Crafty weekend

Over the weekend, between visiting my dad in hospital, catching up with family and celebrating our own Father's Day here at home, I found snippets of time here and there to indulge in some craftiness, which I feel is sometimes like feeding the soul, as corny as that may sound...

kerchiefs - finished size 52cm x 52cm
I finally set aside an hour or so to        sew up some kerchiefs which I've been meaning to do for ages. I like wearing them when I'm out in the garden, painting (with red, ahem), or anything else that's likely to be messy...

The dye pot also came out over the weekend. Last week I was emptying a couple of bobbins in readiness to receive The Purchase and had quite a length of odd plied yarn at my disposal.

The yarn was treated to a dose of blue (food dye), and is hanging in the kitchen drying as I type. I love the variegations throughout caused by having one 'single' already dyed another colour....

The little standby gift dress I've been crocheting was also finished although to be honest, it was finished a week or so ago on a hospital visit. It only needed the flower and some buttons for the back,. The flower happened this weekend, the buttons I'm still working on ;).

I found it such fun to make and it was extremely fast being such a small size. I was a bit sad when it was finished....

I think I may make another!

I've also been thinking about candles lately...

Such interesting things, I'd like to know more about how they are made.....

Celebratory crafts...
         ...which were received with big noisy hugs and smiles while the rest of us compared the likeness..

homemade tealight

Thanks for your interesting points of view from my last post..I loved reading them. How much to share on our blogs comes down to a personal choice and we must stick with what we are comfortable with. Thankyou also for your kind thoughts for my dad. They mean such a lot to me.

I hope you are having a glorious Monday (it really should be SUNday, it's so sunny out here....I've dragged the laptop outside and am basking as I blog. Blasking?)

Enjoy the day!


  1. Blasking sounds good to me. Maybe that's what I should be doing as well...although I suspect if I was sitting in a sunny spot I might be doing a little nana nod off.
    Lots of crafty goodies happening at you place over the weekend!

  2. You have certainly had a productive weekend. So satisfying.
    Enjoy the sunshine..

  3. Such talent, I am totally in love with that little crocheted dress. I have a four month old I'm picturing in it - pity my ability doesn't meet my imaginings.

  4. Just reading this post has fed my soul! I love how making and finishing something with your hands can be so incredibly fulfilling! Cute candles - we make ours from rolled beeswax sheets, which is just fine, as I can't be trusted with hot wax! :)

  5. what a lot of lovely happenings in your house..what wax did you use to make the tea light? it's so hard to get pure bees wax candles and they're expensive too..i tend to buy my candles from op shops and so i only pay between $0.20-$0.50 each and i don't mind if they're a bit broken or even if they've been used a bit..but they're paraffin which is not ideal..

  6. Blasking haha love it! I agree that a bit of craft is most definitely food for the soul. X

  7. loving the kerchiefs, as you would guess, I want one!

  8. Are you making the candles in a muffin tin? Great idea:)

  9. Naps in the sun sound blissful, Brydie!

    Thanks, Bruisemouse - the sunshine's been wonderful.

    thenewgoodlife - the dress was incredibly simple to make - the pattern is linked to in a post or two back. It's on Ravelry. So delightful, I want to make a yellow and white one now! :)

    I came across a box of beeswax sheets when I was cleaning out the sewing room, Celia. They were bought ages ago as a candle making kit from the op-shop. So much fun to roll..

    Hi Jane, the candle was actually a leftover soy melt (for fragrance) that I scraped out of the oil burner. I'd love to get a hold of a good quantity of beeswax to play with. Clever thinking with the op-shopped candles, although I hear you with the paraffin. looks like they have good supplies...

    I knew you'd understand, Tammy!

    Hmmm, me thinks a return of favour may need to be in order, Kirsty. Thankyou for the unexpected gift today!! You are too sweet xx

    Yes, Grace, a spare silicone mini-muffin tray - it looked about the right size ;)


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