In my kitchen, August '11...

In my kitchen are some fresh eggs! Now before we go getting all excited, these eggs are not from new, we are looking after a neighbours girls for a week and are LOVING collecting the eggs. I am yearning to get some girls of our own again, (soon!)...

In my kitchen sits a bag of mung beans and a book on sprouting. The beans I went hunting for after having a scrumptious salad out and about recently which happened to have mung bean sprouts in it.

The book, well, this came from my last excursion to the tip shop/recycling centre - what a coincedence! I can't wait to start eating our own homegrown sprouts...

In my kitchen bubbles a syrupy orange glaze.... soak into my favourite Orange Cake

This cake begs to be eaten warm. So warm is how I eat it..

In my kitchen, I've been sitting at the table making carrot seed mats. When one is overcome with cold and flu symptoms, this is the most comfortable way to garden and feel productive!

The mats are made from thin serviettes and the seeds are spaced evenly with a glue of flour/water. After drying, they can be stored and planted out when needed, the serviettes breaking down into the soil and the carrot seeds already evenly spaced. Is there any gardening job more unpleasant than thinning carrots?

This is my first try at using the seed mats and I have to say, 'thinning' them this way before planting is 100 times more comfortable than crouching on the cold damp ground, thinning out individual seedlings.

The same goes for newspaper pots. Making them while feeling miserable and shivery means they are already there waiting to be used when the sniffles pass!

This kind of repetitive work is quite soothing in it's own way..

In my kitchen sits a bag of chia seeds. White chia this time, for more 'speriments. I have tried this chia in two loaves of bread already using the gel method and it's good - I like it because the seeds are hardly visible..

I like the idea of eating them raw, too. A teaspoon here and there sprinkled on breakfast or in a drink and I had even thought of trying to grow a little patch using some of this seed....hmmm....something else to ponder over!

Lastly in my kitchen sits a plate of sourdough pancakes. I decided to play with some leftover starter and make a batter...winging it as I went. Milk, honey, vanilla, flour and so on. Although no eggs - must try them with eggs next time.. compare of course!

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  1. I hope you are feeling better soon! I love the carrot mats. May give that a go!

  2. Chris, thanks for joining in and the linky! I LOVE the carrot mat idea, I'm going straight away to tell Pete. Our carrots always end up in a huge clump, so this is an inspired method! Thank you!

  3. I hope you are feeling better soon, it's no fun being sick at all, even when you've got carrot seeds and newspaper pots to play with.
    Pancakes look good, I'm hungry again and could easily eat a tidy little stack!

  4. I have been making seed mats for ages and they are very successful. Flour and water is probably better than using egg white, which I use.


  5. Oh no, you caught the lergie too! It's so nasty! Beware when making mung bean sprouts - the non sprouters can break your teeth! Cake looks goooood, as do pancakes! Will be interested to hear how the carrots go.

  6. Oh dear, I so hope you feel well soon. Theres a bug goign aroudn here, but so far, mine have just stopped at the sneezing.

    All the food looks good. I must have a go at sprouting again.

  7. other than the not feeling well part, it all looks great!

  8. I like the idea for the carrot seeds! Do you think this would work with heirloom tomato seeds too?

  9. That orange glaze and cake look fantastic. I would eat it warm,too!
    Sorry you aren't feeling well and thanks for the peek into your kitchen.

  10. I am going to try the carrot seed idea too. Hope you feel better soon ...try my hot lemon drink Christine:
    Take 5 lemons, slice thinly .
    Put in a large jug.
    Pour boiling water over the top and add sugar to taste.
    Keep in the fridge for a few hours to let it steep.
    Drink all day , heat up each cup as you drink it.
    *The oils from the lemon skins must have a healing quality because I have tried it without the skins and it doesn't work. It is really does work as a cure , everyone who tries it feels heaps better!!

  11. Looking forward to trying the mats, Hazel and Celia - it will save SO much time crouching over thinning the little buggers. ;)

    Blah, I thought I'd see the winter out without a cold but not so, Bryds. Never mind, it's all but gone now :)

    Ahh, eggwhite, I hadn't thought of that, Deb. It's good to hear you've been using them, very much looking forward to giving them a go - must make a few more!

    Teeth breakers, Kirsty? No! I've been picking all the suspicious looking ones out so fingers crossed for not little rocks. The book suggests sprouting them in a stainless steel container with holes in the bottom (mungs apparently like it dark)..can't think of anything suitable - any ideas? My colander is a little on the big side!

    Lovely of you to pop by, Shaheen! I think I got off lightly with the cold, the rest of the family have really suffered with it.

    Thanks, Kimberly!

    Of course, Amanda - if you were planting en masse I would definitely give the tomatoes a go on the mats. :)

    You are very welcome, Heidi. So nice of you to visit. :)

    Best of luck with the carrot seeds, Kim - it will be interesting to compare our results.
    Excellent drink recipe..I've never seen one that includes the skins but this makes so much sense! Many thanks, I may try out a batch on the other half who has become the latest victim..

  12. I've always done sprouts in a jar - you could stab some holes in the lid for easy drainage or you can just use your hand. Wet sprouts, leave a little water, put in dark cupboard under sink, next day rinse sprouts, sometimes rinse twice a day if I remember (especially in warmer weather when they might dry out), rinse again the next day..... until they are a good size. Eat sprouts. Easy. We ate lots of sprouts when travelling around Australia - only vegie I could grow on the road and nice to have something fresh when remote. I just ordered some alfalfa seed, a little goes a long way. I noticed Garden St Earth sells a sprouter jar.

  13. love the carrot seed mat idea..i will be doing that when i get my plating act together..and the cake looks delicious..just the thing when you are unwell..i hope you feel better soon..jane

  14. Thanks, Kirsty! D'uh, don't tell me Garden of St Erth stocks jars - I just took my annual trek out there! I love the idea of you growing sprouts on the road, true nomad food :)

    Thanks, Jane, the cake was very much a comfort bake. Happy carrot planting!

  15. Oh I do hope you are feeling better now. Looks like you have been keeping busy in your kitchen. Great photos to help describe what you have been up to...

  16. Love the indoor gardening ideas, and I too was inspired by the carrot mats, it's on my list of must try things to do. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  17. Very nice! I confess that I bought a bag of mung beans to make something with them almost 2 years ago, and the bag is sitting in my pantry, unopened. Not the first or last time I pull this type of trick ;-)

    The newspaper thingies are very cool, you are quite talented!

  18. I've reading a lot about the health benefits of sprouting lately, and now I see it on your blog. Might be sign for me to give it a go !

    Thanks for sharing.

  19. Your kitchen looks very exciting. Am particularly interested in your seed mat. This would be a good way to help prevent carrot root fly as thinning generally attracts them in. also intrigued by chia - will have to go and look that up now. I keep meaning to have a go at sourdough pancakes, but then keep forgetting.

  20. I'd like to be in your kitchen right now! New follower :-)

  21. Hope you feel better soon Christine. Lovely post - we are getting all autumnal here, wind and huge showers and apples falling off trees and pears bowing down to the ground. I've never tried chia, I must get a bag sometime and have a play, thanks for the reminder!

  22. Hi Martha, welcome! :)

    Thanks, Joanna. Enjoy the autumnal glory - apple and pear windfalls? A spot of preserving, perhaps? ;)


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