This week..

Spring is imminent..

Cherry plum blossom on the round-a-bout. This tree makes good jam!
After seeing some delicious looking brownies over at Tania's blog (Ivy Nest) I simply had to try the recipe. Follow the links  - she's right, you really must try it, they're divine! Thanks for sharing, Tania!

Squidgy and gooey while crispy on the outside. My favourite kind of brownie.
Remembering to lick the spoon of course!
Most important. Spoon licking is just as important as the eating of the baked goods.
The brownies made their way with me to weekly spinning group which I'm still very much enjoying. The group that is! (Although the brownies too, as I disovered small people don't like walnuts, yippee!) Back to the spinning group, there is so much to see and learn there! And eat. LOTS of delicious homemade eats there.

My drum carding is going...ok. To be honest, I find the whole carding process time consuming and tedious, although spinning up the carded fibre is an absolute delight! Plus it's the best way I can think of to mix my alpaca and wool together evenly.

60% alpaca/40% wool (Finnx)
A purchase of the fleecy kind has been made. I could not resist the temptation of a kilo of Bluefaced Leicester top for an unbelievable price. It's soo, soo soft and guess what? NO carding! It's ready to go...

Bluefaced Leicester, Oatmeal, 1kg
Metres and metres of it. The Purchase is calling to me although I want to sit on it for a while to ponder what to do with such a goodly quantity. Something significant.

In the meantime, I crochet, crochet, crochet.
Handspun alpaca/wool for yes, another hat.
Have you ever used a bamboo/wooden crochet hook? This is my second and I'm hooked (I know, it's that old pun again!). Really, I do suggest trying one. It is such a sensory craft, using these natural hooks adds to the pleasure.

Handspun wool and natural hooks=Bliss!

What's happening in your world this week?


  1. those brownies look delicious. I have often thought of buying a bamboo hook, maybe now is the time. I've just done a similar post over at my blog, feel free to take a look what has been happening this week with me.

  2. That cherry plum blossom is soooo encouraging. Can I have a bite of brownie while I look?

  3. Oh i undercook brownies to ensure they are squishy & gooey, mmmm, love Posie

  4. i have never made a brownie and i don't know why..and i've never eaten one either and i don't know why..i must remedy the matter asap..your brownies, wool and crocheting all look so beautiful..jane

  5. The daffodil does it for me! So sunny!

  6. wow that wool is divine! thanks for all your help today, the Nazi Goreng really took it out of me!

  7. So glad you liked the brownies! Thanks for the mention. Love the blossoms photo and also the look of that gorgeous wool. Admiring your spinning talents xo

  8. Oh so much. Life has been a whirlwind for me lately, and it's "centering" to read of you being at home doing things I'd love to be doing. :)

    Have a great Thursday!

  9. Enjoy your spring. It's funny seeing the spring flowers on your blog as it is late summer in my part of the world.

  10. Little Monkey just caught sight of the brownies..."oh, OH, Yum!!"
    Couldn't have said it better myself...and he would have eaten the walnuts too!

  11. The brownies look delightful! It is so strange to read blogs from the other side of the world who are preparing for spring! Fall is on its way here ( has been 32 C here this past week), so I am starting to yearn for cool mornings and hot cups of tea! Love the yarn. I only knit but I have used bamboo knitting needles and they are my favourite! Currently knitting on some metallic ones, and it just isn't the same!

    Brenna :)

  12. I LOVE my knitting needles that are made of Bamboo and keep adding to my collection of them. There is just something so wonderful in the feel of the Bamboo.

  13. Wow, your spinning is pretty impressive, can't quite get my head around that much yet but I must look out for one of those bamboo crochet hooks?
    Looking forward to Spring too...Lots of warmth here already in Sunny Qld!

  14. Jinx! I've been posting photos of our early spring flowers too! The wool looks magnificently soft..

  15. You just made me REALLY hungry. Yum!

    And that yarn looks so rich and beautiful. I can't believe you spin it yourself - wow!

    This Good Life

  16. I enjoyed seeing your happenings, Sue, thanks!

    Ha! Absolutely, Rose :)

    Very clever, Posie! Very, very clever!

    Oh, Jane, you simply must bake a batch of brownies! They are sooo good and perfect food for weekend consumption, I'm thinking.

    We only have a few daffodils out at the moment, Hazel which I'm enjoying immensely!

    You are so welcome, Kirsty. There was a good giggle happening on Friday re. the Nazi Goreng in newsletter. ;)

    ThankYOU, Tania! I'm contemplating making another batch this weekend, they were very good. ;)

    Glad my humble posts offer you contentment, letthismindbeinyou :)

    Thanks, Grace, I agree - it's weird to think of other folks winding down and preparing for cooler weather.

    Good little monkey, Brydie! I fear my girls have somewhat fussy tastebuds to which I try not to indulge, however sometimes it feels like I need a spreadsheet to keep up with their individual tastes! Try the brownies, they're really good :)

    There is something so comforting about working with natural bamboo hooks/needles Brenna. I find metal needles cold and clinical now, lol!

    Agree with you 100%, Becky! I look forward to adding to my collection over time, too.

    Ooh, lucky you, Gooseberry, receiving some warmth! Send some south please, asap. The spinning is very new to me still, going to the weekly group helps enormously, as did the purchase of a good, sturdy, reliable and affordable wheel. If you crochet or knit, creating your own yarns from scratch is extremely satisfying, especially if there is good quality fibre close by to experiment with!

    I wish I could curl up and go to sleep on the wool, Celia. It is very strokable. Spring flowers seem to make everyone a little happier, don't they?

    Oh, this won't do, TGL. You must try this recipe soon, or maybe when you return home - your pics would be more divine than the chocolately gooey-ness! Spinning is good for the soul :)

  17. Hi Christine, our plum is in full bud but no signs of any burst yet. Spring is sprouting all around me in the garden. I am meeting Rose today and have bake up some yummies for us ( no chocolate though ) Have happy Sunday and thanks for the push towards bamboo.

  18. Oh, Tammy, I hope you had a lovely day with Rose, lucky both of you! Bamboo is really nice to work with, you'd love it. :)


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