Saturday Smiles

I'm feeling in the mood for some Saturday Smiles. As always there is plenty to get done here but sometimes it's nice to just focus on the good stuff...the stuff that makes us do our jobs a little quicker so we can get back to those things that make us smile!

My second gate that I can add to my name - this one is out of scrounged pickets and lattice off-cuts.

I think I'm getting the hang of which way the brace goes in relation to the hinges (top of brace points towards latch, bottom of brace is on hinge post, {yes? please say this is correct!}). Even though I  think I've broken every single rule on gate making with this little project (with hubby even rolling his eyes when he saw me cutting gate posts with a pruning saw - hey, it worked!), it's been a fabulous learning curve and I'll remember all my mistakes for next time and do them slightly differently..

Snowpeas are out in the greenhouse!
...and sprouts are sprouting in the kitchen on their new rack...

I'm loving them in a salad with yoghurt, nuts, chia and sunflower seeds..anything that is in the pantry, really!

Homegrown sprout salad - tasty AND nutritious!

I couldn't resist this birdcage on my last tip visit. I've brought it home and planted it up with some pretty colour. Just deciding now where it's new home will be (it's too heavy to hang up - I already tried that..)...

The busy one has found her way with a hammer and pliers. I'm not exactly sure what she's making...

...and I don't think she is either! Half the fun is finding out what it's going to be as it gets made...

Rosemary is flowering...

..and I've made a start on The Purchase. I'm loving how it's spinning up, all flecky and speckly, although I keep having to remember to keep it thick. The last bobbin of alpaca was a little too thin and I think I want to do something chunky with this wool....

The Purchase, 1kg Bluefaced Leicester (oatmeal)

Broccoli's up!

...and raspberrries are in leaf..

 I've also come across THE most cutest crochet pattern here.

Can someone pleeeeaase have a baby girl so I can pass it on???

                       ...and lastly, the apricot is in blossom! Here's wishing you a Saturday full of smiles!

{Thankyou  to all who replied to my previous post, I was blown away by your feedback. I just want to let you know that I read everyone's comments and am so very appreciative of this blogging community which we participate in!}


  1. What a lovely collection of pictures -- most enjoyable as I get home from work. Thanks Chris. What are your sprouting in the four jars? I can see mung beans on the right ...

  2. Hi Christine. How I smiled when I read your baby girl comments. I WANT one too so if you get one, tell me your secret. ;- ) I love your oatmeal yarn. What are you making with that? And your red fence and sprout rack are wonderful. I'll have to get Hanno to work on a rack for me. Thanks for sharing your photos. As usual, they're lovely.

  3. That red paint is getting a workout! touch of the ladybird at your house. Looks like you had a beautiful Saturday and how could it not be with this glorious weather? Had our lentil sprouts with pasta last night, very tasty fellows. Would love to oblige on the baby girl front but think 3 is about right. Snow pea envy! love the apricot blossom.

  4. My son just turned 25 and he will maybe one day have a child or two so I've decided to make whatever baby patterns I find simply too hard to resist and will put them aside for that future grandchild(ren)... and I'll also have a stash of ready made baby items for gifts as well if needed.

  5. Where to start?! So many lovely things and interesting ideas there. I especially love your birdcage idea. Brilliant! Quite partial to to the lavendar crochet too. Nice sprouts rack and loving the red picket fence too.

  6. Always wonderful stuff happening in your world! Esp. love the sprouts rack, awesome job, beautiful colour...

    Our apricot is blooming too, but hope the raspberry gets a move along soon!

  7. Ah, yes Rose, you are correct, there are mung beans up front, then lentil sprouts followed by mustard seeds and lastly sunflower seeds - which I've since read that sunflower seeds should be sprouted in soil and eaten as micro-greens. The mustard seed sprouts were very peppery and lovely to mix with the other milder tasting sprouts.

    Yes, the secret to baby girls Rhonda - not sure what that is although we managed to have three of them! I was thinking of a sleeveless tunic top/vest for the oatmeal yarn. It still needs to be plied and I suspect several bobbins will be needed. Life is SO much easier with a sprouting rack, no more toppling over jars from being balanced in an ice-cream container ;)

    Ha, touch of the ladybird indeed, Kirsty! Sprouty pasta, eh? Yum! We had some in fried rice the other night..very good. The snow peas don't often make it fresh and tasty to eat straight off the vine, I just need to remember to water them!

    I really like this idea, Becky! I'm tempted to start my own little gift box to have handmade gifts on standby that can be whipped out at a moments notice. Some patterns are just too sweet to pass by, aren't they! :)

    The birdcage, Tania - I think I saw this in a an old gardening magazine in a waiting room recently. I just couldn't resist it! Splashes of red cheer up everyone after a cold, wet winter :)

    Thanks, dixiebelle - it was most fortunate to find a tin of exactly the right shade of red already in the garage..a purchase from hubby that hadn't been used! You had wonderful raspberries last year so I will be expecting to see more of the same this summer ;)

  8. Love the red paint . Your raspberry plants look so healthy, mine are still suffering from that 'I'm cold ' look ...hopefully they will look like that soon.
    Looks like you are doing lots of stuff this saturday...Spring weather does that to you , doesn't it!

  9. All those photos made me smile, but especially the last one. There is always something magical about this time of year and blossomng fruit trees... the promise of goodies to come!

  10. Sounds like a lovely Saturday! Love your new sprout rack, and curious to know what the busy one ended up making? :)

  11. loving the sprout rack - did you make it too?

  12. Well done on the gate! I just bit the bullet and treated myself to the services of an actual carpenter to make a couple of heavy-duty gates for my goats. For over a year I've been fiddling with stock panels and leash clips and bits of wire in my daily efforts to keep the goats contained but also get my chores done. Now I have two gates that hang straight and swing on hinges - it's like my birthday! :)

  13. i am impressed with your handywoman gate skills..i do lots of reno stuff but i don't think i would be able to make an actual gate..go girl!

  14. I'm finding the red paint rather addictive, Kim..must curb the enthusiasm, I found myself painting the daughter's netball ring yesterday, lol! Spring weather is a fantastic motivator to tick off those jobs that have been lurking around for too long. :)

    It will be a happy day indeed when the blossoms bring such promised goodies, Brydie. The trees have only been in a couple of years and weathered a thorough pruning by the goats as well..fingers crossed for some fruit - any fruit this year or next! :)

    The sprout rack is proving very handy, Celia - it just needs a folded up tea-towel placed underneath the jars to catch the drips after the sprouts are rinsed. I've also been tossing another tea-towel over the whole rack to keep the sprouts in semi-darkness. That busy one ended up making lots of red blocks for an unknown purpose! I was hoping it would be enough to tick off a cub badge but fear it might actually have to be something..!

    Yes, Shangri La, I did make the sprout rack. It was just put together with some timber off cuts we had lying about..very simple (which happens to be the extent of my woodworking skills), but it does the job! Thankyou :)

    Ahhh, goat gates are the stuff of dreams, quinn! Lucky you. This gate made it to the vegie patch and to have a gate that swings open and shut I agree, is pure pleasure. I would love to know how people contain their goats behind fencing..ours are cheeky jumpers.

    Nah, Jane, you'd whip up a gate without any trouble at all! It was simple, no frame - just the brace and supports and lots of banging in nails (and the odd thumb)! ;)

  15. Christine...oh how you inspire me:) I have even purchased Beeswax to have a go at the lip balm you blogged. Every time I read your blog, your photos make me feel like strolling down a country lane:)Thanks for sharing your snippets of daily life, it makes me feel as though the small steps I am taking will eventually feel add up and make for an easier life.

  16. I have just read through quite a few of your latest posts. Too many to comment on each one - very informative and interesting to read. Please put on a photo of that gate painted and hanging up somewhere in use. Love it. Cheers, Wendy

  17. Thanks, Shelly, your words mean more to me than you know! xx

    Hi Wendy, thanks for your comments! Pic of gate is up now ;)


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