end of the bean sprouts. Fried rice! Not the most original suggestion I'm sure, but one that's definitely satisfying, especially when there are a late winter scraping of garden pickings to be had...

Garden Harvest Fried Rice

Garden Harvest Fried Rice
serves a family of 5
3 cups uncooked rice, cooked and cooled, if that makes sense!
3 eggs, beaten well (with a splash of dry sherry if you wish)
6 slices of rindless shortcut bacon, chopped
4-6 perennial leeks, washed and sliced
2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
a good knob of ginger, finely chopped/grated
1-2 carrots, thinly sliced
a handful of snow peas, de-strung
a cup or so of corn kernals
3-4 stalks silverbeet, chopped
1-2 cups bean sprouts, mung and lentil are nice

2-3 tbs soy sauce
2-3 tbs chilli sauce

Combine the sauces in a cup and set aside. Heat some olive oil in a large wok and add the egg in small batches to make omelettes. After cooking the second side, shred the omelette with your wok implements of choice and set aside.

Add the bacon and sautee with the leeks until leeks are tender and bacon is crisping around the edges. Add the garlic, ginger, carrots, snow peas and corn. Cook for a few minutes until vibrant coloured and still firmish. Add a good drizzle of oil followed by the rice and toss well, separating any rice clumps. Fry for a couple of minutes then add the chopped egg, silver beet and bean sprouts. Add the combined sauces and continue tossing the rice over heat until silverbeet is wilted. Serve immediately. With chopsticks! Garnish with spring onions if they are around. Ours are still growing...

I hope you like our fried rice. It's very tasty and manages to please most people at the table. Of course you can add anything that is growing in your garden at the time..that's what makes it so versatile!



I've been thinking a lot about my dad this week. His health is declining and he has been in hospital this week . I feel for my mum who is doing so much at the moment for him. I hope they both know how much they mean to me.

This weekend is Father's Day, a time to recognise the Dads in your life. I hope you have a happy day with them.

Happy sharing out there. xx


  1. I hope your dad's health improves soon, Chris. All the best to you and your family...

    I wouldn't have been able to resist the beekeeping lesson either..


  2. I often think the same thing as you , Christine and want to be my true self but keep a little back sometimes that is just me to family and friends the same time trying not to pretend I am someone else.
    Perhaps we should do a true self post every now and then where we show the junk behind the shed that is a complete mess , the day we found a mouldy lunch box in the car or the day (even though I am trying to self suffient) that I found myself in Kentucky Fried with a basket of chicken and a big can of pepsi and texted guiltily to my bff that the takeaway had got me in its grasp.
    All the best for fathers' day ...and you know what , I think the real you does come out in your blog .Are we not always trying to bring out the best in our selves ... that is what my blog does for me and keeps me on the straight and narrow (and away from Kentucky fried most of the time)

  3. hmmm I wonder how much we share of our real selves out in the real world (sometimes I think we are MORE honest, MORE giving in blog-land)

    I don't know about you, but I certainly moderate exactly what I choose to tell everyone about what's happening in my life (be that on the blog or between mates over the phone).... and I'm mindful of not venturing up town to collect the mail in my PJs (lest people start interesting rumours about the state of my mental health... again)... and I'm careful not to tell peak oil deniers how stoopid I think their denial may be...

    so in short - I think wherever we are (in here.... out there) we present a certain picture of ourselves... and its not just in order to paint a flattering image - sometimes it's a necessary part of oiling the machine of community...

  4. What a great post Christine! ;),
    I have thought exactly the same at times about how much is too much! I think your humble self shines through in every one of your posts! And you share plenty about 'slow living'!
    Two celebrations in one day sound like a good idea, I like your logic.
    I am now wondering how long it will be until you venture into bee keeping!
    We enjoy fried rice made with left overs and add in a few extras. I will give your recipe a try!
    I hope your Dad's health improves and you enjoy a special day on Sunday! Give your Mum an extra big hug for her efforts.
    Happy sunny weekend!

  5. I think I am honest, open and very sharing on my blog... however, there is plenty I keep to myself too! Who does share every thing about themselves, really? Not their relationships or sex lives, all their faults or weaknesses, their angry thoughts or judgements or intolerances? Who shares their most secret thoughts or wishes or fantasies? Even those who give glimpses of themselves more than others might, I am sure they have plenty that is private too. I share when I think it might help others out there who are feeling the same way, or if it is beneficial for my blog, not for shock value or for self deprecation. I want people to know I am real & see the real side to what I do & blog about... but that's not everyone's cup of tea! I am glad you have opened up more...

    Pinterest... I joined but then avoided it, as I have enough going on online already!

    Hope your dad is feeling better soon, and you can be there for your mum.

  6. Nice post Chris.

    I hope your Dad does better soon.

    I miss my Dad on Father's Day, he died eleven years ago and always laughed about Father's Day, socialist non-consumer that he was. :) But it's the day I miss him most of all, his birthday is easier.

  7. I love reading your thoughts. Thanks for sharing them!

  8. Felix loved the honey man and was happy to get his sisters question about native bee honey answered - yes it does taste different. Are you inspired to become a bee-keeper? - how amazing to make your own honey. I'm definitely not sharing everything on my blog, as much as it impresses me when others do. Some things, for me, are best left for a friendly kitchen chat :). Thankyou for your kind words about my blog. I think you're doing very well keeping busy and doing so many wonderful things during a very hard time with your dad. It's good to be reminded how special they are and that we won't get to keep them forever. Wish mine was a little closer to home, he feels like a stranger sometimes. Not sick of the nasi goreng yet? that looks like a delicious version. Missed you today at vegie group, only 6 after your bumper Friday last week. Have a lovely weekend. Remember to ask your friends for help if you need it, would make us feel happy to be needed, happy to lend a friendly ear too.

  9. Oh yeah, and sorry about the Pinterest, its so addictive!

  10. There is an old saying "Never say anything (do anything) that you wouldn't want to read about in the papers the next day! (Or roughly that) I genuinely live by those old words. Many is the time I've stopped myself, because I've thought that first. And I don't think that's fake at all, I think it's wise, and never more so in this age with the social media networks we are swamped by.

  11. your comments about your authentic self were very thought provoking chris..i think it's a perennial problem with online communication..or at least is is for me..

  12. Oh Christine I am Sorry to hear about your Dad. I agree with what you say about blogs and blogging and I don't tend to go into too much detail about the yuck here ( shits and nits right now )I ebb and flow and am much more aware of my Childrens privacy now then when I began. I LOVE your bird cage plantings and am wondering will you show us again when it is cascading with growth Please. x

  13. Sending good thoughts to your Mum and Dad...and a hug to you, Christine.

  14. I frequently wonder where that line in the sand is drawn with showing your true self. Most of the time I kind of forget that it's not just me reading it, and instead can be accessed by the whole, not that the whole world reads cityhippyfarmgirl.
    Keep doing what you do, I love your blog and the snippets of your life that you choose to show, lets me know your a super cool gal that I would happily sit down, have a chai and a bowl of Garden Harvest Fried Rice any day of the week.

    ...and Pinterest? I've resisted. It's futile, I know and just a matter of time.

  15. Thanks for popping by, people. I really love to hear your thoughts and enjoy hearing your different points of view. Keep voicing them! Thankyou also for your kind wishes for my dad, they really mean a lot. :)

  16. If I write 100% the way I talk and think then I sometimes get responses that I am not very good at dealing with and they can upset me, so I have adapted my style for my own peace of mind and it seems to work for the most part. Is it authentic, I don't know, I would have to ask someone who knows me well enough to give an opinion. What is truth anyway?

    One can't choose who reads one's blog if it is public anyway. But as CHFG says not the whole world reads our blogs :)

    I am sorry to hear about your Dad, I hope he gets better soon.


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