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On my mind today is the large pile of wood in our front yard. After being out yesterday over lunchtime, this is what caught our sight upon returning home. A couple of large gum trees had been taken down by our local tree-lopper as they were leaning precariously over the house - directly over where we sit and the kids play!.

As these trees were within the 10 metre allowance for house bushfire safety (more like 5 metres, actually!) we were quite within our rights to remove them.

While I am not a fan of taking down large trees, I do take comfort in the fact that we can now sit in our house without fear each time a windy storm picks up, we have reduced a significant fire hazard near the house and the wood while not the best to burn in regards to heat output will be split by hubby and still be used for heating our house over winter next year. A bit of extra sunlight is always welcome too..

Thanks to Rhonda for this Friday photo feature.


  1. good job too after the fires of 2009 and stories of trees falling in storms..and a great fuel bonus..jane

  2. Its always a tough decision to remove large trees around the house. We live in a bush fire zone too and when we first moved into our house we removed a few trees but left quite a few. Its important that your home is safe. I am sure you have made the correct decision

  3. We had a large tree near our front bedroom until a few years ago. I adored that tree but its roots were splitting the flooring of the front verandah and the cement driveway. When it was taken out I could not believe the difference and the feeling of safety! From another tree hugger.

  4. At least you are able to use and appreciate the timber that comes from bringing down the big tree......some people just cut them down and send the fallen logs away...never giving any thought....I think you will find loads of benefits from this massive task...Don't envy the clean-up job though....lol..
    too bad it wasn't redgum...that stuff burns HOT!

  5. Oooops...I forgot to add...On my mind...http://justlikemynanmade.blogspot.com/2011/07/on-my-mindsteamed-puddings-i-am-making.html

  6. Sometimes you do have to take down a tree in the wrong spot. But the tree will warm your home next winter and save you burning electricity instead. Keep the saw dust for the compost heap too!

  7. Oh yeah, we had to take down a bunch in our back woods recently...too much danger with old, rotting trees. I'm glad you got to it before the winds did.

  8. Make sure you get it split as soon as possible as once it drys it's extremely hard to split.

  9. I know it's always disappointed to have to take down big trees, but for safety's sake it was the thing to do. Looks like you've got some great bon fire material there.

  10. Hello,
    I have so enjoyed visiting with you. We like to do the samethings.
    I would love for you to drop by when you have a moment.

  11. Sometimes it has to be done. At least you feel safer now

  12. Wow, splitting all that wood is a fair bit of work, I imagine. But at least you will have plenty for the stove/fireplace.

    What a lovely blog you have, by the way!

    Visiting through the 'Down to Earth' link-up.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    This Good Life


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