Mid-week greetings..

A big Wednesday hello to you!

It's up, baby, it's up! The new/old/refurbished gate, that is...

After much digging with my dad's auger, the holes were ready and the posts could go in. They weren't concreted in,  instead I chose to ram the earth clay back in around them with his crowbar. A little 'fudging' had to take place when it came time for the hinges but we now have a fully functioning vegie patch gate!

With a latch! Whoop! I can't tell you how excited I am not to be fussing with chicken wire on a stick anymore!! A thousand times easier to use and to think, it only took two years for me to get around to this job!

Broccoli has been rehomed into newspaper pots..

..and over the weekend I found myself making mini wigwams from twigs and willow for some dwarf summer beans/spring peas.
This weaving business is really very relaxing (if one can ignore the bleeting of the goats across the paddock pleading for their dinner). Very calming for the soul..

Some people have mentioned the sprout rack pictured in my previous post. I thought I'd share a pic in all it's naked glory..

Just the bare bones here - and what basic bones they are. Two end pieces secured by two support rails = a very functional sprouting rack. If I were to make another, I would raise the front rail slightly so that a folded tea towel could fit underneath to absorb the inevitable drips - it's kind of a squashing act at the moment.

The front rail is also meant to be bare (hubby did ask!) - it was just sealed with a simple homemade beeswax/olive oil polish  as I was concerned about the cheesecloths/sprouts sitting directly on paint..

It holds four #20 Fowler's jars (pasta sauce size), comfortably.

These little guys have also been making appearances at the oddest of times...
They're being set aside to go into a colourful baby blanket for someone dear who's due in a few months. What fun they are to pull out of my bag when the youngest has sport or I'm waiting to pick the others up from somewhere!

What interesting things have you found yourself up to this week?


  1. Wow - everything looks gorgeous! You have been very industrious! Loving the wigwams bad!

  2. Thanks for the photo of the gate up and completed. It just looks awesome. I am going to get hubby to make me one of those holders for the sprout jars. Cheers, Wendy

  3. Oh Christine, your posts are so positive & uplifting! You get up to great things, so creative and clever. I love the gate, you did a fantastic job!

  4. wow! what a clever girl you are to have put those fence posts in so well without using cement! i fear if i tried that, they'd be lying on the ground come morning. well done. love the gate too.
    julie :)

  5. Okay, now I am off to make a wigwam. Whenever I call into visit you have another great idea that I just have to try. No wonder I am always behind with the ironing Christine, it is all your fault.
    ps. love the stripey gate,it's like a beautiful big candy cane but gate shaped.

  6. Oh Christine i just love popping over here! Firstly I love your gate...very cheery and fresh! Secondly I love your sprout rack. I am off to the Diggers Club 'home' in Dromana tomorrow and have plans to buy some goodies for sprouting. You have inspired me to make a rack now! Thirdly I love the wigwam and your blanket squares.

  7. You've been hyper industrious this week. Everything looks beautiful! I love the red. OOOOh wigwams, are there more?

  8. What a welcoming sight that red gate is! Quiet week for us so far...

  9. Little Monkey just caught sight of your gate..."Beautiful gate!" You have 3 year old approval : -)
    Not enough projects happening this week fo us. I think my crochet hook needs dusting off before I forget!

  10. Hi Christine your gate looks great!tee hee at my rhyme. On another note kerchiefs are on my to do list too after a pulled on old one out and wore it yesterday! :)

  11. That gate is awesome! What a cheery addition to your garden. Love the colours in your baby-blanket-to-be ... your friend will be over the moon.

  12. You have been so busy. It is so lovely to be outside with the winter sun warming you up. It all looks like a lot of fun too.

  13. Thankyou all for popping by - lovely to hear what you are up to! Bring on Spring, I say! :)

  14. Adore your sprouting rack. What a great idea! Love the easy to see gate.

  15. I used your photo of the gate on my post tonight - I linked back to your blog and this post. Cheers, Wendy.


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