Nana cushions and a handspun hug

Maybe they should be called 'Granny Cushions', considering they're made up of granny squares?

No, I like Nana Cushions. My nana used to crochet A LOT and I'm sure I remember seeing a few of these type of squishy lounge offerings strategically placed in her tiny flat. These cushions remind me of her, so Nana (or Nanna if this is your way of spelling) cushions they are!

If we get tired of the crochet, the cushions can be flipped over for a less confronting couchy invitation...
A zip allows each cover to be easily removed for washing. Calico lines the underneath of the crochet panels and the yarns are oddments of leftover balls that I was so glad to see put to use. The cushions are such fun to sprawl over!

Another wooly project was completed this week too...remember that Dusty  that was so excrutiating to spin up? Eeek, well, my vest with Dusty is finished! Yes, I realise it's a little on the short side, because everyone kept telling me how alpaca likes to 'drop'. But it hasn't. Why is that? Should it maybe be hung up while wet? Aghh! Anyhow, it's ok, I'm really pleased with it considering it's my first 'me' garment from handspun yarn.

Thanks to the 9yo for taking the photos..

Can you see the slight variatations in the yarn colour running horizontally? I love this - it reminds me that it is indeed made from 100% natural alpaca fleece. Pretty much straight off the animal's back, as it turns out!
Wearing this vest is like wearing a big handspun hug. My body is wrapped in warmth from stitches made with my own hands.  I can now see why people become addicted to this craft, the wearing of a finished garment is really the best part, however 'unique' it ends up being!

The 'Hug'.
Although the knitting comes in at a firm second in the favourite department. If only I could spin quick enough to keep up with my knitting impulses!


  1. Chris, you've made me all melancholy. My grandmother (A-Mah, as we new her) would turn all the leftover wool in our house into granny squares and then sew them together into rugs. It was always a mad clash of bright colours. Just thinking about them makes me smile..thank you.. :)

  2. Your cushions are just lovely, and the vest looks great on you, I bet it is nice and warm. Your 9yo did a grand job with the photos :)

    My grandma used to have some squishy little crochet cushions sitting on her lounge chairs. Thanks for bringing back the memories. My Grandma wasn't a knitter but she made a lot of granny squares, and the best thing was she taught me to crochet because my mum didn't know how. It was my mum that taught me to knit.

    I have crochet blankets decorating my lounge chairs...

  3. Love your Nana cushions, and your vest is gorgeous!

  4. Reminds me of my grandma's crochet rugs...each grandchild was made one and I still have mine , a little worse for wear, but still very much loved.

  5. I know I say this all the time, but you are just too clever!!

  6. LOVE those cushions and I think the vest looks fine!

  7. Oh wow, those cushions look soooo cuddly! Aren't you clever!

  8. Your vest looks SO cozy - beautiful job!

  9. The vest is lovely. I love a vest, keeps your torso warm and you arms free to dangle.
    The cushions look fabulous, I was taking a break making stuff as reading has taken over, but maybe it's hook time again...before I forget how!

  10. Oh, beautiful memories you have there, Celia. Thanks for sharing.

    There is something so special about Grandma Crochet, isn't there, Tania! Lovely.

    Thanks, Em :)

    Crochet rugs are the best for being cocooned in on cold, wintery days, Kim. Made by your Grandma, what a plus.

    Nope, just a little nuts at times, dixiebelle ;)

    Thankyou, Amanda!

    They turned out nice and cuddly, Nancy, it's a bit of a battle between me and the kids who gets to sprawl on them..

    Thankyou, quinn. The vest is super warm although it would've been nice if it had've dropped a bit like everyone said it would...

    Exactly, Brydie - the arms are free to fling about while vital organs are kept cosy. Reading, eh? I love it when you get so immersed in a book that you forget what day it is, what you should be cooking for dinner (1/2 an hour ago) and when you need to pick up a child...

  11. I adore those nanny cushions! Crochet is one of the things I keep promising myself I'll learn. I love crochet.

  12. dear christine, wonderful.those cushion looks warm and cosy.and your vest is grandios.great job!!!

  13. Love the vest, it fits you perfectly! :) I'm thinking a couple of those pillows will be one of my next projects, thanks for the inspiration! And I do seem to recall pillows such as these adorning my great gramma's couches... :)

  14. Fantastic work, what a brilliant blog, Tammy sent me, so happy she did!! Love Posie

  15. That's how I learnt, Mrs Bok - LOVED the look of crochet and jumped right in with an op-shopped book, hook and ball of wool. It's surprisingly simple and fast to pick up.

    Thankyou so much, Regina! Hope your weekend was fun. :)

    There is something about such a pillow, Melinda - such great memories from our grandma's :)

    Hiya there, Posie! Lovely to meet you, I thank you for stopping by. :)

  16. I too had a crocheting Nana and each of her grandchildren got a rug, as someone else said, in a mad mismatch of colours. When my first child was born her hands were too riddled with arthritis to crochet so she asked a friend to do one for my daughter. She passed away while I was pregnant with my second child. I would love to learn her craft, so you've encouraged me to give it a go one day soon.

    Oh and the vest looks great, I like the length with a longer top underneath.


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