Primping and Preening..

The fascinating display that was put on for us while eating lunch. I think they could've gone on like this all day!


  1. I love your duck photographs, they are fascinating to watch. The ones that visit me at school do the same thing and we get distracted a lot!

  2. Gorgeous. And lucky them, I could never "pull off" white. I guess the trick is constant cleaning!

  3. A fabulous series of photos!

  4. Oh he/she really looks like that is rather enjoyable... Quack!

  5. She looks as relaxed as I feel when I'm having a nice long soak in the tub! Great Pics.

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  7. Beautiful! What a perfectly white, well-groomed duck - I'm such a pleb, I thought it was a goose, but Pete said you can tell it's a duck by its bill.. :)

  8. gotta love that beautiful..jane

  9. Thankyou, all! It's truly fascinating how they manage to stay so white, fans they are of frolicking in muddy puddles. The display was actually the four ducks grooming in unison and the pics are all muddled up so there are a few of the 'boys' and a couple of the girl - so hard to tell them apart unless very close up!

  10. dear christine,
    beautiful...i love the photos.


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