This day...

...we had no need to rush..

Hubby cleaned the fireplace flu  - this was desperately needed!

Windows were flung open and fresh air drifted throughout the house..
Brownies were baked  for 'The Cafe' - an afternoon where neighbourhood kids sold homebaked goods in a school friend's front yard.. The Cafe made $40 (for charity).

My turn for Friday Veggie Group rolled around yesterday, which you can read more about on our new blog.

Friday Veggie Group hard at work with the usual banter. Thanks, ladies!
Self-sown purple cauliflower. I love the generosity of Nature at times like these!!

As I mentioned in my last post, I've been refining my hack-sawing skills. These are seed trays made from tip-scrounged timber and will be lined and planted up with salad greens for the primary school fete later in the year. 

No painting required - it's the 'rustic' look we're after..

I'm was excited with how they turned out - I think I want to make some for home now!

The hacksaw also 'saw' some more action..

for Sprout Solutions - hopefully

This project was going swimmingly until she dangled her hair in the paint tin by accident..Oh!

I hope you're having a cracker of a weekend out there!


  1. So much wonderful stuff in your life... a man who gets on with stuff, cute farmyard animals, selfless & creative kids, projects, gardening groups, and purple vegetables!!

  2. Another sawyer...I love tools!

  3. more red, that's a little....cute - for hanging strawberries? those planter boxes are looking amazing - perhaps some red stencilling too? I burnt my sour dough - didn't want to wake the kids by setting the timer - darn. Shouldn't bake so late at night.

  4. Hi Christine, I have just spent two wonderful hours scouring your beautiful posts, thank you for being such an inspiration.

  5. What a weekend you're having! Thanks for sharing it with us! :)

  6. It's nice to focus on the good stuff, dixiebelle - especially when sunshine is out making everyone happy. :O)

    Sawyer! Yes, indeed, Hazel.

    Haha, I know what you were going to say instead of 'red', Kirsty! Yeah, well, you know, red can have a place in the garden, providing it's not overdone. Such a shame about the sourdough, were the insides salvagable? The late night bake'll do it..

    And thankYOU for popping in to say hello, vanillapodsandgreenbeans! So very nice of you to do so. :)

    You're welcome, Celia. I hope yours was a good one, too.

  7. Hi Christine!

    I just gave you some love back at my blog. Come check it out!


  8. Now that does look like a wonderful weekend Christine...except for maybe trying to get red paint out little girls hair :-( Kid cafe? How awesome is that!

    Just had a look at your vege group blog, that last muddy picture!! Love the mama for letting that be enjoyed though.

    I had a weekend that was fantastic and inspiring and I'm still on a high from it :-)


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