Primary School Show Day 2011

As the term came to an end, it was once again time for our childrens' school annual 'show day'. For a peek at last years' show day and a rundown of the event take a look here.

This year competition was heightened with the introduction of an official 'CWA' judge! (Country Womens' Association). It would seem the pressure was on for our eager young participants and I have to say I think they rose to the challenge!

The following are some attractions that caught my eye today..

Floral entries. Don't you just love the old boot as a vessel?

I wasn't surprised to see these little sheep had come first place in their cake decorating category (grade 3/4). They are just too sweet! If you had a look at last years' post, they were made by the same little 'alien cupcake' maker..just another year older!

Impressive echidna decorated cupcake
The usual array of pets and farmyard animals were present, including some goats, a handsome looking shaggy pony, a snake,  the cutest lamb you ever did see and a sprinkling of poultry including a muscovy duck in a cage, secured on a wagon that was routinely pulled around and around the 'arena' (football oval) by it's enthusiastic young owner! The duck was unperturbed by the whole event, nesting placidly on a pile of straw within it's cagey confines!!


'Chook in a Box!' courtesy of my chooky friend who brought the mama hen with chickies last year. Chook is a frizzle.

Love this! A clever piggy bank made of recycled materials.

'Goat' 3D art made by the 11yo. Well done!

Junior classes' artwork

..and well done to the 7yo who brought in a second!

Another wonderful farm inspired show day which the kids should be really proud of!


  1. What a great day is wonderful to see how involved the children got with it all. Lots of great ideas too.

  2. that's so sweet! Such clever kids.

  3. Has it really been a whole year since the last one? I love all the creativity of the kids. Those sheep cupcakes are awesome!

  4. Oh, that's so much fun & so cute & I love it...

  5. the school your children go to looks amazing with the ways they are encouraging all the pieces..and congratulations to the place getters..

  6. There is some real creativity there! :)

  7. It looks like such an amazing event. So much fun and so much creativity. I can't believe it has been a year since the last Show.

  8. What a lovely day! The kids at your school are so creative! :)

  9. Wow I used to love show day as a kid. I am so please to see some schools still do it.

  10. Aww, I remember last year's show, I just love this, I can hear excited giggles and somehow it is all so hopeful and forward looking. Such joy! Thanks for sharing x

  11. Thankyou, all. The kids always look forward to 'show day' and it's a great way to end the term. It's such a treat to see what their creative energy has been put towards each year, too. :)


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