Tip scrounging - back at it again.  I'm thinking strawberry containment..

Crochet wrap, pattern here, raveled here
Party  breads

The garlic is plodding along nicely...

...between it and the parsley, the garden in pretty much covered. With the odd rhubarb stalk shooting out making it's presence known..

Washed skeins from the op-shopped jumper,  550g total. The possibilities!

Snowpeas are flowering in the greenhouse..not long to go!!

'Bounce' - a weekend favourite when the sun happens to shine.


  1. the little black cow blogJuly 31, 2011 at 6:08 PM

    Beautiful Spring weekend. Love those party breads!! I am going to try making your sour dough starter this week, Christine...wish me luck!!

  2. That bread looks very creative, yum.

  3. What a glorious weekend you've had! All that wool came out thicker than I imagined it would, and your garlic is looking mighty fine. I suspect the wet weather has played havoc with ours. Love the crochet wrap (and hat pin!) and gorgeous round epi loaf!

  4. love the party bread, tried my first sour dough - a little moist but still tasty. Beautiful wool and funky crochet number

  5. I love the crochet top. I have just learnt to crochet and am currently working on granny squares. I have some holidays coming up and one of the things I want to try is your sourdough starter. Great tip find too.

  6. Ohhh, what great photos! I adore that wrap, so pretty! One day I'll be confident enough to attempt something that large! The garden looks great, so green and healthy! It's always nice to see kids playing outside, in the fresh air. :)

  7. The breads look lovely! If that is what winter looks like,I may have to move!

  8. Now that looks like a wonderful weekend to be had Christine.
    I love how your rhubarb likes to pop up and say..."oh, Hiiii!" here and there.
    and looking good in crochet girl :-)

  9. Oh, your weekends always look & sound so wonderful! (Love how the wool has come out, so many possibilities!)

  10. Oooh, have fun, Kim! It seems to get better with each loaf.

    Thankyou, Deb :)

    There is plenty of wool, Celia, the hard part is deciding what to do with it. That's disappointing about the garlic..I hope they still bulb up for you. The 'stick' in the wrap was a present from my mum, I didn't know what to call it so have taken to referring to it as the 'jabber'! Hat pin sounds most appropriate ;)

    Ooh, Kirsty, this IS exciting! You must tell me all about it!

    Granny squares are the best, Fiona. I'm just finishing off a couple of 'granny cushions' as we speak. Fingers crossed for a robust starter! :)

    Nah, it just seemed to grow on it's own, Melinda. The whole thing was worked in trebles (dc's for you) in a thick yarn using a big hook. Very quick to complete but running out of yarn towards the end didn't impress me much at all!

    Ha, yes I realise we are lucky with winter here, David, even though we all like to whinge about it being bitterly cold. I really don't think I could cope living somewhere that was covered in snow for the winter months.

    Yep, that rhubarb, it's a social one Brydie ;). Still haven't picked any this year..soon, my friend, soon....I haven't forgotten your enticing crumble!

    Infinite possibilities, dixiebelle. The daughter has started making requests but none of her choices are big..really big (for my liking) and I didn't want to split the projects (wool!) up..but we shall see. :)

  11. I actually enjoyed reading through this posting. Many thanks.

    Bluey Jackets

  12. So much beauty in this post Christine. I'm a wee bit jealous of the rhubarb - and the frogged jumper - and your gorgeous wrap - and that kettle! I've been collecting kettles and potting up succulents in them. The tip find is fabulous too. Definitely strawberries :)


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