Small amusements

The 11yo's plant stall is in desperate need of another Love Injection. Over winter sales have been slow, along with growth. The homemade bunting however, is an endless source of amusement either as we are coming or going.

The wind being strong here lately, flaps the flags into all sorts of crazy combinations, making it a much anticipated event to find out 'what' that stall is selling today..

Pats? Yes please, two if I may. On the back if possible and perhaps one for the head while you're at it. Ahhhh, so nice...

Oh, you're selling ants today? For any particular purpose? I do hope they aren't that nasty Jumping Jack variety, I fear getting bitten again..

Ahhh, plans you say? Don't mind if I do, plans for a new kitchen, an enclosed courtyard and a roof over the pizza oven thankyou very much!

Pans, too? Why, these will go superbly in the new kitchen, many thanks!

And my all time favourite;

Pants! This causes a trio of 'tweens to roar with laughter every single time and just between you and me, I think the younger two sometimes sneak out here and position the flags 'just so', to get under the skin of the eldest! She gets most offended when she sees she's selling 'pants' today!

Ooops! That reminds me, I need to go and check the flags to make sure they're all back to normal...




  2. Perhaps a couple of small weights on the bottoms of the flags would help. Of course, it wouldn't be NEARLY as interesting!

  3. I was waiting for pants!! Love it, thank you for the giggle...

    Hope she sells more plants soon come the warmer weather!

  4. That is so funny - thanks for the laugh!!

  5. Your girls are so cute! Kids who find pleasure in small amusements will never be bored or spoilt! :)

  6. too sweet, what she selling today - are those perennial leeks still a hit?

  7. That post really made me giggle. Why is we all turn to 10 year olds when it is something to do with PANTS!

  8. Funny, I can imagine if I passed that bunting I'd be sure to have a camera with me each time. The whole stand is a delight.

  9. what a great lighthearted funny post..jane

  10. Lol, such variety from a 5 letter word! Maybe a heavy metal washer sewn to the back of the bottom corner of each flag would save your daughter some teasing. Wouldn't be quite so much fun though on windy days :P.

  11. What a great discovery / exercise - who'd of thought :)

    Good to hear your 'tweens have their humour about them !
    I have a picture in my head of them sitting waiting for the wind to change . . .

  12. The bunting does look lovely - no matter what it feels like spelling :)

  13. :-) Too funny. Thanks for the chuckle.
    I hope the stall takes off with spring around the corner, (and extras for pants, ants, and pats!)

  14. Oh I love that! We would definitely get a kick out of such a thing here too!

  15. That is so funny and so cute.
    Thank you so much for sharing the laughs.

  16. Thankyou all, I'm happy their antics gave you a smile.

    I like your washer idea, Robyn - we may just try that, thanks!

    Yes, Kirsty, those leeks just keep moving along! Must organise some more to be potted up...


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