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Over the holidays, during a long awaited op-shop crawl with 'tweens in tow, I happened to come across a little treasure hidden deep within the cluttered kitchen goods section at my favourite 'oppy'. Beyond the tupperware and aluminium pots, just behind a coffee plunger (which I confess happened to make it's way home with us), lurked a barely used waffle maker. I couldn't believe our luck! I had been lusting after just such a waffle maker for the longest time although never acted on my yearnings as it was a luxury purchase I just couldn't justify. But finding one in the op-shop that day was a whole other story... I was donating to a local charity plus giving something a second lease on life. Needless to say I snapped the little gem up without a further thought.

Do you know it makes the most amazing waffles? In mere minutes! Plus, the little treasure beeps when it's time to add the mix and then once more when it's finished cooking!

An op-shop treasure of the loveliest kind..

It was waffles for afternoon tea that day, and then for dessert. For dessert again the following night. A day or two to take a (much needed) breather and then back at it again with more waffles for dessert. Oh, my, oh  my, my body isn't used to such indulgences. Hot waffles straight from the iron. I do daydream about making a batch and freezing them for quick snacks to run through the toaster..although they haven't managed to get as far as the freezer..yet.

If you have an old waffle maker at the back of your cupboard, pull it out, dust it off and get cooking! The smell of those waffles wafting will cause one to wonder how indeed it managed to find it's way all the way back there into the darkened depths, or perhaps it was too late? You took it to the local oppy for a better home?

It's ok, this little sweetheart found such a home.

Waffles - the fast and easy kind
(because let's face it - we really just want to get on with eating the delicious offerings, don't we?)

2 cups plain flour
4 tsp baking powder
2 tbs raw sugar
2 eggs
1 1/3 cups milk
2 tbs homemade yoghurt
1/3 cup vegetable oil
1 tsp vanilla extract

Mix the wet ingredients together in a large bowl. Add the dry ingredients and whisk to combine. Allow to stand if there is time, around 10-20 minutes is fine. If not, don't worry. Cook in preheated waffle maker according to your maker's directions. Serve warm and do remember the ice-cream!

To re-heat later, toast on low setting for a crunchy, warm slice of winter indulgence.


  1. Oh what I would give for some of those delish looking waffles right now! My sweet-tooth is taking over my mind....!!!!

    I guess I'll just settle for a pear. Won't taste as nice though!

    I have a day off tomorrow - I might just have to wander around a few opp shops to see if I can find a treasure like that....

  2. These sound very delicious. I must admit I've never cooked nor eaten waffles before, I'll have to be on the lookout at the op shops for a waffle maker now.

  3. Oh dear! You do waffle on, don't you. I love the shape of the waffles.

  4. Oh, they do look yummy. I shall have to try out that recipe - I have a penguin waffle maker sitting at the back of the cupboard. Perhaps I shall dig it out tomorrow. Mmm, waffles for afternoon tea:)

  5. Yummy! I think I'll have waffles for breakfast.

  6. Wow, those look delicious and remind me of my childhood :)

    This Good Life

  7. Now I've only tried waffles once in my life, 20 years ago and it came from a packet... I think it just might be time to revisit.
    The opshops around these parts are so terrible picked over, you have to be super quick!

  8. Yum....they look delish! I too found a waffle maker at the Salvos just recently, heart shaped as well. I'll have to give this recipe a whirl next weekend, can't wait!!

  9. Waffles..are..dangerous! It's waaaay too easy to eat far too many of them in one sitting. Yours look particularly inviting, Chris!

    25 years ago, Pete came home with a really expensive cast aluminium waffle iron. We'd just moved into a new apartment, and needed saucepans, so he'd gone off to buy them. Instead he been lured by the waffle iron, which reminded him of the one his mother had had, only better. I didn't dare ask him how much it cost, but it had lingered in the kitchenware shop so long that the owner had given him a stainless steel saucepan when he bought it.. ;-)

    Needless to say, it's still in use today, and still looks exactly the same as when we bought it!

  10. thelittleblackcowblogJuly 20, 2011 at 9:05 AM

    Oh no, I picked up a waffle iron in the op shop yesterday annnnd put it back because I didn't know what waffles tasted like. The regret is killing me. Gotta go back to the op shop before it is gone!!

  11. You lucky thing, finding a coffee plunger and a waffle maker cheap and in the same place...perfect match. I can't warrant the expense of a new waffle maker either, manual or electric, and I'm sure my hips would regret it :P!

  12. Great find, it was meant to be! I'd like to find a doughnut maker to try making gluten free doughnuts, and sweet potato doughnuts, but I refuse to buy one... like you say, finding one in an op shop or markets, that's perfectly justifable!!

  13. I love your blog - the way you write. And that you just don't get too bent out of shape over anything. "let it sit, or not". Easy breezy. Thanks.


  14. OOOOOh yum, I love waffles - especially the Belgian kind - used to be a great stall at Manly Ferry terminal in Sydney - just the treat for a trip across the bay - you're transporting me back - they had caramelised sugar on them. Hope this contraption might make a show at vegie group, now I'm wondering which op shop you've been to??...

  15. This is going to sound really nuts but sometimes I think you can channel an op-shop item. If you think you'd really like something before you go in it's just magically there when you go looking. The best finds are those unexpected delights. Now I'm waffling!

  16. Oh yum. Now I want a waffle maker..hope I can find one that the op shop too. :-)

  17. What a cute, little heart shape! I love a crunchy waffle! :)

  18. Pear, schmear, Shelley! I do hope you find yourself a waffle maker at the op-shops!! :)

    I think these were the first time we have tried 'real' waffles, Zara, that didn't come out of a packet. SO much nicer :)

    Oh, yes, I do tend to, thanks for noticing, Hazel. ;)

    Waffles for afternoon tea are such fun, provincial homemaker. I don't think I've seen a penguin waffle maker before..

    Thanks, Patti and TGL.

    Oh, Bryds, I feel for you having those vulture raided op-shops. This must be so frustrating! I read somewhere recently about people swooping in on the local oppys and taking bundles of stuff to sell online..this is just wrong in my opinion..ok to take a little bit but leave some for the rest of us, please!

    How funny, Lisa! I wonder if it's the same type - the "Sweetheart". We thought something was wrong with it when it started beeping although after googling it, discovered it was an actual function on the machine! Happy waffle making :)

    ooh, lucky you, Celia! I'd love to try using an authentic cast iron type someday..

    Oh, no, Kim!! Race back and grab it!!

    Ah, yes, Robyn. The Hips. Lets not go there.. ;)

    Op-shops are a whole other story, aren't they dixiebelle. We do have a donut maker - it's fun for the kids to use when friends are over, plus they're not as fatty as 'real' donuts. Hoping you stumbling across one soon!

    Thanks, Brenda! Life's too short to get in a frazzle over minor details ;)

    Ooh, Belgian waffles do look divine, Kirsty. I don't believe I have ever tried them. I believe they use a yeasted batter and a very deep waffle iron. It was the 'Rock' oppy, in the new building :)

    About the channelling..I think so too..although whenever I go in I don't think that something I'm hoping for is going to be there.. often it's something I've looked for in the past and there it is.

    Good luck, Vi :)

    The heart shapes add to the fun, Melinda - the kids loved them. Four hearts can be made at a time and then broken apart for smaller serves.

  19. Your waffles recipe is great, and so easy too.


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