Spring planning and a little inspiration

I took a drive over to St Erth in Blackwood (supplier of Diggers Seeds), last week while the weather was fine and the sun was shining. With the vegie garden lying fallow this winter, I needed a right good kick up the behind in regards to spring inspiration.

It's always a joy to make the pleasant drive. I had planned on buying just what I needed and getting back on my way however the lovely woman behind the counter insisted I take a walk through the gardens for no extra charge. How nice!

So I did!

There is always a tempting selection of plants to choose from
After I had made my purchases that is. Very important.

The food gardens are quite bare at the moment with the fruit trees not yet in blossom, empty beds in readiness for spring plantings and grassy patches where in a few short weeks spring bulbs will be carpeting the area.

arbour inspiration
It's nice to see other gardens a little on the bare side, too!

 Still, as with every visit here, I go away inspired and full of ideas for my own humble patch...

broad beans

plum espaliers


I came home with some exciting new seeds to try including 'ying yang' beans (to dry for winter soups), a striped cucumber variety, miniature pumpkins which I'm hoping will grow well - they should be just the right size to serve hubby and I without wastage, some multi-coloured carrots, a few different tomato varieties and a golden raspberry! I am very excited about the golden raspberry as I've been looking for one for aaages- what luck!

What are you planning on growing over the following season?


  1. Gotta love a bit of inspiration. I've been doing some research into my spring plantings as well - need to get on to sowing my seeds in trays soon. I've just transformed a large area of the garden from shrubs to be ready for veggies and a few fruit tress so I have even more to think about than usual. Good luck with all your purchases.

  2. loving the arbour! look forward to seeing the yellow raspberries.

  3. I need a good kick up the behind too!! Bring on spring planting, I say!

  4. Wow, what a beautiful garden they have there. Neat coverings for the plants, so decorative.

    I need a kick too. I've got an open garden with nothing planted in it, but this summer has been so busy it's hard to think about what to put in there. Perhaps next week.

    I'm enjoying your blog very much. I'm Kristi, by the way. :)

  5. What a truly magical day this must have been. I love looking at other's gardens. Always so much fun and so much inspiration.
    No gardening going on here as there is so garden. I am slowly getting used to the idea of not having a garden. I have bought myself a little basil plant though that sits on my kitchen windowsill. A few more herbs might join this little plant in the next few weeks.
    I am really keen to see what you get up to in your garden.

  6. I love St Erth! I've never heard of a golden raspberry but I want one now. We just planted a tamarillo from Diggers and my fingers are crossed. It's a bit cold here for tamarillos but I love them. I've chosen a protected area in the orchard and am quietly hopeful! I'm planting spring seeds later this week and I'm very excited about it!

  7. Oh, wow, fabulous photos! I want to live there!!

  8. The netting is a neat idea, since our garden is regularly feasted on by the birds! I love reading about your visits to St Erth - and it's nice to see it in winter too!

  9. i love st erth too but it's been a couple of years since i visited so thanks for your post because it's been a virtual tour of the lovely garden..like you i am revving my gardening engine with spring just about on our doorstep..jane

  10. Oh you lucky thing , going to St Erth ...I have dreamt of going there !!! I feel like you took me with you...thanks for the photos.

  11. It all still looks wonderful, even in its winterdom.
    I have a fine vision of a sea of green outside my windows in pots. I do each year, and maybe just maybe it will come true one day... waiting for chilli plants to ripen and see just how hot those little fellas really are.

  12. It looks like an amazing place to visit with so many unusual plants to buy and stock up your garden. I really like the way they've covered the broadbeans with netting and plastic pipe it's something I want to do to stop those pesky cabbage moths. Enjoy your planting.

  13. How gorgeous! I loved that arbour too.
    Here I have volunteer tomatoes etc springing up everywhere and I'm hoping for a good crop this year.
    Can't wait to see your own garden as the weather warms up.

  14. Thankyou all! It's a wonderful place to visit and inspiration is always on offer. It was lovely to hear what some of you are growing or planning to as well! :)


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